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MariaDB/MySQL: ON REPLACE triggers
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There are several reasons why, generally, in MySQL/MariaDB one should not use REPLACE as a shortcut for SELECT + (UPDATE or INSERT). One of these reasons is the way REPLACE fires triggers. Of course it does not fire UPDATE triggers, and there is no such thing as a REPLACE trigger; DELETE and INSERT triggers are fired instead. What is not obvious is the order in which REPLACE activates triggers (UPDATE: this beavior was undocumented; I documented it …

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Log Buffer #442: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs
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This Log Buffer Edition collects and then showers around some of the information-rich blog posts from Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


  • Generic Java Server for Static content and Directory Listing using API mode or command line mode.
  • OEM agents on each host upload data to your management servers every few minutes.
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ARIN Reaches IPv4 Depletion | Team ARIN
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ARIN is the American Registry for Internet Numbers, the organisation that hands out the blocks IP addresses.

Each region has its own, for instance Australia/Pacific has APNIC. Naturally, they work very closely together.

Open Query can assist you with planning and deployment of IPv6 capabilities on your front-end servers, as well as at the back-end if you wish. Not all hosting providers support IPv6, but many good ones do. MySQL/MariaDB can operate in a native IPv6 or dual stack environment. Open Query enabled its own front-end servers for …

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Selecting Queries for Optimization
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Query optimization can feel like an overwhelming task. Where to start? In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to select which queries you really should optimize. This is a step that’s often skipped, but shouldn’t be! Why is selecting the right queries to optimize so important? There are several reasons.

Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish. Look at the forest, not just the trees, and optimize globally, not locally. If you’re optimizing a query that never causes a user-visible problem, doesn’t impact other queries, and doesn’t significantly load servers, you might be “optimizing” things that don’t matter, spending more money …

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Oracle HA, DR, data warehouse loading, and license reduction through edge apps
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Database replication is vital enterprise technology but is dominated by inflexible, high-cost incumbents, especially in the case of Oracle. This webinar-on-demand introduces VMware Continuent replication and shows how it solves database replication problems in environments from bare metal to clouds. 

We introduce exciting new Oracle replication improvements that allow users to apply VMware

Easy Load-balancing and High-availability using MySQL Router
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The newest member of the MySQL family, the MySQL Router, was released on just a few days ago. In the two previous posts, you could see what kind of features that are currently available as well as how to compile and install the MySQL Router.…

A new name and a wider scope for South America's favourite MySQL-related conference
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Next November I'll once again take the ferry to my neighbour city of Buenos Aires to enjoy two days of learning, networking, and presenting, at DataOps LA 2015, the first incarnation of what used to be the MySQL, NoSQL, Cloud Conference organized by BinLogic in Buenos Aires.

When hosting data on Amazon turns bloodsport
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There’s a strong trend to automation across the cloud. That’s a great thing for startups because it reduces operational headaches & lets them focus on building products. Join 31,000 others and follow Sean Hull on twitter @hullsean. But as that trend begins to touch the database tier, all sorts of complications emerge. Let’s take a … Continue reading When hosting data on Amazon turns bloodsport →

MySQL 5.7 Labs — Using Loopback Fast Path With Windows 8/2012
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TCP Loopback fast path

In Windows 8 and Windows server 2012, Microsoft introduced a new “TCP Loopback fast path” feature (see the Microsoft Technet article: Fast TCP Loopback Performance and Low Latency with Windows Server 2012 TCP Loopback Fast Path).…

Percona Benchmarks VividCortex's Performance Impact
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A few days ago Percona benchmarked our agents’ performance overhead in two extreme deployment scenarios. We engaged Percona to do this (on a paid basis) because of their sterling reputation for independent, objective third-party evaluations.


As you may know, I worked at Percona for nearly five years and participated in many of these paid evaluations myself. There is no one more highly qualified to evaluate a product’s performance than Vadim Tkachenko at Percona. I know because I worked closely with him to evaluate products including …

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