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Cost-based choice between subquery materialization and EXISTS
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In a previous post, I had demonstrated how subquery materialization, introduced in MySQL 5.6.5, improves the performance of certain queries, like query Q16 of DBT3. Such improvement was easily explained:

  • Subquery materialization has a high start up cost (it needs to create and fill the temporary table).
  • But afterwards it has fast lookups (temporary table has a hash index, no duplicates, and is in …

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Faster subqueries with materialization
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In a previous post, I analyzed how a query of the famous DBT3 benchmark was
optimized by MySQL. It was this query, named "Q16" in the DBT3 jargon:

count(distinct ps_suppkey) as supplier_cnt
p_partkey = ps_partkey
and p_brand <> 'Brand#23'
and p_type not like 'LARGE PLATED%'
and p_size in (43, 1, 25, 5, 35, 12, 42, 40)
and ps_suppkey not in (

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