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Benchmarking and benchmarketing both have a purpose. Both also have a bad reputation. A frequently expressed opinion is that benchmark results are useless. I usually disagree. I don't mind benchmarketing and think it is a required part of product development but I am not fond of benchmarketing disguised as benchmarking.

Benchmarketing is a common activity for many DBMS products whether they are closed or open source. Most products need new users to maintain viability and marketing is part of the process. The goal for benchmarketing is to show that A is better than B. Either by accident or on purpose good benchmarketing results focus on the message A …

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Everything is awesome
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My kids watched the new Lego movie today and spent the rest of the day repeating "Everything is amazing". I spent a few hours reading MongoDB documentation to help a friend who uses it. Everything wasn't awesome for all of us. I try to be a pessimist when reading database documentation. If you spend any time near production then you spend a lot of time debugging things that fail. Being less than optimistic is a good way to predict failure.

One source of pessimism is database limits. MongoDB has a great page to describe limits. It limits index keys to less than 1025 bytes. …

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Legacy isn't a dirty word
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Pardon the rant but the winter storm has kept me in a hotel away from home for a few days. I exchanged email this week with someone pitching a solution to a problem I don't have (MySQL failover). But by "I" I really mean the awesome operations team with whom I share an office. The pitch got off to a bad start. It is probably better to compliment the supposed expertise of the person to whom you are pitching than to suggest they are no different than COBOL hackers working on Y2K problems.

Unfortunately legacy is a bad word in my world. Going off topic, so is web scale. I hope we can change this. The suggestion that MySQL was a legacy …

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The Foundation Exists!
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I have been wondering what the Foundation has been up to. I had high hopes for it and even contributed money but it has been very quiet. Fortunately I learned that it has been busy making decisions, maybe not in public, but somewhere. And at Percona London we will be told why it forked MariaDB prior to 5.6 and reimplemented a lot of features.

In other news the Percona London lineup looks great and I appreciate that Oracle is part of it.

on nuodb and falcon
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Warning: this is a mixture of historical content, biases, stupid marketing and unknown/proprietary/closed source technologies. Proceed with caution.

NuoDB marketing was sending out this message, encouraging me to blog (they were looking for bloggers too):

And while Facebook sharded MySQL 4000 times, even they call it a “fate worse than death.”

We’ve seen this phrase before and it did not come from us. For whatever reason NewSQL echo chamber is repeating this with less and less truth in it. In various whitepapers (all behind registration walls) they mention some analyst estimates and try to …

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Good news, MySQL 5.6.11 is here
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MySQL 5.6.11 is here with many useful bug fixes. Not so good news - you won't be able to read about those bugs beyond the brief text in the release notes as many of the bug reports are behind the support paywall. If you have lots of time to spare maybe you can read diffs in the source tree on launchpad.

This is a lousy way to grow a community, especially the community contributing many of the useful bug reports, reproduction cases and some …

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My presentation from Fosdem
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Last weekend I attended my first Fosdem conference. It was great to finally visit the conference that might be the biggest open source conference in the world. It's also an amazing experience how our Belgian friends pull off such a magnificent event purely with volunteer effort. You might say the conference itself is very much open source: free entry, created by volunteers. Organizers estimated that this year there were 7000+ attendees on campus. A hard data point was over 2300 simultaneous devices connected to Wifi.

I presented an introduction to Galera Cluster for MySQL. Due to …

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(less) open source
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Regression tests for some bugs are not published in new MySQL releases. This was reported by the MariaDB project and Ronald. There are also delays in updating bzr after recent releases, but there have been delays in the past. Questions about what has changed have not been answered, so we are left to guess.

This matters to me. I spend …

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The value of being open
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Do you lurk on the MariaDB and Ubuntu mailing lists? Maintainers might prefer to have an open bugs database.

Error injection tests for InnoDB would be nice
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I am trying to figure out why an InnoDB table was lost when a DDL statement failed. I think it was a RENAME TABLE statement. I have yet to find the root cause but I did find that InnoDB doesn't report some errors when RENAME fails so the user thinks that the table was renamed, the FRM file is renamed, and the ibd file is not renamed. This is only a problem for files not in the InnoDB system tablespace so --innodb_file_per_table=1 must be used. This is bug 64144.

As I wrote in a previous blog post, it is time to add error injection tests to InnoDB.

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