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Using Perl to Send Tweets Stored in a MySQL Database to Twitter
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Using twitter can sometimes feel like driving downtown, screaming what you want to say out the window, and hoping someone hears you. There might be tens of thousands of people downtown, but your message will only be heard by a few. Because of this, your best bet is to repeat your message as often as possible.

Twitter is free and if you want to reach as many people as possible, it’s another great tool for getting your message out there. But sending tweets on a scheduled basis can be a pain. There are client programs available which allow you to schedule your tweets (Hootsuite is …

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Fedora 22 is out, and we’re ready
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Fedora 22 arrived yesterday. With a cutting edge GCC (5.1), the new DNF package management system, and improved tooling for server administration, we congratulate the Fedora community on yet another innovative release. We’re following up from our side, and as of yesterday our repos offer Fedora 22 packages of these products: MySQL Server 5.6 (currently […]

MySQL 5.7 key features
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The other day I was discussing new features of MySQL 5.7 with a Percona Support customer. After that conversation, I thought it would be a good idea to compile list of important features of MySQL 5.7. The latest MySQL 5.7.6 release candidate (RC) is out and is packed with nice features. Here’s a list of some MySQL 5.7 key features.

Replication Enhancements:

  • One of the top features in MySQL 5.7 is multi-source replication. With multi-source replication you can point multiple master server’s to slave so limitation of slave having only one master is …
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ClusterControl 1.2.10 Released
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The Severalnines team is pleased to announce the release of ClusterControl 1.2.10. This release contains key new features along with performance improvements and bug fixes. We have outlined some of the key new features below. 


  • Highlights of ClusterControl 1.2.10 include:
  • ClusterControl DSL (Domain Specific Language) 
  • Integrated Developer Studio (Developer IDE) 
  • Database Advisors/JS bundle 
  • On-premise Deployment of MySQL / MariaDB Galera Cluster (New implementation)
  • Detection of long running and deadlocked transactions (Galera)
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MariaDB 10.0.19 Overview and Highlights
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MariaDB 10.0.19 was recently released, and is available for download here:

This is the tenth GA release of MariaDB 10.0, and 20th overall release of MariaDB 10.0.

This was a quick release in order to get a fix for a mysql_upgrade bug (MDEV-8115) introduced in 10.0.18, so there is that, and only 9 other bug fixes.

Here are the main items of note:

  • Fixed the server crash caused by mysql_upgrade ( …
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MariaDB 10.0.18 Overview and Highlights
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MariaDB 10.0.18 was recently released, and is available for download here:

This is the ninth GA release of MariaDB 10.0, and 19th overall release of MariaDB 10.0.

There were no major functionality changes, but there were some general improvements, several security fixes, plus a 10.0.18 mysql_upgrade caution, and quite a few bug fixes, so let me cover what I feel are the main items of note:

  • Security Fixes: Fixes for the following …
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MariaDB 5.5.43 Overview and Highlights
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MariaDB 5.5.43 was recently released (it is the latest MariaDB 5.5), and is available for download here:

This is a maintenance release, and so there were not too many major changes, but definitely a few worth mentioning, as well as one *important* caution:

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Rearchitecting GitHub Pages
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GitHub Pages, our static site hosting service, has always had a very simple architecture. From launch up until around the beginning of 2015, the entire service ran on a single pair of machines (in active/standby configuration) with all user data stored across 8 DRBD backed partitions. Every 30 minutes, a cron job would run generating an nginx map file mapping hostnames to on-disk paths.

There were a few problems with this approach: new Pages sites did not appear until the map was regenerated (potentially up to a 30-minute …

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MySQL Query Profiling with Performance Schema
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One of my favorite tools for query optimization is profiling. But recently I noticed this warning:

mysql> set profiling=1;
Query OK, 0 rows affected, 1 warning (0.00 sec)

mysql> show warnings;
| Level   | Code | Message                                                              |
| Warning | 1287 | '@@profiling' is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. |

After looking through …

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Making Existing SQLPLUS Scripts 12c and Container DB (PDB) Compatible
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Oracle 12c introduces new catalog features including CDB_ dictionary views (which include a CON_ID column) superseding the DBA_ views that most DBA sqlplus scripts are based upon.

However, existing DBA sqlplus scripts can easily be modified using just a few simple sqlplus techniques to be compatible with 11g, as well as all types of 12c databases including legacy and container databases.

The following simple SQL and sqlplus techniques can be used to make a “universal script” that is compatible with all versions.

Illustrating the Issue

Let’s say for sake of example that we have a simple 10g/11g monitoring script that’s …

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