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ps_helper and its migration to sys
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MySQL’s Performance Schema is an incredibly rich and versatile instrumentation engine, but apparently, with great power, comes increased complexity for the user to understand up front.

I think this is pretty natural:

  • The more flexibility you provide to the user on what to monitor (and this is one of the major goals of Performance Schema) – the more there is to twiddle from a configuration perspective.
  • The more data we provide in as generic a ways as possible – the more data there …
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A MySQL Replication Load Average with Performance Schema
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Monitoring MySQL’s replication has always been a bit hit and miss, especially when trying to detect whether a slave is becoming overloaded or not. There’s been a few ways to do this in the past:

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Monitoring Processes with Performance Schema in MySQL 5.6
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I’ve written before about how you can monitor the last wait per connection with Performance Schema in MySQL 5.5.

That solution joined the performance_schema.events_waits_current with the

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Helper Functions for ps_helper
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I love our community.

Not long after posting my update on ps_helper, I had a couple of comments around the formatting of values within the output. Daniël van Eeden gave the suggestion that I could add a couple of Stored Functions, for formatting byte and time based values.

Of course, this was a great idea – not least for myself, because I no longer have to worry about how to format certain columns in …

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