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TechSling Article: Why Database Downtime Eats Away at the Bottom Line
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Speed matters. That’s why you’re willing to pay a dollar more for milk at the convenience store — it’s quicker than waiting in line at the supermarket. And that’s why you will lose business if your database slows down the customer experience.

This is especially true of e-commerce websites. Forty percent of people won’t wait more than three seconds for a mobile shopping site to load. Amazon estimates it would lose $1.6 billion a year if its web pages took one second longer to load. If consumers won’t wait one second for Amazon, they won’t wait for your database to come back online.

And that’s just the direct bottom-line …

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MySQL on NUMA machines just got better!
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A followup to my previous entry , my patch that was part of Bug #72811 Set NUMA mempolicy for optimum mysqld performance has been merged!

I hope it’s enabled by default so that everything “just works”.

I also hope it filters down through MariaDB and Percona Server fairly quickly.

Also, from the release notes on that bug, I think we can expect 5.7.8 any day now.

Identifying temporal columns in old format in MySQL 5.6 and above
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I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from my post on upgrading temporal columns from MySQL 5.5 to MySQL 5.6 format, both in the blog comments and directly from people who have used my query to identify which columns are candidates to be upgraded to the new format. Based on the feedback and some changes in more recent MySQL releases, I think it's worth doing a follow-up post.

Partioned tables

It was pointed out to me that the SQL query I used in my previous …

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MySQL Cluster 7.2
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MySQL Cluster 7.2 (7.2.21 GA, published on Tuesday, 14 Jul 2015)

Summary of Linkbench for MongoDB & MySQL
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I published many benchmark reports last week for Linkbench using MongoDB and MySQL with several storage engines: RocksDB, InnoDB, WiredTiger and mmapv1. My goal from running tests like this is to find things we can make better. From these tests the thing to make better is load performance for MongoDB. MySQL did better on the load and query tests but the difference on the load tests was much larger. I suspect that much of the problem can be blamed on the need for 9 …

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s9s Tools and Resources: The 'Become a MySQL DBA' Series, ClusterControl 1.2.10, Advisors and More!
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Check Out Our Latest Technical Resources for MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres and MongoDB

This blog is packed with all the latest resources and tools we’ve recently published! Please do check it out and let us know if you have any comments or feedback.

Live Technical Webinar

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Comment on FreeRadius 3.0.x Installation and configuration with Mysql by lalit
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make sure you completely removed old openssl and added “allow_vulnerable_openssl” in the “security” subsection of “radiusd.conf”

allow_vulnerable_openssl = ‘CVE-2014-0160′

Comment on FreeRadius 3.0.x Installation and configuration with Mysql by lalit
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Check my blog post for fixing this issue:

Comment on FreeRadius 3.0.x Installation and configuration with Mysql by santanablank
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I have the following error message when issuing radiusd -X, any experience? Thanks

Debugger not attached
Refusing to start with libssl version OpenSSL 1.0.1e-fips 11 Feb 2013 0x1000105f (1.0.1e release) (in range 1.0.1 dev – 1.0.1f release)
Security advisory CVE-2014-0160 (Heartbleed)
For more information see
Once you have verified libssl has been correctly patched, set security.allow_vulnerable_openssl = ‘CVE-2014-0160′

Are Your Data Systems a Technology Tar Pit
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Are you still running yesterday’s database? Technology and workloads have changed, so it might be time to re-examine your trusty standby. But how do you determine whether the benefits of new data storage technology are worth the cost and effort of evaluating and switching?

Perhaps you think your current data retrieval system is “good enough,” but that “just fine” system might be creating huge technical debt that could come back to haunt you. To keep up with the times, you might need to re-evaluate your database. This could result in a leaner, meaner, and more modern back end that can grow with your business and save you money.

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