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Fetching rows as dictionaries with MySQL Connector/Python
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This post describes how to make a custom cursor returning rows as dictionaries using MySQL Connctor/Python v0.2 (or later).

Problem: you want to fetch rows from the database and return them as a dictionary with keys being the column names.

First, lets check how you would do it without any custom cursor.

cnx = mysql.connector.connect(host='localhost',database='test')
cur = cnx.cursor()
cur.execute("SELECT c1, c2 FROM t1")
result = []
columns = tuple( [d[0].decode('utf8') for d in cur.description] )
for …
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MySQL Connector/Python 0.2-devel available
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Next development release v0.2.0 of MySQL Connector/Python is available for download and testing. We still don’t recommend to use it in production: it is not beta or GA yet, but we are getting there.

Bug reports and feature requests are welcome through the Launchpad bug tracking tool.


  • .executemany() now optimizes INSERT statements using the MySQL
    multiple row syntax.
  • Setting sql_mode and …

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Scribd is Hiring (I’m Looking for an Operations Engineer to Join My Team)
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Scribd is a top 100 site on the web and one of the largest sites built using Ruby on Rails. As one of the first rails sites to reach scale, we’ve built a lot of infrastructure and solved a lot of challenges to get Scribd to where it is today. We actively try to push the envelope and have contributed substantial work back to the open source community.

Scribd has an agile, startup culture and an unusually close working relationship between engineering and ops. You’ll regularly find cross-over work at Scribd, with ops people writing …

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Cool Web Designer is Looking for Work
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My wife – a good web designer with 6 years of experience with web design, HTML and CSS is looking for a job. Here is some information about her:

We’re physically located in Toronto, Canada, but she has a …

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Introduction to memcached
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These are the slides to a talk I did earlier this week for students of the professional bachelor in ICT course at KaHo St. Lieven. I wanted to give a clear and simple introduction to the memcached service, as I think it’s an invaluable tool in today’s web development.

Thoughts about working in a distributed organization
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I've been working in a fully distributed work environment for almost 8 years now (I joined MySQL AB in April, 2002). Therefore I've been reading Toni Schneider's blog post about the "5 reasons why your company should be distributed" with great interest – he raised several points that I fully agree with and which I covered in my talks about "Working for a virtual company - how we do it at MySQL" at last year's …

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Iceland: An experience
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We planned for a company meeting to be in Iceland, with just about a month’s notice. You can do that, when you’re a fairly small company. Having been back from London during the winter, where it was snowing in the New Year, I was not exactly jumping high to visit Iceland. Ice? Gasp.

It was not exactly easy to get to Iceland: KUL – SIN – FRA – CPH – KEF. Five countries, in a little over a day (would have been about it, had it not been due to a delayed flight from …

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The Sun sets
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I no longer work at MySQL/Sun Microsystems. So if you’ve sent any email to {colin|byte}, or {colin.charles|byte} in the last month, they’d silently have gone into /dev/null as I have not had access to my accounts. Don’t hesitate to resend them to if you’d like me to see them.

I’ve enjoyed my journey at MySQL, but it just seems like its time to move on. I haven’t left the MySQL community yet, though. In fact, I expect nothing but more active participation in it.

What’s next? I’m going to split my time between working on MariaDB, at Monty Program …

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Sales Engineer Wanted
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Things are growing yet again at work and with it the number of people needed to keep things flowing smoothly. This time it’s the Sales Engineer team that needs a new person, working in the Baltimore/Washington area (our home office):


  • Provide exemplary pre-sales technical expertise through technical and product presentations, product demonstrations, pilot implementations, beta program administration, consistent communication, and on-going technical consultation.
  • Translate complex technical problems for non-technical clients as well as translating non-technical specifications into precise …
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Just another day at the office…
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OQ Engineer Walter Heck working from Samara, Costa Rica

Life as a Location Independent Professional can be hard at times, and very good at others!

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