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Rewriting the Creating a CRUD Application with PHP tutorial cycle: help wanted!
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I've been reworking the Creating a CRUD Application with PHP tutorials. The new version should be ready for 7.0 Beta 2 release. In the new version:

  • I replaced mysql functions with mysqli functions.
  • With the help of Christoper Jones, I've added OCI8 versions of the code for connecting to Oracle Database
  • I've fixed some old bugs and improved the tutorials overall.

In the course of this work, two things have come to my attention. These are two things that you can help with.

  • The title Creating a CRUD Application... is not very …
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Cloud openness contemplated
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I caught some of the keynotes and discussion at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit today, and was particularly interested in the panel discussion on open source and cloud computing. While we are used to hearing and talking about how important open source software is to cloud computing (open source giving to cloud computing), moderator John Mark Walker posed the question of whether cloud computing gives back? The discussion also rightfully focused on openness in cloud computing, how open source might or might not translate to cloud openness and the importance of data to be …

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Is there a MySQL New feature request list anywhere?
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Since the time that I’ve been using MySQL I have filed quite a few bug reports. Some of these have been fixed and many of the bug reports are actually new feature requests. While working with MySQL Enterprise Monitor I’ve probably filed more feature requests than bug reports.

That’s fine of course and my opinion of what is needed in MySQL or Merlin is one thing,  yours or the MySQL developers is something else. We all have our own needs and find things missing which would solve our specific problems.

If I have ten feature requests open and only one could be added to the software I’d …

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New TokuDB 2.2.0 feature: more query progress information
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Last spring, we added a feature that allows the user to see the progress of writes in a statement. Vadim liked it. In 2.2.0, in “show processlist”, we add progress information on reads.

Here is an example of what “show processlist” displays on an update:

mysql> show processlist \G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
Id: 1
User: root
Host: localhost
db: test
Command: Query
Time: 7
State: Queried about 1576008 rows, Updated about 197000 rows
Info: update foo set a=9 where a=8

Here …

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MySQL features timeline
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I’ve begun a MySQL features timeline which is a quick reference showing as of what version MySQL features were added, changed or removed. The manual tells us this, of course, but I wanted a quicker reference. The list is far from complete as there’s a huge number of features to cover. I’ll continue to improve it and help is appreciated. Send me a quick email saying “feature x added/removed/changed as of version y” and I’ll do the rest. — If someone has already done this, please give me the url so I don’t reinvent the wheel.

MySQL University: New replication features in MySQL 5.1 and 6.0
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This Thursday (May 28th, 14:00 UTC), Lars Thalmann will give a MySQL University session on MySQL Replication: Walk-through of the new 5.1 and 6.0 features. (This session was originally scheduled for May 7th, but had to be put off due to technical problems. Apologies.) Lars is leading the replication and backup teams at MySQL, so this is one of the best opportunities to ask whatever questions you might have about new replication features in MySQL.

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Comment Reply via Email Improvements
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Since opening up the comment reply via email feature to everyone last month we’ve been continuing to improve it. Here are some of changes that have gone in during the last few weeks:

  • Better detection of email auto responders / vacation messages
  • Added a reminder to the bottom of comment notification emails about the reply via email feature
  • Vastly improved support for non-English character sets
  • Fixed a problem that some iPhone users were seeing
  • Improved email address …

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April Wrap-Up
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In April we introduced Instant Findability, TED video embeds, a springtime theme, a cool new domain, and reply-by-email for comments, now open to all. A pretty busy month, with more …

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Stats in your time zone
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When we sat down at an Austin cafe in 2005 and wrote the stats system, Matt and I had no idea what we were getting into. He created the databases and drew the little smiley face while I wrote the code. We had milk and cookies. It was really cute. We were naïve!

I swear it was Matt’s idea to store stats data as daily summaries in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), which is why stats days have always ended at odd hours for non-Greenwichians. But even if I seem blameless, I failed to champion your cause soon enough. It is even more my fault than Matt’s.

And so today I present a gift. If you have set your blog’s time zone, …

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Add YouTube and Polls to Comments
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Some of you may have noticed we’ve been experimenting with a new feature in comments here on, namely that you can now embed YouTube videos and PollDaddy polls directly in a comment.

Although shortcodes are great and we’ll continue to support and encourage them for comments the simplest possible interface seemed to be just a URL.

The URL is all you’ll need to include a YouTube video or PollDaddy poll. To try it out copy and paste the permalink for a video or a poll on PollDaddy Answers and put it on its own …

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