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MySQL: Replacing URL Escape Sequences
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So you want to store URLs in MySQL, and the URLs have those annoying %20%27%7C%26%5E%2B%2D%25 symbols? And you want to be able to show your users some kind of human-readable information. You might want to consider using this trick. Take this list of commonly escaped characters as an example:

%20 - space
%27 - '
%7C - |
%26 - &
%5E - ^
%2B - +
%2D - -
%25 - %

So, how about we do some search’n’replace on that?

mysql> SET @url:='%20%27%7C%26%5E%2B%2D%25';
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

mysql> SELECT @url as original,
    -> …
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