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Protecting CFD (and making more money as a MySQL DBA)
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No, this is not a blog about Computational Fluid Dynamics - my least favorite subject in college. This is about a more exciting (sorry mechanical engineers!) CFD: Customer Facing Data. This is the data that is typically available on the website of an organization that their customers interact with. CFD can range all the way from profiles of users on a social networking site such as Facebook to the customer information database of an e-commerce company such as Travelocity.

CFD represents today’s data protection challenge. Probably the biggest challenge while planning a backup solution for CFD is that it is very hard to figure out what to plan for. You might be starting with a very small database which might grow much more rapidly than what you think. If the data can be segmented based on users or some other characteristic,

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Highly Scalable MySQL Backups using Snapshots (ZFS or NetApp)
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We have been focusing on providing the best possible backup solution for following scenario: 100 GB+ of data stored in MySQL database, Transaction intensive workload (i.e. rapid rate of change of data), with a business requirement to be able to perform point-in-time restoration of the MySQL database. Oh, the solution also needs to take into account that the database can grow to 1TB or more very quickly.

For such a scenario, we believe that the best possible solution today is a combination of:

  • Storage level snapshots - a capability built into ZFS (Solaris), NetApp, LVM (Linux), VxFS, and VSS (Windows)
  • Transaction logs generated by MySQL
  • Point-and-click restore capability provided by Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL
  • Two reports came out today which go into nitty-gritty of above. First is a joint report written by NetApp

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    MySQL Backup and Recovery Training from Zmanda
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    Worried about Backup and Recovery of your MySQL Databases? MySQL Backup school from Zmanda provides hands on and in depth training on Backup and Recovery of MySQL. Just sign up and show up with your laptop. More information available here.

    Sun/MySQL to resell Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL
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    Today Sun and Zmanda announced our agreement to deliver a comprehensive, global data backup and recovery solution for MySQL Enterprise subscribers. Starting April 1st, MySQL Enterprise customers will be able to purchase ZRM for MySQL directly from Sun worldwide.

    I think Zack’s comment in the press release captures the rationale for the deal:

    “Protecting corporate data through effective backup and recovery is one of the most crucial tasks for a database administrator, and it can be a complex undertaking — especially for today’s large Web-scale applications,” said Zack Urlocker, VP of products, Sun Microsystems database group. “MySQL users have told us that global backup and recovery is very important to them, and we are thrilled that we can now offer ZRM for MySQL as an easy-to-use solution for protecting all of

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    Webinar: New Levels of Backup and Recovery for MySQL
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    Zmanda has introduced a new version of Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) which adds quite a few capabilities for MySQL users. Version 2.1 includes enhanced snapshot support that enables backup without application downtime or interruption to online data access. Version 2.1 also has global management of backups so that you can manage all your MySQL backup jobs from a single graphical console. You can now run the entire ZRM solution on Solaris as well as on Linux.

    Join us for an overview and a live demo of ZRM 2.1 on Thursday 3/20 at 10am PST. Click here to register.

    Zmanda Recovery Manager 2.1 - Keep those MySQL Databases Zipping
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    Today we announced a significant enhancement to our Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL product. Here are major highlights of this new version (2.1):

    End-to-end support for Solaris: We have had increasing number of requests from customers for supporting Solaris. While we always protected MySQL databases running on Solaris, we needed customers to run the ZRM core engine on a Linux box. Now we are able to run the ZRM core engine on Solaris itself. So a pure Solaris shop can use ZRM without getting a Linux server. The coinciding of this support with MySQL’s acquisition by Sun was not a planned thing

    Enhanced Snapshot support: One of the coolest features

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    Webcast - Enterprise Backup to Amazon S3
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    We are hosting a webcast this Wednesday to talk about backing up corporate data to Amazon?s Simple Storage Service (S3) using Amanda Enterprise. We will demonstrate live, how enterprise users can now use Amanda Enterprise to harness Amazon S3 for a complete data backup, archiving and disaster recovery solution. The webcast will take place on Wednesday February 27 at 10:00AM PST and will last about an hour, including a Q&A session at the end. We hope you can join us to discover a new & cost effective way to leverage online storage services such as Amazon S3 as a part of your corporate data protection strategy. Click here to register.

    Congratulations to Sun and MySQL
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    Congratulations to Marten and team on Sun’s acquisition of MySQL today! This is a billion dollar stamp of approval on the importance of the LAMP stack. This also gives another strong backing to the business model which involves giving one’s software away for free to up to 99+% of users!

    This announcement comes at an interesting time for Zmanda. Just last week we announced support for the Solaris platform for our Amanda Enterprise product line. With our industry leading MySQL backup solution, we now have full coverage of operating systems and database software from the new Sun!

    A great day for open source software and business of open source software!

    Webinar Q & A: MySQL Backup Techniques for the Oracle DBA
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    We presented a webinar along with MySQL last week. The topic was MySQL Backup from the perspective of an Oracle DBA. We got some really good questions at the end of the webinar. Here is a transcript of Q&A:

    Q from Trey: Will this Webinar be available online for viewing later?

    A from MySQL: Yes. It will be on our site in a few days at

    Q from Randy: Is a copy of presentation available on web? Where?

    A from Zmanda : slides are available on Zmanda Network:

    Q from Jing: Converting database from oracle to MySQL, any limitation regards the version compatibility?

    A from MySQL: We provide a free GUI migration tool that helps migrate Oracle data objects to MySQL. For a complete and

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    Backup and Recovery Techniques for MySQL Database
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    If you are migrating your production environment to MySQL database or even thinking about it, you do not want to miss this webinar Experts from Zmanda and MySQL will present various methods to backup MySQL database and correlate them with tools and terminology you may be familiar with in other databases, including Oracle.

    A good pre-read for this webinar would be Paddy’s blog on online MySQL Backup


    Chander Kant, CEO, Zmanda

    Robin Schumacher, Director Product Management, MySQL


    MySQL Backup Techniques for the Oracle DBA (web presentation)


    Thursday, December 13, 2007, 10:00 am PDT, 1:00 pm EDT, 18:00 GMT
    The presentation will be approximately 45 minutes long followed by Q&A.

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