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MySQL 5.7.12 – Part 2: Improving the MySQL Protocol
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The X Protocol

For the MySQL Document Store we developed a new protocol to lay out a solid foundation for the features we’ll implement over the next years.

Building a Protocol with Async APIs in mind

Asynchronous APIs are all about executing other work while a task gets blocked.

Comments on MaxScale binaries
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I’m writing this post after reading Downloading MariaDB MaxScale binaries, from Percona’s MySQL Performance Blog.

I was already aware about the problem: MaxScale is open source, but the binaries are not free. You can download them and use them for testing, but if you want to use them in production, you’ll need to buy MariaDB Enterprise.

Note that MaxScale Docker images seem to have the same problem. I’ve tried some of them, but all those I’ve tried were running MariaDB Enterprise binaries, so using them in production …

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MaxScale 1.4.1 GA is available for download
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Tue, 2016-04-12 16:06Johan

We are pleased to announce that MaxScale 1.4.1 GA is now available for download!

If MaxScale is new to you, we recommend reading this page first.

MaxScale 1.4 brings:

  1. The Firewall Filter has been extended and can now be used for either black-listing or white-listing queries. In addition it is capable of logging both queries that match and queries that do not match.
  2. Client-side …
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MySQL distributed message system
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Based on messages, we create mysql replication platforms , using async message to build strong distributed subscription system.

read this PDF :

Dealing with Jumbo Chunks in MongoDB
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In this blog post, we will discuss how to deal with jumbo chunks in MongoDB.

You are a MongoDB DBA, and your first task of the day is to remove a shard from your cluster. It sounds scary at first, but you know it is pretty easy. You can do it with a simple command:

db.runCommand( { removeShard: "server1_set6" } )

MongoDB then does its magic. It finds the chunks and databases and balances them across all other servers. You can go to sleep without any worry.

The next morning when you wake up, you check …

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Time Zone Conversion in MySQL
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A wise man once said that the safest way to store date and time values in MySQL is to store Unix timestamps in an unsigned INT column. I agree with Baron, but most of us have to deal with DATE, DATETIME, and/or TIMESTAMP values sometimes, and it's often useful to know how to convert values from one time zone to another.

The CONVERT_TZ() Function

You can convert a temporal value in MySQL from one time zone to another using the …

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Downloading MariaDB MaxScale binaries
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In this blog post we’ll discuss a caveat when downloading MariaDB MaxScale binaries.

Following the previous performance results in my last two posts on sysbench and primary keys ( and  …

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MySQL 5.7.12 – Part 1: More than a Maintenance Release
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MySQL 5.7.12 is the fourth stable (GA) release of the MySQL 5.7 series. It brings with it the usual bug fixes and incremental enhancements that you would expect with a point release. Except this time things are a little bit different.…

MySQL Parallel Replication and more talks at Percona Live
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In a few days, I will be flying to San Francisco and then making my way to Santa Clara for attending the Percona Live Conference.  On the last day of the conference (Thursday), I will speak about MySQL Parallel replication.  I hope to see you there and I will he happy to answer questions you might have (on this subject and others):

Thursday at 12:50 pm: MySQL Parallel Replication: inventory,

Comment on Performance evaluation of MariaDB 10.1 and MySQL 5.7.4-labs-tplc by What is MariaDB? | Nublue
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