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OmniSQL – Massively Parallel Query Execution
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A few years ago, I wrote the original OmniSQL as a Perl script to automate the execution of queries across many MySQL servers and, in some cases, provide basic aggregation functionality. Shortly after that time, Justin Swanhart released Shard-Query and Domas Mituzas released pmysql, so OmniSQL was retired.

I’m a daily user of pmysql; indeed, we run a heavily patched version. Lately, I find myself needing to extend the functionality even more than we’ve already done. After a bit of evaluation, I …

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Group Replication — an Overview
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Within the MySQL team, we’re extremely excited about Group Replication! More and more of our users are also starting to become aware of this exciting feature–which offers native synchronous replication with support for multi-master or active/active update-anywhere replication clusters. Our developers and users alike are eager to see easy, native HA come to MySQL!…

Experimental Percona Docker images for Percona Server
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Docker is incredibly popular tool for deploying software, so we decided to provide a Percona Docker image for both Percona Server MySQL and Percona Server for MongoDB.

We want to create an easy way to try our products.

There are actually some images available from, but these images are provided by Docker itself, not from Percona.

In our images, we provide all the varieties of storage engines …

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FromDual.en: FromDual Ops Center for MySQL and MariaDB 0.3 has been released
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FromDual has the pleasure to announce the release of the new version 0.3 of the FromDual Ops Center for MySQL and MariaDB.

The FromDual Ops Center for MySQL and MariaDB (focmm) is an application for DBA's and system administrators to manage MySQL and MariaDB database farms.

The main task of Ops Center is to support you in your daily MySQL and MariaDB operation tasks.

More information about FromDual Ops Center you can find …

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New and old ways to emulate CHECK constraints, DOMAIN
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Correctness of data comes in different forms. One is referential integrity, also known as foreign keys. Another is CHECK constraints. While MySQL supports foreign keys, it doesn’t support CHECK constraints. Today we will look at three ways to emulate them:

  • triggers
  • views
  • generated columns (new in MySQL 5.7)

This is also relevant to another SQL feature: DOMAIN, which, in short, is a user-defined type …

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Looking for the smallest possible MySQL Footprint
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MySQL is known and famous for it’s simplicity and small size, especially compared to other RDBMSs. But what if you want to deploy on tiny hardware? I mean something even smaller than RaspberryPi?I tested three steps to make the MySQL footprint as small as possible. All my tests were compiled for Oracle Linux 7 on x64 platform. I did not test any ARM cross compile. And these are the steps:

  1. Compile my own binary
  2. Remove all unnecessary tools/files
  3. Strip symbol information from binary

Let’s take a closer look at the tree steps.
Compile my own binaryMySQL is available as a source release. …

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MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) and Oracle Storage Cloud
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MEB 3.12.0 and above support cloud backup and restore using OpenStack-compatible object stores ("Swift"). This allows MySQL database users with Oracle Storage Cloud account to take backups and store them directly in the cloud and restore them from there.

The following steps illustrate how to set up and use MEB with Oracle Storage Cloud :

1) Create Oracle Storage Cloud account at . Once service gets activated, make a note of the following credentials that will be required in further steps :

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Recent release of MariaDB 10.1.11 contains two new authentication plugins
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Mon, 2016-02-01 20:39wlad

The recent release of MariaDB 10.1.11 contains two new authentication plugins:

Named pipe plugin

This plugins works only if user logs in using named pipe. It uses the operating system's username of currently logged on user running the client program. The plugin mirrors functionality of the already existing Unix socket authentication plugin on Windows.

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VividCortex Now Available for Windows
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We're excited to announce that VividCortex support for Windows is now available! With VividCortex, Windows users can benefit from the first unified suite of performance monitoring tools specifically designed for today's large-scale, polyglot persistence tier. 

We know that Windows support is vital for many large organizations with sweeping, established systems. Now, government, health care, university, and finance organizations who rely on Windows can employ the powerful insight of VividCortex.

With features including 1-second granularity, behavior-based monitoring, chat-integration, and custom dashboards, VividCortex …

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Extend MySQL Master HA (MHA) capabilities with MHA Helper
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I have used many tools starting with MMM to be able to manage MySQL replication clusters. Some of the tools require additional tools and complex HA solutions such as Pacemaker and Corosync, or Zookeeper. While other tools do not do the failover well which leaves the slaves in an inconsistent state, MMM would be an example. And I must say that of all the tools I love MySQL Master HA (MHA) the most. MHA is a great tool to manage MySQL replication clusters for the purpose of HA. The most important thing about MHA is that it tries to take...

The post …

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