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Where is MariaDB today?
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These were my notes from the “Where is MariaDB today?” session at the Lisbon MariaDB Developers Meeting that happened in March 2011. I just realised I hadn’t posted it; also note that it is really raw.

Where is MariaDB today?

5.3 – look at the KB article titled “MariaDB 5.3 TODO“. A lot of things are in the review state at the moment.

Sergei has all the phone home code for the server working; what is missing is a host to collect the data, and also have a website to display things (Holyfoot will work on this).

Mark Callaghan says there are at least two different implementations of group commit work now, and Percona might have a third. This is in relation to Kristian Nielsen’s work. World’s largest workload on group commit is probably at Facebook

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MariaDB 5.2.5 released; agenda for Lisbon Dev Meeting
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Shortly after we released MariaDB 5.1.55, we also cooked MariaDB 5.2.5 (which includes MariaDB 5.1.55). See the release notes, and the changelog. Download MariaDB 5.2.5 now!

The developer meeting in Lisbon, Portugal is about to start, and there’s an agenda available. If you’re not going to be in Lisbon, please hop onto IRC and join the #maria channel on Saturday March 12 2011 (UTC+0) as the roadmap for MariaDB is to be discussed live as well as via IRC.

If you have further

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Going to Lisbon, Portugal
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I’m headed to Lisbon, Portugal for the week of March 7-15. Were have a MariaDB Developer Meeting there, hosted by Monty Program. We’re still getting people stating that they are coming (which is good), so if you’re local to the area, and dig MySQL/MariaDB/databases/opensource, drop by and say hi (March 11-13 is when the meeting happens at the Holiday Inn Lisbon).

I’m stoked since I’ve never been to Lisbon, so I’m going a few days earlier to check the place out. If you’ve been before, I’d appreciate tips on what to see, what to do, what I must not miss, etc. I think I’ll actually bring my camera this time around too!

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    MariaDB 5.1.55 released and a short newsletter update
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    Trying a new format… Are you subscribed to the announce mailing list? The following is straight from the archives.


    • Release of MariaDB 5.1.55
    • Meeting in Lisbon
    • Call for volunteers for booth duty


    • DrupalCon Chicago
    • Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco


    MariaDB 5.1.55 Released

    Dear MariaDB users,

    The development team have been busy and are ready to release MariaDB

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