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Tech Messages | 2011-01-04
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A special extended edition of Tech Messages for 2010-12-22 through 2011-01-04:

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MySQL 5.5 GA launchd issues with Snow Leopard
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I did a clean install on my Macbook Pro this morning, part of the clean install means, re-downloading things like MySQL.

When I installed it, I noticed that the pref-pane wouldn’t start MySQL. Even when it asked for my admin password. I thought maybe it was a boot up issue, so I rebooted, and got an error telling me that the permissions for the start up item were in secure.

Here’s what I did to debug/fix the problem.

  • Change permission of /Library/StartupItems/MySQLCOM/MySQLCOM
  • edit /usr/local/mysql/support-files/mysql.server and edited line 46 and 47 to say
chown -R root:wheel /Library/StartupItems/MySQLCOM

[content_box style="yellow-box" title="Edit mysql.server file"]

There is already a bug filed for this..

How to test your WordPress Cache
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How I lost 30 pounds in 2010 – a weight loss guide for developers

Posted on December 30th, 2010 in blog, personal, zippykid.

2010 was a great year for me, I started a new company, and it’s been profitable since month 2, I closed my consulting company, and most importantly, I lost 30 pounds, and am more mobile/agile than I was in college. I’m 32 and I feel better than I did when I was 24. I’ve talked [...]

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How to make WordPress faster without the use of a plugin
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When it comes to web page load time, she should always say “wow, that was fast”.

A Quick update based on Frederick’s comment below

** Please do not take these tips as THE answer, this is a complement, not a replacement. I have purposely not given specifics on how to configure anything, or what value to set, because I don’t want people copy pasting things, and then having their site crashing. Regarding mod_pagespeed, I said it’s the most bang for OUR buck.. it’s not recommended in production, nor do we have it on for everyone else. **.

Webpage load time is getting more and more important these days, if you go into

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On HTML Sanitization, What, Why, How
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This is a very good article discussing the different HTML Sanitizers available in the PHP community, what they mean, and the general state of things. Even the WordPress sanitizer (Kses) is included in this review. I really recommend you read this before you start building your own mini cms.

How to: rotate wordpress posts into headline/feature status
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If you’re using the new Arthemia theme for WordPress you might notice that there are two areas of the theme that can have articles promoted to; namely Headline and Featured sections. This is controlled by category association. Basically you have a post and if you want it in the Headline area of the theme you attach the category “headline” to it, similarly for the featured section. Now, let’s say you don’t want to manually change this all the time since it can be time consuming to promote posts to those categories if you want rotating content.

Here’s a simple solution. In this bash script I connect to MySQL and remove the current associations from posts and then randomly choose posts to be promoted to the Headline and Featured categories. This can be

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451 CAOS Links 2010.07.27
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New projects. Old arguments. And more.

Follow 451 CAOS Links live @caostheory on Twitter and Identi.ca
“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

New projects
# Gemini Mobile Technologies released Hibari, a new open source non-relational database for big data.

# Lockheed Martin launched the Eureka Streams open source project for enterprise social networking.

# Sony Pictures Imageworks expanded its open source initiative with the release of OpenColorIO.

Old arguments
# Kirk Wylie discussed the importance of natural split in open core

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451 CAOS Links 2010.07.16
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SugarCRM. Funding for EnterpriseDB and Morphlabs. Even more core. And more

Follow 451 CAOS Links live @caostheory on Twitter and Identi.ca
“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

# OStatic asked whether SugarCRM has violated open source principles.

# Larry Augustin clarified SugarCRM’s approach to open source and openness.

# Savio Rodrigues advised anyone considering SugarCRM not to get hung-up on source code availability.

Funding round
# EnterpriseDB has reportedly raised $7.5m of a planned $12m round of funding.

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Installing Wordpress on Oracle Enterprise Linux LAMP stack
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A company blog can be easily configured in under 10 minutes using Wordpress, a popular open source LAMP product that runs a reported 12+ million blogs including those found at CNN, NY Times, Wall Street Journal (WSJ), ZDNet, MTV, People Magazine, Playstation and eBay.

A company blog is a great way for the dissemination of information to your user base as well as enabling a means of user feedback via comments.

The following steps show you how to download, configure and get your Wordpress blog operational.

Software Pre-Requisites

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Speed Up Your Wedding Photography Website in less than 5 minutes.
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If you have a wedding photography website, more than likely you want to showcase your work, or the work of your colleagues. You want to do this, without putting up low quality pictures, nor do you want to make your visitors wait 20 seconds before the page loads. Here are two plugins I use for my clients to help with this.

  • The Smush.it plugin. This plugin compresses your image using the Smush.it API from Yahoo!, I’ve used it to reduce a page size from 3MB to 1.3MB, which meant that visitors were able to see the site faster, and appreciate the photographs rather than their internet connection.
  • W3 Total Cache : This is a fairly advanced plugin that makes your site use MySQL less, and also helps you off load things onto a content delivery
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How To Diagnose And Fix Incorrect Post Comment Counts In WordPress
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If your WordPress comment counts got messed up, whether because of a plugin (I'm talking about you, DISQUS) or you messed with your database manually and did something wrong (yup, that's what I just did), fear not – I have a solution for you.

But first, a little background.

Comment Counts In WordPress

Here's how comment counts work in WP:

  • Posts live in a table called wp_posts and each has an ID.
  • Comments reside in a table called wp_comments, each referring to an ID in wp_posts.
  • However, to make queries faster, the comment count is also cached in the wp_posts table, rather than getting calculated on every page load.
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Liveblogging at Confoo: [not just] PHP Performance by Rasmus Lerdorf
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Most of this stuff is not PHP specific, and Python or Ruby or Java or .NET developers can use the tools in this talk.

The session on joind.in, with user comments/feedback, is at http://joind.in/talk/view/1320.

Slides are at http://talks.php.net/show/confoo10

“My name is Rasmus, I’ve been around for a long time. I’ve been doing this web stuff since 1992/1993.”

“Generally performance is not a PHP problem.” Webservers not config’d, no expire headers on images, no favicon.

Tools: Firefox/Firebug extension called YSlow (developed by yahoo) gives you a grade on your site.

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451 CAOS Links 2010.01.25
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WordPress Foundation formed. Reaction to Oracle-Sun approval. And more.

WordPress Foundation formed
# Matt Mullenwag launched the WordPress Foundation.

Reaction to Oracle-Sun’s EC approval

# In a memo Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz encouraged the company’s employees to emotionally resign from Sun.

# EnterpriseDB and PostgreSQL co-founder Bruce Momjian issued a statement on the EC’s decision to approve Oracle-Sun.

# Mike Hogan

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Follow-up To Loading CSS And JS Conditionally
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First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who read and gave their 2 cents about the [WordPress Plugin Development] How To Include CSS and JavaScript Conditionally And Only When Needed By The Posts post. The article was well received and will hopefully spark some optimizations around loading styles and scripts.

Here are some discussions and mentions around the web:

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How To Fix Intermittent MySQL Errcode 13 Errors On Windows
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The Problem

I've had MySQL on my Windows 7 laptop for a bit (as part of wampserver), mostly for local offline WordPress development.

However, even though MySQL is relatively stable, I've been observing a vast quantity of intermittent MySQL errors, as reported by WordPress in the PHP error log (C:\wamp\logs\php_error.log). Here are some examples:

[05-Jan-2010 09:47:51] WordPress database error Error on delete of
'C:\Windows\TEMP\#sql17e0_1a2_6.MYD' (Errcode: 13) for query SELECT t.*, tt.*
FROM wp_terms AS t INNER JOIN wp_term_taxonomy AS tt ON tt.term_id = t.term_id
INNER JOIN wp_term_relationships AS tr ON tr.term_taxonomy_id =
tt.term_taxonomy_id WHERE tt.taxonomy IN
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Four short links: 10 December 2009
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  • Scriblio -- open source CMS and catalogue built on WordPress, with faceted search and browse. (via titine on Delicious)
  • Useful Temporal Functions and Queries -- SQL tricksies for those working with timeseries data. (via mbiddulph on Delicious)
  • Optimal Starting Prices for Negotiations and Auctions --Mind Hacks discussion of a research paper on whether high or low initial prices lead to higher price outcomes in negotiations and online auctions. Many negotiation books recommend waiting for the other side to offer first. However, existing
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    451 CAOS Links 2009.07.31
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    When open source goes bad. Is open source a success or failure? And more.

    Follow 451 CAOS Links live @caostheory on Twitter and Identi.ca
    “Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

    When open source goes bad

    The H reported on the apparent turmoil at the CentOS project, while Jay Lyman offered the CAOS perspective. Meanwhile Slashdot reported that Alan Cox has quit as Linux TTY subsystem maintainer.

    Success or failure?
    Danny Windham, Digium CEO, responded to Peter Yared’s

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    RethinkDB all the rage today
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    RethinkDB is all the rage today, as its a Y Combinator funded startup, which also launched a developer pre-alpha today. So what is RethinkDB you ask? Yet-another-MySQL-storage-engine, that’s what. But this time, its tuned for solid-state drives (SSDs), which also happen to be all the rage these days.

    Anyway, check them out more, and the materials currently tell me that they’re using append-only algorithms, which allow for live schema changes and hot backups, with instantaneous recovery from power failure. Those are just some of the exciting bits.

    What didn’t excite me so much was the fact that you were only getting 32-bit or 64-bit Linux binaries, built against MySQL 5.1.31 and you’ll just

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    Securing Wordpress
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    A couple of  weeks ago I got an unhappy email from my web hosting provider telling me I was in violation of their Terms of Service. Of course I called them immediately and was told that there was a “phishing page” hidden in one of my web directories. My blog had been hacked, so I immediately started doing some house cleaning.

    After the initial once over and deletion of any suspicious files I went looking for advice on how to “harden my installation”. Here’s what I found:

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    Cleaning up Wordpress comment tables
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    In Montreal with Dups and Kaj, we were looking at a number of technical problems, and each one of you got something valuable from the meeting.
    One of Kaj's problems was a collection of Wordpress blogs infested by spam. Kaj has done something already but the situation was critical. Before applying Akismet to his comments, he needed to cleanup the majority of the spam in same easy way.

    It is not rocket science, really, but it needs some care in the implementation.
    The comment

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    SELECTing SELECT statements for Wordpress MU blogging statistics
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    Sometimes I miss the coding I did last century. Today I was reminded of some of the fun, when I had set my mind to doing some statistics on my blogging.

    In a blog entry on http://blogs.arno.fi/isit/2009/05/14/home-made-blog-statistics-from-wordpress-mu/ I describe what I did.

    The blog entry may be of interest for those who use WordPress and are set back by the huge amounts of tables it generates. I happen to host 18 blogs and with each blog requiring 8 tables,

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    Post by Email
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    Have you ever wanted to fire off a post from your phone, Blackberry, Outlook at work…? Following on from Comment Reply Via Email we’re introducing our latest feature to make it even easier to publish to your blog: Post by Email.

    Maybe you’re on holiday and want to show your journey. Maybe you’ve captured something with your cell phone that you just have to share. Maybe you’re at work and should be doing something else. With Post by Email you can keep everyone up-to-date without even opening a browser.

    Post by Email is super simple to use. From the new My Blogs menu you can generate special email addresses:

    You can create as many email addresses as you

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    Barry Abrahamson, talks about Wordpress.com technicals
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    While at the MySQL Conference, I caught up with Barry Abrahamson, the systems wrangler/de-facto DBA behind Wordpress.com (and all other Automattic properties). Watch the video.

    You probably already know that Wordpress itself is built on top of MySQL. And despite everything you might have heard about our (MySQL/Sun’s) new founders, Wordpress is MySQL today, and for the foreseeable future. Anyway, I digress.

    Wordpress.com has about 70 million tables, and tens of thousands of blogs. Large amount of tables,

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    Measuring the popularity of the Percona MySQL build
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    I have a Google Alert on “percona”. (And many other things — great way to keep tabs on competitors, what people are saying about you, etc.)

    I’ve been seeing increasing amounts of this type of thing:

    MySQL server version: 5.0.67-percona-3 CATEGORY QUERY: SELECT wp_term_taxonomy.count as ‘count’, wp_terms.term_id, wp_terms.name, wp_terms.slug, wp_term_taxonomy.parent, wp_term_taxonomy.description FROM wp_terms, wp_term_taxonomy WHERE …

    Go to the page in question (sorry, I won’t link it) and you don’t see “percona” anywhere on it. View the source and you do. It’s WordPress debugging output.

    I’m glad to see the anecdotal evidence of more and more active use of the

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    Picasa Web: Sharing pictures, in particular for blogs
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    Yesterday, I started my sporadic series of blog posts where I share my experiences improving my online manners through social networking websites, many of which are powered by MySQL. My first target was the traveller site Dopplr, and this time, it’s Google’s picture sharing site Picasa Web.

    My starting point is the same: “Everyone else” among colleagues and friends was there long before me, and I feel like a latecomer. I want to go in, do what seems to be the right thing, and share the observations I had. And everything within the time constraint of not being able to do a full evaluation, as I obviously have other things to do as well.

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    Three steps to stopping blog comment spam
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    This is part knowledge share, part appeal: fellow bloggers, I’d comment a lot more on your blogs (and I want to!) if I could. Please, make it easy for me to comment — don’t make me log in (I won’t do it) or moderate me. I’ve found a solution that works really well [...]
    RSS Feed has been fixed
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    Because of some weird bug my RSS feeds were broken ever since I’ve upgraded to WP 2.5. Today they were fixed and I hope they’ll have some new posts there soon Stay tuned.

    mod_auth_mysql patched to work with phpass
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    Do you use mod_auth_mysql, the Apache module that allows authentication of users to happen through a MySQL database?

    If so, the nice folk at Automattic (makers of fine blogging software like Wordpress) have released a patched version that works with phpass.

    With this, you can now have single sign on (SSO), with authentication against a WordPress blog (or bbPress forum). Note that WordPress (in 2.5 and later), doesn’t use MD5 hashes to store passwords any longer; instead they are salted and hashed with the phpass library. The Automattic folk use this to provide SSO for Trac and Subversion.


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    I moved this blog to pairLite with zero downtime, and it was easy
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    Did you notice that I moved this blog from pair Networks to pairLite hosting?

    Probably not, unless you check the DNS of xaprb.com regularly!

    Don’t you hate it when people say “I’m moving my blog, I hope there won’t be more than a few days of downtime, blah blah…” Why is this ever necessary, I wonder? I wonder the same thing about a lot of hosting providers — recently I had a client in my consulting practice whose (very large, well-known) hosting provider tried to help them with some very simple MySQL work and ended up causing them an obscene amount of downtime, like many many days, and there was no end in sight. As I spoke on the phone with him and asked him about his

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    Introducing wordpress-scripts 0.1 (0.2 out)
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    Update: I’ve been suffering some ungly and stupid bugs today, so I’ve fixed them and released version 0.2. It also includes a new script wp-update-home.

    I’ve just published some scripts that help me manage my personal wordpress installations, and publish some plugins I’m working on.

    Warning: these are early versions which I use for small tasks. If you find
    a bug or have suggestions, contact me at jbernal@warp.es

    Download version 0.1

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