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SQL Server Integration Services 2008(SSIS) and MySQL
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In my previous article I had created linked server, to access and query a database. However, it is just the basic step to try and bring two different RDBMS systems linked together.

In this article I will discuss about creating a SSIS package to transfer data from MS SQL Server 2008 to MySQL 5.5



SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio

MySQL Connector Net 5.2.7

You can download this package from http://www.mysql.com/downloads/connector/net/ (http://www.mysql.com/downloads/connector/net/)

Connector/Net is a fully-managed ADO.NET driver for MySQL.

MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1 (Which is already installed, in our previous article)

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Link MySQL to MS SQL Server2008
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I came up with Idea of this article, when I tried to create replication setup between MS SQL 2008 and MySQL. I was unable to do it since MS SQL provides only two non SQL Subscriptions/Publishers options.

However I created the linked server through which I can access and query the MySQL databases and tables.

A linked server (a virtual server) may be considered a more flexible way of achieving remote access, with the added benefits of remote table access and distributed queries. Microsoft manages the link mechanism via OLE DB technology. Specifically, an OLE DB data source points to the specific database that can be accessed using OLEDB.

Let’s try and create MySQL linked Server on MS SQL Server 2008 and

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Walkthrough: Cluster Setup SQL/Win2008
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After Installing SQL Server 2008 Installation Process you must have noticed how different SQL Server 2008 installation is from its previous versions. Now, we will be installing SQL Server 2008 on a Windows Server 2008 Cluster. Windows Server 2008 has a lot of differences from its previous versions and one of them is the clustering feature.

There have been a lot of changes regarding clustering between Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. It took quite a lot of effort for us to build a cluster in Windows Server 2003 – from making sure that the server hardware for all nodes are cluster-compatible to creating resource groups. Microsoft has redefined clustering with Windows Server 2008, making it simpler and easier to implement. Now that both

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Clustering Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005
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How to Cluster Windows Server 2003

Before you can install SQL Server 2005 clustering, you must first install Windows Server 2003 clustering services. Once it is successfully installed and tested, then you can install SQL Server 2005 clustering. In this article, we take a step-by-step approach to installing and configuring Windows 2003 clustering. In a later article, we will learn how to install SQL Server 2005 clustering.

Before Installing Windows 2003 Clustering

Before you install Windows 2003 clustering, we need to perform a series of important preparation steps. This is especially important if you didn’t build the cluster nodes, as you want to ensure everything is working correctly before you begin the actual cluster installation. Once they are complete, then you can install Windows 2003

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The Database Job Situation in England
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Well, I'm back in "Blighty" (that's slang for Britain). I've been trying for the last 2-3 weeks to find jobs in the UK.Since I wrote a while ago "Which Database to Choose When Looking for a Job", I wanted to continue it with some of my findings. I did a lot research on IT specific job sites and used 2 main searches, "database developer" (because that's what I want to do) and "mysql" to help me find job posts that I was interested in. 
Jobs Situation for "Database Developer"
I'll describe the results for this search in percentages. Firstly, 90% of the jobs are for MS SQL server. Those jobs usually stick to mainly developing and not administrating. In those 90% you have a good mix of junior positions(22-28k GBP per year), medium paid positions (30-45k GBP per year)

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Computed/Virtual Columns
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Some days a go I discovered a wonderful thing called computer columns when I stumbling on MS SQL server. There is a free MS SQL server 2005 express that you can download off a Microsoft site. Yes, I know, FREE and from microsoft.

(P.S. for those who didn’t read, Bill Gates is now the 3rd richest man in the world after 13 years of being number one.)

I also read a really good article that explains indexes on computed columns. The benefits of speeding up searches with them and adding business rules. Obviously, the business rules were particularly interesting to me.

Jay Pipes had a similar

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Creating Copies of Tables: MS SQL vs. MySql
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I was reminded the other day how SQL Server was annoying in regards to table structure changes. All I wanted to to was copy a table (with structure intact - keys, dependancies) with its data.How hard could that be?MS SQL in ActionFirst, I needed to do a complete DDL on TableOne and replace every instance of the word "TableOne" with "TableTwo". It works, even though it is bulky and takes time,
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