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Ask What Your Database Can Do for Your Country
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How many in your household again?

One of President John Kennedy’s most memorable phrases is “ask not what your country can do for you –  ask what can you do for your country”.  I got to thinking about this over lunch with a fellow colleague in the big data space. After comparing named customers for a while, we realized we had …

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Database Insights from Archimedes to the Houston Rockets
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Archimedes, the first DBA

According to a recent MIT Sloan Management Review study, top performing organizations use analytics 5 times more than lower performers. That’s pretty astounding. And while we all know about the ocean/lake/waves/(your favorite water analogy) of Big Data we struggle with everyday, information …

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Hot Column Addition and Deletion Part II: How it works
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Hot Column Addition and Deletion (HCAD)

In the previous HCAD post, I described HCAD and showed that it can reduce the downtime of column addition (or deletion) from 18 hours to 3 seconds. In fact, the downtime of InnoDB is proportional to the size of the database, whereas the downtime for TokuDB 5.0 depends on the time it takes for MySQL to close and reopen a table — a time that’s independent of database size. Go ahead and build bigger tables. The HCAD downtime for TokuDB won’t increase.

You may be wondering how we …

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