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A T-SQL Table Function
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I had an interesting conversation about table functions in Oracle’s PL/SQL; and the fact that they’re not available in MySQL. When I explained they’re available in Microsoft T-SQL User-Defined Functions (UDFs), my students wanted a small example. One of them said they’d tried to do it but couldn’t get it to work because they found the Microsoft web pages difficult to read and use. Specifically, they didn’t like the sparseness of this one on how to create a function.

Here’s a quick definition of a UDF table function that runs in the …

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Bulk Transfer Works
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As many already know, I’ve been trying to get the MySQL Workbench migration feature working between Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and MySQL 5.5. There are a number of features added to the 5.2.43 point release, and one led me to believe that the Migration tool expects to find the data in a schema of its own, as opposed to the dbo schema. Having made that change in Microsoft SQL Server, it did appear to have a positive impact on the migration and when I corrected a character set mismatch it worked perfectly!

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Trying to Migrate Data
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Getting the MySQL Workbench’s Database Migration has been interesting, and at present incomplete. While I can now successfully connect to the SQL Server 2012 source database and capture a schemata list, migrating the data from SQL Server doesn’t work. Actually, the connection doesn’t work without modifying a Python library in the current MySQL Workbench release.

I blogged about the SQL Server 2012 installation and Windows SQL Server DSN setup last …

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You must install and then configure a Windows Data Source Name (DSN) for SQL Server’s ODBC before you can connect MySQL Workbench to a SQL Server and migrate data. If you fail to set it up, you can’t complete the first step of the MySQL Workbench migration wizard, as shown in the image to the right.

For MySQL readers, this was posted as part of a replicateable test case for Alfredo’s MySQL Workbench team. A Windows OS version of Bug 66516.

You configure a …

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SQL Server 2012 Install
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While testing the MySQL Workbench migration tool, I needed to install Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express (the free one up to 8 GB of data). These are my notes on installing the product, and you can click on any image to see the full size resolution and details. (The approach using small snapshots on the left was suggested from somebody who uses the blog and felt these would be easier than large but slightly reduced image files.)

For MySQL readers, this was posted as part of a replicateable test case for Alfredo’s MySQL Workbench team. A Windows OS version of Bug 66516.

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