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Rewriting the Creating a CRUD Application with PHP tutorial cycle: help wanted!
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I've been reworking the Creating a CRUD Application with PHP tutorials. The new version should be ready for 7.0 Beta 2 release. In the new version:

  • I replaced mysql functions with mysqli functions.
  • With the help of Christoper Jones, I've added OCI8 versions of the code for connecting to Oracle Database
  • I've fixed some old bugs and improved the tutorials overall.

In the course of this work, two things have come to my attention. These are two things that you can help with.

  • The title Creating a CRUD Application... is not very …
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MySQL Workbench: Manage MySQL on Windows Servers the Windows way
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The MySQL team has been continuously improving its products on the Windows platform. Along this line, we’ve responded to a request from our users of Workbench on Windows – to provide remote access to Windows Servers using Windows management methods – as an alternative  to SSH.

Managing a MySQL server obviously requires access to the target machine, which usually requires elevated rights for certain tasks like restarting the server or manipulating the configuration file on Windows (where this file is in a protected path). For local connections this is mostly not a big deal. However for remote boxes security measures prevent easy manipulation of such essential things like …

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MySQL Workbench: Introducing Utilities
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MySQL has the well earned reputation for ease-of-use and “15-minutes-to-success”, since we continually focus making the server easy to use. MySQL Workbench provides the visual tools for database design, development, and administration. However, many DBAs prefer using the command-line, and there are many tasks that require the creation scripts for doing the job.

To make it easier to work with the server, the latest release of the MySQL Workbench—version 5.2.31—contain a set of Python scripts intended to make the life easier for DBAs by providing easy-to-use utilities for common tasks, which were introduced in the blog MySQL …

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MySQL Workbench Plugin: Auto-Create Foreign Keys
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To automatically create Foreign Key relationships is a typical use case for developers working with the MyISAM storage engine. This has been a popular topic on the Blog and forums so we’re revisiting it here – with a new and improved plugin written in Python.

While the InnoDB storage engine supports foreign keys, MyISAM doesn’t, but developers often pick it for various reasons and leave the application to handle relationships itself. MySQL Workbench can be used to reverse engineer a database to a model to better visualize or maintain it. But since MyISAM doesn’t have foreign keys, databases that use it will be lacking a very important part of it’s structure in the diagrams. You can …

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Install, configure and run MySQL Cluster – demo video
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There is a new video available: Demonstration of installing, configuring and running MySQL Cluster (LINUX) to accompany the MySQL Cluster Quick Start guides. The Flash video video lasts for about 7 minutes.

If you aren’t able to view Flash on your device then a (poorer quality) version is included here – watch the Flash version if you’re able to!

Quick start guides: MySQL cluster in 10 minutes
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Scared of MySQL Cluster?
Don't be. You may want to try the quick start guides that are available in the Cluster downloads page.
These guides are a step-by-step instructions set to create a simple cluster in one host.
Following the instructions, you will be able to shape up all the cluster components in 10 minutes or less. This will be far from production ready, of course, but it shows that cluster …

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Videos of Pythian Sessions from the 2010 O’Reilly MySQL Conference and Expo
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Here’s a sneak peek at a video matrix — this is all the videos that include Pythian Group employees at the MySQL conference. I hope to have all the rest of the videos processed and uploaded within 24 hours, with a matrix similar to the one below (but of course with many more sessions).

Title Presenter Slides Video link
Details (Conf. site link)
Main Stage
Keynote: Under New Management: Next Steps for the Community Sheeri …
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Going to the O'Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo
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As I've been doing the last couple of years, I will be going to the O'Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo. In addition to the tutorial and the replication sessions that I will be holding together with Lars, I will be holding a session about the binary log together with Chuck from the Backup team which the Replication team normally works very close with.

This year, O'Reilly also have a Friend …

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MySQL Workbench 5.2 Beta Quick-Start Tutorial
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MySQL Workbench 5.2 introduces a lot of new functionality and therefore this short tutorial will help you to get started quickly.

The Home Screen

The most prominent new addition in respect to previous Workbench releases is the new Home Screen. It allows you to access the main features of Workbench in a nice and easy way and is divided into 4 parts.

The upper Workbench Central panel features a few Links and Action Buttons to quickly access common resources.

The lower Workspace panel shows the main feature sets, grouped horizontally.

  • SQL Development allows editing and execution of SQL queries and scripts, create or alter …
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Technical Webinars
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You want to use or to know more about Sun technologies? Join these Webinars to improve your knowledge and skills. You will be able to ask questions to Sun's experts.

  • Mercredi 10 Février : Securité pour les applications Web. Pour les startups du Web, la protection et la sécurisation de leurs applications, de leurs données, et de celles de leurs clients est un véritable facteur clé de succès.  Ce Webinar couvre les différents challenges liés à la sécurité ainsi que les solutions associées telles que l'encryption, l'authentification, les certificats, la sécurisation …

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