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Database Virtualization, What it Really Means
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This is a response to a blog postby analyst and marketing consultant Curt Monash.

Originally virtualization meant running one operating system in a window inside of another operating system, e.g. running a Linux on a Windows machine using Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare. Then virtualization evolved to mean slicing a single server into many for more granular resource allocation (Curt’s ex uno plures, translated: out of one, many). It has since expanded to include e pluribus unum (from many, one) and e pluribus ad …

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MySQL Cluster 7.2.10 Released
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The binary version for MySQL Cluster 7.2.10 has now been made available at (GPL version) or (commercial version).

A description of all of the changes (fixes) that have gone into MySQL Cluster 7.2.10 (compared to 7.2.9) is available from the 7.2.10 Change log.

2012, the Best Year for MySQL ( far, but more to come)
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It's the end of the year and, before the world ends ;-) , I feel the pressure to follow up on last year's article "2011, a great year for MySQL in Review". I'll adopt a similar format and mention things in context, covering products, marketing, momentum, etc. at a high level. I may have missed something and I hope my colleagues will contribute to the list.

I really do think it's been the best year for MySQL …

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MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2 – using the new features
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Oracle have just announced that MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2 is Generally Available. For anyone not familiar with MySQL Cluster Manager – it’s a command-line management tool that makes it simpler and safer to manage your MySQL Cluster deployment – use it to create, configure, start, stop, upgrade…. your cluster.

So what has changed since MCM 1.1 …

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MySQL Cluster 7.2.9 Released
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The binary version for MySQL Cluster 7.2.9 has now been made available at (GPL version) or (commercial version).

A description of all of the changes (fixes) that have gone into MySQL Cluster 7.2.9 (compared to 7.2.8) is available from the 7.2.9 Change log.

MySQL Cluster 7.3: On-Demand Webinar and Q&A Available
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The on-demand webinar for the MySQL Cluster 7.3 Development Release is now available.

You can learn more about the design, implementation and getting started with all of the new MySQL Cluster 7.3 features from the comfort and convenience of your own device, including:

- Foreign Key constraints in MySQL Cluster

- Node.js NoSQL API 

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WebEx Today! MySQL Cluster 7.3 Development Release: What’s New
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Thursday, October 25, 2012
MySQL Cluster 7.3 Development Release: What’s New

Join the webinar to get all of the detail on MySQL Cluster 7.3 DMR and Early Access releases. Announced at the recent MySQL Connect conference, Oracle has published previews of MySQL Cluster 7.3.

MySQL Cluster 7.3 delivers more power and flexibility than ever before. The webinar will demonstrate each of these new features and show you how to get started.

Andrew Morgan, MySQL Product Management
Mat Keep, MySQL Product Management

MySQL Cluster 7.3 Development Release: …

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MySQL Cluster 7.3 - Join This Week's Webinar to Learn What's New
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The first Development Milestone and Early Access releases of MySQL Cluster 7.3 were announced just several weeks ago. To provide more detail and demonstrate the new features, Andrew Morgan and I will be hosting a live webinar this coming Thursday 25th October at 0900 Pacific Time / 16.00 UTC

Even if you can't make the live webinar, it is still worth …

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New MySQL Cluster 7.3 Previews: Foreign Keys, NoSQL Node.js API and Auto-Tuned Clusters
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At this weeks MySQL Connect conference, Oracle previewed an exciting new wave of developments for MySQL Cluster, further extending its simplicity and flexibility by expanding the range of use-cases, adding new NoSQL options, and automating configuration.

What’s new:

  • Development Release 1: MySQL Cluster 7.3 with Foreign Keys
  • Early Access “Labs” Preview: MySQL Cluster NoSQL API for Node.js
  • Early Access “Labs” Preview: MySQL Cluster GUI-Based Auto-Installer
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MySQL Oracle Connect 2012: Day Two
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Another good day today: I attended the keynotes and found them quite interesting.

I especially liked the way Twitter uses MySQL to build up a NoSQL solution. Jokes aside, I took a few notes on things I must analyze and dig in.

The introduction of the Paypal models seemed very interesting, which brought me to attend the presentation later on. It was well constructed and had some good theoretical work, but I was quite disappointed. I found the presentation incomplete and missing real numbers for the MySQL Cluster NDB setup.

I attended the presentation done by Ronald B. It was good — nothing really advanced, but it was on purpose. He was very informative and …

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