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how to archive Terabytes of data in few seconds
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If table is partitioned it makes it easy to maintain. Table has grown so huge and the backups are just keep running long then probably you need to think of archival or purge.

Purge the data if you don't want data from old partitions just by doing truncate or drop of those partitions which completes momentarily without locking the table for a long time

Archival can be done couple of ways.
We can take mysqldump (preferably from a slave) with a where condition to filter out the data you don't want to copy. And then import the dump file to archive database. check this link out for mysqldump with …

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Helping make MySQL better
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My peers have been very busy the past few years helping to make MySQL better for web-scale deployments. Much of this effort is also good for deployments that aren't web-scale. Join us at Percona Live 2015 to learn more.

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Getting started guide for OpenStack contributors
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So you want to contribute to OpenStack? I can help!

For the last year or so I have been involved with OpenStack and more specifically the Trove (DBaaS) project as sort of an ambassador for Percona, contributing bits of knowledge, help and debugging wherever I could and thought I would share some of my experience with others that wanted to get involved with OpenStack development, documentation, testing, etc. Getting started with OpenStack contributions is also the idea behind my talk next month at …

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MariaDB Galera Cluster: A Quirk of Bootstrapping
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Wed, 2015-03-18 10:55geoff_montee_g

MariaDB Galera Cluster is part of the easily deployed High Availability product MariaDB Enterprise Cluster. This blog raises a question about the behaviour of the bootstrapping method.

Old Bootstrapping Method

When Galera was first released, the usual method used to bootstrap a cluster was to set wsrep_cluster_address to 'gcomm://'. With no other node addresses specified in …

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Top 5 JavaScript tools you shouldn’t be without
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JavaScript has emerged in the past couple years as the de facto expression of next generation web technologies, and a critical component of HTML5 technologies – along with CSS and JQuery. JavaScript is really ubiquitous – it really is showing up everywhere! There are many other reasons why JavaScript and JS-based tools are becoming the wave of the future. JavaScript is the  …

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InnoDB Full-Text: MeCab Parser
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In addition to our general CJK support, as detailed in this blog post, we’ve also added a MeCab parser. MeCab is a Japanese morphological analyzer, and we now have a full-text plugin parser based on it!

How Would I Use It?

  1. Set the mecab_rc_file option …
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Understanding when EXPLAIN is not using an index as intended
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When reading a MySQL Query Execution Plan (QEP) produced by the EXPLAIN command, generally one of the first observations is to validate an index is being used per table (i.e. per row of output). In MySQL, this is observed with the key column.

In the following two simple single table examples we see the use of the PRIMARY key. To the untrained eye this may lead to assume that the right index is being used.

Example 1

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MySQL QA Episode 1: Bash/GNU Tools & Linux Upskill & Scripting Fun
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MySQL QA Episode #1: Bash/GNU Tools & Linux Upskill & Scripting Fun

This episode consists of 13 parts, and an introduction. See videos below

In HD quality (set your player to 720p!)


Part 1: echo, ls, cp, rm, vi, cat, df, du, tee, cd, clear, uname, date, time, cat, mkdir

Part 2: find, wc, sort, shuf, tr, mkdir, man, more

Part 3: Redirection, tee, stdout, stderr, /dev/null, cat

Part 4: Vars, ‘ vs “, $0, $$, $!, screen, chmod, chown, export, set, whoami, sleep, …

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MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine and JSONPath
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MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine allows to access a JSON file as if it was a local table. The mapping between a hierarchical structure and a relational structure is not ‘natural’ and needs to be defined. To achieve that we need a specific syntax. We associate with each column a ‘field_format’ attribute. This ‘field_format’ column attribute [...]

MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.12.0 has been released
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MySQL Enterprise Backup team is excited to announce the new release of MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) 3.12.0.

 MEB 3.12.0 focuses on enhancing the capabilities of the product that would be very useful to the database administrators.

New functionality added

Support for Open Stack Object Storage

In the last release of MEB, we added cloud support of Amazon S3 to do backups and restore from MEB. Now in MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.12.0, we have added cloud backup and restore using OpenStack Object Storage ("Swift") 1.0.
Authentication can be handled either through Swift's …

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