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Welcome, MySQL commercial extensions
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I saw yesterday that MySQL has finally done the right thing, and announced new commercial extensions.
What this means is that paying customers receive something more than users who get the community edition for free.
Believe it or not, when I was working in the community team at MySQL, I was already an advocate of this solution. You may see a contradiction, but there isn't. I would like to explain how this works.

An open source product needs to be developed. And the developers need to get paid. Ergo, the company needs to …

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DbCharmer 1.7.0 Release: Rails 3.0 Support and Forced Slave Reads
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This week, after 3 months in the works, we’ve finally released version 1.7.0 of DbCharmer ruby gem – Rails plugin that significantly extends ActiveRecord’s ability to work with multiple databases and/or database servers by adding features like multiple databases support, master/slave topologies support, sharding, etc.

New features in this release:

  • Rails 3.0 support. We’ve worked really hard to bring all the features we supported in Rails 2.X to the new version of Rails and now I’m proud that we’ve implemented them all and the implementation …
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CodeBits - An event of competitive innovation
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It was my pleasure and privilege to attend Codebits in 2009. As Roland Bouman says, its talk choice method is based on public voting, and therefore everyone cha have contribute to the schedule.But that is not the main reason for attending this extraordinary event. It is not just a conference. It's an innovation fest. For 1 and 1/2 days, it's a conference, where the speakers are encouraged to bring to their audience the most …

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Speaking at "August Penguin 2011"
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I will be speaking at August Penguin 2011 (אוגוסט פינגווין), on August 12th in Ramat-Gan, Israel.

August Penguin is the annual meeting of Hamakor society: an Israeli society for Free Software and Open-Source Code (read more here).

I'll be holding a non-technical talk about MySQL, titled "MySQL and the …

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Announcing common_schema: common views & routines for MySQL
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Today I have released common_schema, a utility schema for MySQL which includes many views and functions, and is aimed to be installed on any MySQL server.

What does it do?

There are views answering for all sorts of useful information: stuff related to schema analysis, data dimensions, monitoring, processes & transactions, security, internals... There are basic functions answering for common needs.

Some of the views/routines simply formalize those queries we tend to write over and over again. Others take the place of external tools, …

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Upcoming developer/sysadmin days about MySQL and Solaris
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The folks at OTN have been very busy — among many others (both virtual and in RL), there are two upcoming developer/sysadmin days about MySQL and Solaris. Both will take place in California next month:

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Quickly testing MySQL builds without “make install”
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There is a lot happening in mysql-trunk nowadays, and it’s a pain to have to keep pulling from the tree, building, installing and configuring to some test location etc. (unless you have that scripted, which I used to in the past).

Marc Alff showed me a tip a while ago to not have to do the install/config stage, and I thought it was worth sharing – it’s how I keep up to date …

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A hidden options file trick
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I was listening today to the OurSQL Episode 36: It's Not Our (De)fault! Part 1. As usual, Sheeri and Sarah are very informational and entertaining while explaining the innards of MySQL and their best practices.
Being a DBA oriented show, there was an omission in this podcast. There was no mention of custom groups that you can have for your my.cnf. This is mostly useful for developers. If your application requires some specific settings, instead of using a separated configuration file, you can use a different group, and then …

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Example of a Basic ODBC (MSSQL Server) Query using PHP
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An example of a basic ODBC (MSSQL Server/DSN-Less) query using PHP.

Example of Result Set Returning One Row

$szDBConn="DRIVER={SQL Server};SERVER=SQLServerNameHere;DATABASE=DatabaseNameHere";
$szDBQuery="SELECT FooBar, Foo_Bar, Foo_ID FROM FoobarSubscribers WHERE FooID=777";
$rDBConnect = odbc_connect($szDBConn, $szDBUsername, $szDBPswd);  
$rDBRes = odbc_exec($rDBConnect, $szDBQuery);
$szLastCheck = odbc_result($rDBRes, "LastCheck");
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A last look at 2010... and what's in sight?
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For a few years, I've tried to recap here some events I've found notable over the past year and offering some guesses on what might be ahead of us. I'm somewhat late on these things this year, due to being busy with other stuff, but I didn't want to break the tradition, no matter how silly my wrong guesses might seem later. And again, others have covered generals, so I'll try to focus on specifics, in particular as they relate to what I do. For a look at what we achieved for Habbo, see my recap post on the Sulake blog.

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