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Thoughts about working in a distributed organization
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I've been working in a fully distributed work environment for almost 8 years now (I joined MySQL AB in April, 2002). Therefore I've been reading Toni Schneider's blog post about the "5 reasons why your company should be distributed" with great interest – he raised several points that I fully agree with and which I covered in my talks about "Working for a virtual company - how we do it at MySQL" at last year's next09 conference (slides, video) and at

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Iceland: An experience
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We planned for a company meeting to be in Iceland, with just about a month’s notice. You can do that, when you’re a fairly small company. Having been back from London during the winter, where it was snowing in the New Year, I was not exactly jumping high to visit Iceland. Ice? Gasp.

It was not exactly easy to get to Iceland: KUL – SIN – FRA – CPH – KEF. Five countries, in a little over a day (would have been about it, had it not been due to a delayed flight from Copenhagen — seemed that the plane was snowed in from Iceland). Upon getting my boarding pass for the last leg, I was asked by the SAS

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The Sun sets
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I no longer work at MySQL/Sun Microsystems. So if you’ve sent any email to {colin|byte}, or {colin.charles|byte} in the last month, they’d silently have gone into /dev/null as I have not had access to my accounts. Don’t hesitate to resend them to if you’d like me to see them.

I’ve enjoyed my journey at MySQL, but it just seems like its time to move on. I haven’t left the MySQL community yet, though. In fact, I expect nothing but more active participation in it.

What’s next? I’m going to split my time between working on MariaDB, at Monty Program Ab, as well as Open Ocean Capital. I’ll work with Open Ocean portfolio companies Web of Trust and

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Sales Engineer Wanted
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Things are growing yet again at work and with it the number of people needed to keep things flowing smoothly. This time it’s the Sales Engineer team that needs a new person, working in the Baltimore/Washington area (our home office):


  • Provide exemplary pre-sales technical expertise through technical and product presentations, product demonstrations, pilot implementations, beta program administration, consistent communication, and on-going technical consultation.
  • Translate complex technical problems for non-technical clients as well as translating non-technical specifications into precise technical requirements.
  • Meet with clients to evaluate their current systems and needs and make recommendations for software and hardware and integration.
  • Travel approximately 30% in support of sales
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Just another day at the office…
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OQ Engineer Walter Heck working from Samara, Costa Rica

Life as a Location Independent Professional can be hard at times, and very good at others!

Hibernate Wars: The Query Cache Strikes Back
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Not so long ago, in a galaxy not very far away... a middle-aged programmer battled to free memory from the dark side of the hibernate query cache.  He was successful, or so it seemed. For the query cache memory problems had risen from the ashes -- stronger and more bloated than ever...

What's With All This Garbage?

We hit a case at work ( (again), where the java server process came to a grinding halt.  It wasn't dead, it just wasn't making much forward progress either.  A quick look at the heap stats showed we were nearly at capacity and that garbage collection was eating all CPU time, thus not allowing any real work to happen.  Looks like it is time to whip out the ol' memory profiler.  This time I went with Eclipse's Memory

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Database Sharding at Netlog, with MySQL and PHP
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This article accompanies the slides from a presentation on database sharding. Sharding is a technique used for horizontal scaling of databases we are using at Netlog. If you’re interested in high performance, scalability, MySQL, php, caching, partitioning, Sphinx, federation or Netlog, read on …

This presentation was given at the second day of FOSDEM 2009 in Brussels. FOSDEM is an annual conference on open source software with about 5000 hackers. I was invited by Kris Buytaert and Lenz Grimmer to give a talk in the MySQL Dev

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We’re Hiring Again
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I’ve said before that Message Systems is the best place I’ve worked so far, and we’re looking for more people to join the team.

We’re looking for the following roles:

If you think

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Why Ruby (and Rails) is Awesome
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I was invited to give a short introduction to Ruby on Rails at Tech Meetup in Edinburgh a couple of days ago. I’d been racking my brain for days on what to talk about — 15 minutes is too short for me to give a meaningful introduction to Rails — and eventually settled on telling a few stories.

The slides don’t make much sense on their own, so I’ve included the “script” of what I talked about too. I deviated quite a bit from the script as I got into it, so hopefully I should be able to provide audio (or, dread the thought, maybe even video) of the talk in due course.


I’m Graeme. I’m the Managing Director of Rubaidh Ltd, and have been developing Ruby on Rails applications professionally for 3 years now.

Telling Stories

To be honest, I didn’t know what

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Conversation with Lenz Grimmer
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You can read my conversation with Lenz Grimmer or look at other interviews conducted by the MySQL community team. 
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