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18/Nov/2009 - The Open Source Data Warehouse Revolution
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On the 18th of November we've hold in Milan an event focused on Open Source Data Warehousing.

For many organizations, data warehouses are simply too costly to buy, too costly to implement and too costly to maintain. Data warehousing is still a luxury of deep-pocketed organizations, although the resulting benefits can be virtually reaped by companies of all sizes.
Open Source Software is changing the rules again, lowering the economic barriers to undertake Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing projects.

During the event we proved that MySQL can help organizations to achieve higher ROI on their projects. With the support of our partners, Infobright and Talend, we showed how to design, deploy and manage a multi-terabyte Data Warehouse with Open

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Harish Pillay and Brian Aker debate with Richard Stallman (Part 2)
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The attendees were not satisfied with the first answer RMS gave to Brian, that Harish Pillay (Chief Technical Architect, Red Hat Singapore), chose to ask RMS what more he had to say, with regards to the letter he’d written. He answered quite candidly in this video, which Brian chimed in for as well.

The back channel for all this was Twitter… Don’t hesitate to follow @harishpillay, @brianaker, @piawaugh or even

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Brian Aker debates with Richard Stallman
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At foss.my 2009, Brian Aker asked Richard Stallman at his keynote, about the Oracle/Sun acquisition (with a focus on MySQL), with regards to the parallel licensing approach used by MySQL. Brian was referring to:

As only the original rights holder can sell commercial licenses, no new forked version of the code will have the ability to practice the parallel licensing approach, and will not easily generate the resources to support continued development of the MySQL platform.

from Richard’s Letter to the EC opposing Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL. Listen to the discussion between Brian and Richard.

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Sponsoring OpenSQL Camp 2009
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We’re supporting the OpenSQL Camp, which will be held in Portland on November 14. 

One of my objectives for the camp is to make progress on a universal storage engine API, to make it possible to use the same storage engines in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ingres, or any other database.  I’m also looking forward to hearing other people’s great ideas.

After OpenSQLcamp, I’ll be attending Supercomputing’09.  Supercomputing and database hardware technology seems to be converging.  Many of the fastest databases today look like a supercomputer with disks attached.  Will there be other kinds of convergence?  For example, what kind of convergence will we see between multicore computing and cluster computing?  Today we program multicore machines very differently from clusters.  I think in the future that difference will vanish.

Where can you find MySQL Events?
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As a frequent traveler for my MySQL consulting (last 4 weeks were Sydney, San Francisco, New York and Vancouver), I like to keep abreast of any local tech event that includes MySQL that I may be able to attend.

Now there is a consolidated location that you can use, the Open Source Events Calendar. Kudos to the MySQL Community team members Lenz Grimmer and Giuseppe Maxia who have put this together.

We need your help. If you have a local event, please submit your event request. This projects needs the support of all.

You will also find valuable conference information including dates for close of proposals. A great tool for scheduling your upcoming conference year.

The Open Source Events Calendar
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Kudos to Lenz, who, acting on an idea launched by Ronald Bradford some time ago, has put together a comprehensive calendar of open source events. Most of them are somehow related to the MySQL ecosystem, but there is no limitation to what the calendar contains.
Here is the announcement, with the instructions to use and contribute to the calendar.
In addition to informing you about the events, this calendar does also tell you when a deadline is approaching. Using

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Sponsoring OpenSQLCamp
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The next OpenSQLCamp will be held in Portland, Oregon, USA. It is being organized by Eric Day, well known to the open source community for his active and productive participation to several projects (especially Drizzle and Gearman).

The event is public and free. Therefore, it needs public sponsoring. I don't know yet if I can attend, but I have already donated something to the organizers, and I am officially a sponsor. You can be one too. Simply go to the sponsors page and donate a minimum of $100 as in individual or $250 as an

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A Remote-Attendee’s Look at OSCON
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Another year and another successful OSCON has been concluded. While I didn’t attend this year’s conference, let me hereby offer some reflections — basing it on reading blogs and talking to attendees both in person and over Twitter (I’m glad to see both the @MySQL and @MySQL_Community Twitter accounts have a large and quickly growing list of followers).

Let me start by highlighting the

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OpenSQLCamp democracy
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We have seen this before. Actually, we got the idea from Drupal, where talk proposals are public, and the most voted ones get in the schedule. Nonetheless, it's a pleasure to see that a transparent voting system is accepted and used.

The OpenSQLCamp 2009 European edition, is under scrutiny. There are 27 session proposals, from which we will need to get 12 in the schedule.
The open voting is done via Twitter or the mailing list.
I have a good feeling about it. Since I am proposing a public talk, I

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Giving away one copy of MySQL Administration Bible in Madrid
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I will be in Madrid on June 18-19, to participate to the Sun Open Communities Forum. I will have two presentations on my own, and I will be a guest speaker during Victor Jimenez's session. There will be some ancillary activities, among which a lunch with the MySQL community and a MySQL workshop.

During one of these activities, I will give away one copy of the MySQL Administrator’s Bible. If you are a MySQL enthusiast and you are in Madrid, that's an extra reason to attend the forum. For the ones

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PHP BBQ Munich
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Yesterday we held our PHP BBQ event at Munich, well it was no BBQ as the weather forecasts predicted rain,which came in the evening, but a nice evening in a beer garden.

We had more than 30 people there, some leaving early, sme arriving late, covering quite different kinds of participants: PHP core developers, professional PHP users, people doing PHP stuff as hobby, friends and PHP community veterans like Till Gerken. Many people didn't know each other or didn't see each other or some time so we had lot's of discussions, and most of them even weren't about PHP and even many non-IT things were covered, which I find always great. If you want an impression check Ulf's photos. I really hope this makes a good foundation for more regular PHP meetups.

There will be a few more events of this kind this week in

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Joining the PHP BBQ in Hamburg and Kiel
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There must be something that gets coders and barbecue together. In Australia, I was invited to a hackers barbecue, while at FrOSCon, the Saturday evening meal is a grill fest.
It seems just right that the PHP coders in Germany are getting together with a BBQ Tour, starting on Monday, June 15, and touching seven German towns in one week.

I will join the happy campers on Saturday, June 20, in Hamburg, and finish off the tour in Kiel the next day.
The event is open. However, for logistic reasons, a registration is required in some

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Open Communities in Madrid - June 18-19
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I am going to Madrid, Spain, to participate in the Open Communities Forum on June 18-19.
As usual with Sun open events, the agenda includes several actors in the open source arena, such as MySQL, Java, Open Solaris, with topics ranging from web development to mobile integration.
It looks promising, and I look forward to this event, which is my first one in Spain.
On the first day, I will do an introductory talk about MySQL, and a more technical workshop for advanced users. The second day will be mainly dedicated to meeting users in the area, but I will also do a guest appearance in a talk about

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A Pirate Captain visiting the Pacific Northwest
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About three weeks from now, Rickard Falkvinge (founder of the Pirate Party) will be kicking off the Vancouver Open Web Conference. He’ll be presenting a keynote on how, in just three years, a party with an odd name organized around a narrow electronic frontier platform has become the fourth largest political party in Sweden. It’s an amazing story that makes a good parable about how the

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eLiberatica 2009
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As I write this, my friend (and eLiberatica chair) Lucian is packing up to fly to Bucharest for this year’s instance of the eLiberatica Electronic Frontier/Free Software/Open Source conference. Sadly, I won’t be participating this year – a commitment to less travel and a new venture make doubly sure that I’m staying home.

Despite the downturn, it looks like this is going to be a great year for the conference: 400 people have registered and the list of speakers is formidable, including: OSI board member Danese Cooper, FSFE founder Georg Greve, MySQL founders David Axmark and Monty Widenius and Zbigniew “Gandalf” Branecki from Mozilla Europe.

If you are in or near Romania, you should try to register and

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Are Stored Procedures available with MySQL Cluster?
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The answer is yes – kind of.

Stored procedures are implemented in a MySQL Server and can be used regardless of the storage engine being used for a specific table. One inference from this is that they won’t work when accessing the Cluster database directly through the NDB API.

This leads to the question of whether or not that limitation actually restricts what you can achieve. This article gives a brief introduction to stored procedures and looks at how the same results can be achieved using the NDB API.

Stored procedures provide a rudimentary way of implementing functionality within the database (rather than in the application code). They are implemented by the database designer and have the ability to perform computations as well as make changes to the data in the database. A typical use of stored procedures would be to control all

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Sydney Oracle Meetup #3 — Focus on E-Business Suite
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What: Sydney Oracle Meetup #3 - Focus on E-Business Suite + Oracle/Sun deal
When: April 28, 2009 5:30 PM
Where: As usual - Sydney Mechanics School of Art
How: just register at the SOM website.

We have to limit the number of people to 40 this time so make sure you RSVP timely!

We are gathering at 5:30pm and technical goodies are starting at 6pm so use this time to catch up with other members. We should finish by 8:30pm including a beaks and some post follow up. The presentation schedule is a bit floating this time.

As usual, we should have some pizza and beverages facilitating seamless peer networking. ;-)

In addition to the main topic, we plan to have some overview of Oracle / Sun deal and

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What hasn’t changed with MySQL
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Jetlagged from transatlantic travel, I woke up in the middle of the Californian night thinking about what has changed since I arrived at the MySQL Conference in Santa Clara on Sunday evening. I was pondering all the questions MySQL users and Sun colleagues were asking at the event, and what the user base was thinking out loud on Twitter yesterday.

What has changed is obviously that Sun Microsystems and Oracle announced they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Oracle will acquire Sun.

What further changes we will see as a

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3rd Gestionale Open Developer Conference
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On January the 9th, 2009 I've presented at the 3rd Annual Gestionale Open Developer Conference.

Gestionale Open is an open source ERP gathering interest in Italy, since it is compliant with local laws. This project has been started years ago by an entrepreneur with decades of experience in the field and now it's used by 100s of customers. They have concluded the porting to MySQL, which is now the default database for the product!

There were nearly 100 participants. Gestionale Open has catalyzed the interest of customers, distributors, software developers. It's nice to see complex business applications moving to open source.

The title of my presentation was: "Enterprise Innovation". I've chosen a banal title, but wishing to make an interesting dissertation on why MySQL is fuelling the innovation and who is

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The Great Open Cloud Shootout
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The last couple of years, I have had the pleasure of moderating panels at the MySQL Conference. Last year, it was about scaling MySQL, and the year before that, it was the Clash of the DB Egos.

For this year, the original plan was for a MySQL Roadmap Shootout. Many of these questions Karen Tegan Padir should address in her opening keynote, and Robin Schumacher and Rob Young will dig deeper in “The Future of MySQL“.

Hence, we decided to aim higher: We’re going for the

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MySQL Campus Tour 2009 — aka Dups on Rails
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Tomorrow, The Big Trek starts. Duleepa “Dups” Wijayawardhana will spend the time from then on until the MySQL Conference and Expo starts travelling by rail and bus all the way from home in Montreal to California. Hence the name “Dups on Rails”. The purpose of the Big Trek is to talk about MySQL in Canadian and US universities. He’ll also arrange MySQL Meetups and go on customer visits, as people ping him.

Towards the end of the trip, as we get closer to the User Conference, Dups won’t be alone. His alter ego Colin Charles (yes, people do mix up Dups and Colin) will join him from 13 April onwards in Northern California. And at the same time, a parallel trek is started by

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Another usability bug bites the dust
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In MySQL 5.1.33 there is a fix for an apparently innocuous bug.
Bug #36540 CREATE EVENT and ALTER EVENT statements fail with large server_id.
This is a usability bug, that makes the DBA life unnecessarily hard. The reason for having a large server_id is because a DBA might want to use the IP address as server ID, to make sure that there are unique IDs, and to have an easy way of identifying the server through the IP.
All is well until you mix the server_id assignment with event creation:

select version();
| version() |
| 5.1.32 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

set global server_id =inet_aton('');
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

select @@server_id;

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Something to know about the event scheduler and replication
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MySQL 5.1 has been GA for 4 months now, and I am sure that many people have been using the event scheduler.
There is something that you must know if you are using the event scheduler in a replicated environment.
The important thing to know is that, when you use the events in replication, by default the event is active on the master only. The event creation is replicated, but the event on the slaves is not active
The reference manual explains it in detail.
There are two things that you

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Sun Nordic Software Roadshow 2009
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Two down, one to go! Last week, I went to Gothenburg and Stockholm for the Sun Nordic Software Roadshow. This week, it’s Helsinki coming up.

These roadshows are a set of presentations and form an opportunity to interface with Sun customer and partners, and lots of MySQL users. It’s about MySQL, Glassfish, Open ESB, Open SSO and identity management.

For Gothenburg and Stockholm, the first keynoter

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Calendar of Open Source, IT, Industry-specific Events
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InitMarketing has made its calendar of world-wide conferences and trade fairs related to Free and Open Source Software, IT and specific industries available to the public.

It currently includes 122 events in 17 countries taking place in 2009. 43 of them in Germany, 69 in USA. We use this calendar when planing events for our customers, thus we’ll regularly update it. Please let us know of any events which are not on our radar yet by commenting to my blog or commenting at the bottom of the events page.

FOSDEM Sunday 13:15-14:15: Q&A on recent developments at Sun, MySQL Roadmap
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Given the changes announced this week, I have updated my original plans for my presentation on Sunday. I was going to talk about Social networking, but am now changing it to a very interactive Q&A session.

I expect people are asking themselves

  • What has changed?
  • What will happen now?
  • What are the consequences for the MySQL roadmap?
  • Are there other consequences for the MySQL community?

and I will attempt at answering these questions interactively during FOSDEM.

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FOSDEM: See you in Brussels on Sat-Sun 7-8.2.2009
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Like a number of other Sun people, whether MySQLers or not, I will travel to Brussels next weekend, for FOSDEM ‘09, an acronym which stands for the Free and Open Source Software Developer’s European Meeting.  

If you think you’re late in registering, or if you don’t have a budget, don’t worry. Entrance is free, and registration isn’t necessary. “Just come to the campus and enjoy the conference”, the FOSDEM site stresses.

As for MySQL, we have a developers room on Sunday as follows:

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On Open Source and Open Competition in a not-so-Open World
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Open Source is global in nature. You can develop a database in, say, Finland or Sweden, and become known in, say, Ukraine or the United States.

This would imply that Open Source knows no borders.

In practice, borders hamper Open Source work a lot. I have been familiar with the hassle involving MySQLers in Russia and the Ukraine trying to get Schengen (European Union) and US visas for meetings. And I have myself gone through a lot of hassle travelling to Russia and once even (out of my own stupidity and carelessness, though) been denied entry to India when I already was on Indira Gandhi airport in New Delhi.

But now, I’ve experienced what I had expected

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Q&A on MySQL 5.1
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Listening to Sheeri's presentation on MySQL 5.1, I saw that there are a few questions left unanswered. I am listing here some of the questions that I found interesting, plus a few from an early webinar on the same topic.

Q: does Partitioning physically split data?A: No. Some engines (MyISAM, Archive) do a physical split, but this is not necessary, as you see if you apply partitioning to a InnoDB table. Partitioning is a logical split of data, for easy retrieval. It is completely transparent to the user.Q: Can you set partitions to different servers?A: No. Partitions are logical parts of one table within one server. Partitioning through the Federated engine is not supported.Q: How efficient are Row-Based Replication operations compared to Statement based

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Back from Ukraine and Russia
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Now being back from last week’s trip to Ukraine and this week’s trip to Russia, it’s time for an overview.

MySQL was prominently present at both Sun events, the one in Kiev on 26.11.2008 and the one in Moscow last Tuesday 2.12.2008. It was good to discuss with local Sun guys, and to meet MySQL community people and colleagues in both places.

The two first pictures in this post are from the community event at a university of economy in Moscow.

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