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MySQL 8.0 and the thread sanitizer

MySQL 8.0 now supports the thread sanitizer.   This is good news as the thread sanitizer provides MySQL developers another tool to help find bugs in the multi-threaded MySQL server.  What happens when we build MySQL 8.0 with the thread sanitizer enabled and try to run some basic MySQL tests?  Unfortunately, NO MySQL tests run since the MySQL bootstrap fails with lots of data races and other issues raised by the thread sanitizer.  When these issues are suppressed, some of the basic MySQL and InnoDB tests pass.  Some of these issues are real bugs and need to be investigated.

Both gcc 6.1 and clang 3.9 support the thread sanitizer.  Just add  the 'WITH_TSAN=ON' cmake option when configuring and building MySQL 8.0, and the MySQL code will be compiled with the …

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Percona Live Amsterdam and MariaDB Developer Meeting 2016: Tip to Stay Dry

Or should I say "to avoid getting soaked"...

The Amsterdam weather forecasts for next week is out and even if it looks good for the Percona Live MySQL and (No)SQL Conference (Monday to Wednesday) and for the MariaDB Developer Meeting (Thursday to Saturday), it could still change (or you might suffer the rain in the week-end):

Of course, this is not a problem during talks, and I take this

OOW16 talk – MySQL X protocol – Talking to MySQL directly over the Wire

Oracle Open World 2016 has just finished in San Francisco and we are now about to embark on Percona Live Europe in Amsterdam. I offered a presentation in San Francisco on the MySQL X protocol, the new protocol that Oracle is using to make the DocumentStore work. This new protocol also allow you to send … Continue reading OOW16 talk – MySQL X protocol – Talking to MySQL directly over the Wire

The First Development Milestone for MySQL 8.0

MySQL 8.0.0 exists.

For general impressions we already have comments by Giuseppe Maxia and Stewart Smith and Serdar Yegulalp.

Two new features looked important to me: modern UCA collations, and roles. So I downloaded and tried them out.

Modern UCA collations

MySQL is going to switch to utf8mb4 for the default character set and add collations based on the the latest version of the Unicode Collation Algorithm (UCA 9.0.0). I still see …

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Order from Chaos: Member Coordination in Group Replication

We are very excited about the next release of MySQL Group Replication 0.9.0 in MySQL 5.7.15 and the great work that has been done to improve its stability. Release after release, MySQL Group Replication becomes more stable and more user-friendly and has reached a maturity level that made us declare 0.9.0 a release candidate.…

Codership is hiring Software Packaging Engineer!

Software Packaging EngineerJob Description & Main Responsibilities


Codership is looking for a part-time Build and Packaging Engineer. We use Jenkins to build various packages for multiple distros and the engineer will take ownership of the build pipeline and extend it to cover additional platforms and testing scenarios.

There are plenty of interesting problems to tackle on the job, from crafting .spec files with complex dependencies to automatically testing no-downtime rolling upgrades of a distributed system.

Main Responsibilities

  •  take the ownership of and maintain Galera Cluster packages on Linux (.RPM and .DEB) and BSD
  • maintain the automatic package building pipeline and extend it to cover additional platforms and testing scenarios


Desired Skills & Requirements


  • knowledge of …
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Planets9s - 9 DevOps Tips for MySQL / MariaDB Galera Cluster, MySQL Query Tuning Part 2 and more!

Welcome to this week’s Planets9s, covering all the latest resources and technologies we create around automation and management of open source database infrastructures.

New webinar: 9 DevOps Tips for going in production with MySQL / MariaDB Galera Cluster

In this new webinar on October 11th, Johan Andersson, CTO at Severalnines, will guide you through 9 key DevOps tips to consider before taking Galera Cluster for MySQL / MariaDB into production. Monitoring, managing schema changes and pushing them in production, performance optimizations, configurations, version upgrades, backups; these are all aspects to consider before going live with Galera Cluster and Johan will share his 9 DevOps tips with you for a successful production environment.

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Log Buffer #489: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer Edition collects blog posts fromOracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


Over the past 12 months there has been an increase in the number of Machine Learning notebooks becoming available.

Gitora helps PL/SQL developers manage their source code in Git easily. It helps them lock database objects to prevent edits from other users regardless of the editor they use.

One of the little myths of Oracle appeared on the Oracle-L list server a few days ago – the one that says: “you don’t need a histogram on a single column unique/primary key”.

How to Calculate the Mean, …

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Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7.14-26.17 GA is now available

This Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7.14-26.17 GA release is dedicated to the memory of Federico Goncalvez, our colleague with Percona’s Uruguayan team until his tragic death on September 6, 2016.

Fede, we miss you.

Percona announces the first general availability (GA) release in the Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7 series on September 29, 2016. Binaries are available from the downloads area or our software repositories.

The full release notes are available …

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MySQL 8.0: Testing Improvements

The first DMR of MySQL 8 was recently released. While a DMR (or Developer Milestone Release) is not yet a GA product, it does come with our commitment that each feature has been tested and qualified for inclusion.

In MySQL 8.0 we have made additional improvements to the MySQL test framework (MTR) and the test suite.…

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