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MySQL - My new playground
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Note: It was my first attempt using the MySQL UDF Api back then. The library is still maintained and got some new features. Check out the new MySQL Infusion UDF.

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Return of the “Top 5 MySQL Wishlist” and looking at Drizzle
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It’s coming up on a year since I started working full time on Drizzle. So, I got a bit reflective…

Have we done things that I (and others) really wanted done? Back in 2007, I wrote my top 5 wishlist for the MySQL Server.

I am not going to pretend I speak for the MySQL development team; I’m just trying to evaluate how Drizzle is doing against some wishlists that (to me) embodied some of the reasons we started Drizzle.

Please think of this as “database server wishlists” and comparing them …

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What I?ve been doing lately
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I haven't been blogging about the things I used to -- how-tos and technical hacks -- because I've been working quite hard on MySQL Toolkit and, believe it or not, innotop. I've made it possible to write innotop plugins, which have been very useful to our team at work, and I'm working on documentation. Plugins won't make it into the upcoming release; it'll just be bug fixes and documentation. These projects have taken up most of my free time.

I've also tentatively joined a group of people working on a very …

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