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Video and Presentation now available
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I have updated the Forge page for the External Language Stored Procedures, adding a PDF for the slides used in the presentation and a link to a video of the presentation for those people who missed it. It was quite unfortunate that at the Conference, there were two presentations occurring at the same time which discussed the topic of UDF/Stored Procedures so I am sure that there are people who

After the MySQL Conference and Expo...
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That week at the conference was a busy week for me - as busy as any developer meeting I have had with MySQL in recent years. I had a great time seeing old faces again and it was much like old times talking, chatting and coding with them. In particular, I spent much of my time with Patrick Galbraith, Eric Herman and Arjen Lentz.Great progress was made: I worked with Patrick getting my ancient

Extra fun at the MySQL Conference and Expo 2008
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  With the Sun acquisition, MySQL becomes part of a bigger company. Some beneficial effects will be felt at the MySQL Users Conference. There will be a passport giveaway program, which is basically a prize drawing with minimal effort from attendees.

MySQL Conference & Expo …

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10 Minute HOW-TO
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This question seems to crop up again and again... In the words of one comment to my blog: "I've downloaded your External Language Stored Procedures package and am interested in trying out the JAVA part. Would appreciate if you could explain how use the downloaded stuff."Ok, on my download page, I have provided 2 different downloads which are automatically created from our source repository. A

Proposed a talk for UC2008
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Well, we did it. In between his SCRUM meeting and my compiling MySQL on Windows, Eric and I bashed out a proposal for the MySQL Users Conference 2008 and have submitted it. The content of the talk, well... It is entitled "Tour of External language stored procedures for MySQL" and we're going to talk about our little project. On Kaj's blog, he suggests that submissions should be creative,

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