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We need your feedback: please participate in our open source database management survey
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As members of the wider open source database users community, we’d like you to participate in our open source database deployment and management survey.

Your input will help us make our resources and tools for deploying, monitoring, managing and scaling databases of even more use to the community. It will give us valuable insight into the challenges you face when operating databases.

Please take the survey today by providing your input below; this will take approx. 5 minutes of your time.


We’ll share the results of the survey once we have compiled your responses.

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EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON: buffer_result is not hidden!
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Time for another entry in the EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON is cool! series. Today we’re going to look at how you can view the buffer result using JSON (instead of the regular





 does not identify if


 was used at all. To demonstrate, let’s run this query:

mysql> explain …
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Compaction priority in RocksDB
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Compaction priority is an option in RocksDB that determines the next file to select for compaction. Here I show the impact of this option on the amount of storage writes while running Linkbench. The right value can reduce the amount of data written to storage which improves storage efficiency and can make an SSD device last longer.

The Linkbench schema has 3 tables with 4 indexes. Each of …

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My First Steps in Exploring RocksDB
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RocksDB and storage engine for MySQL based on it (so called "MyRocks") is widely discussed in my circles since August 2015 at least, so I decided to spend some time checking it. The easy way to get it running is to use Facebook's MySQL 5.6, so I just clonned it and built from source with minor customization based on instructions (that just work in case of Fedora Core 23):
33       …

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Jörg Brühe: On Files, the Space They Need, and the Space They Take
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xfs Users, Take Care!

Recently, we had a customer ask: Why do many files holding my data take up vastly more space than their size is? That question may sound weird to you, but it is for real, and the customer's observation was correct. For a start, let's make sure we are using the same terms.

  • The size of a file is the number of bytes it will deliver if it is read sequentially from start to end.
  • The space it takes up is the sum of all disk pages which are used to hold the file's data, or to locate those data pages ("indirect" blocks in Unix/Linux terminology).

Every Unix/Linux admin knows (or at least should know) that a file …

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February 23rd: how moved from MySQL to clustered MariaDB for high availability
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On Tuesday, February 23, please join us and the WooServers team for a webinar on the scalable, open source database infrastructure behind is a fast growing cloud-based server and website monitoring service. The rapid growth of the CloudStats user base and the number of services being monitored created a significant load on its MySQL infrastructure. The system ingests large amounts of incoming metrics/event data collected by thousands of agents. The backend systems …

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Videos of FOSDEM MySQL & Friends Devroom are available !
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After the pictures (see the galleries on top ^), the videos of the MySQL & Friends Devroom are available !

You can find them on

Enjoy them !

MySQL Performance: Scalability on OLTP_RW Benchmark with MySQL 5.7
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Next article from the MySQL 5.7 Performance stories, now about OLTP_RW scalability (if you missed any previous ones, see 1.6M SQL Query/sec (QPS) with MySQL 5.7, 1M SQL Query/sec on mixed OLTP_RO / …

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Feedback Request: Enforcing SQL Mode
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MySQL Server has an extensive collection of SQL modes which control a range of behavior ranging from compatibility modes for other RDBMS dialects (ANSI_QUOTES, PIPES_AS_CONCAT) to security (NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER) to explicit storage engine selection ( …

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Log Buffer #459: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs
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This Log Buffer Edition arranges few tips and tricks from the blogs of Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


Oracle ® Solaris innovation is due in part to the UNIX® the standard (1), the test suites (2) and the certification (3). By conforming to the standard, using the test suites and driving to certification, Oracle ® Solaris software engineers can rely on stable interfaces and an assurance that any regressions will be found quickly given more than 50,000 test cases.

Building on the program established …

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