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MySQL User Groups: Facebook is not mandatory
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Several people commented on our last blog post or contacted us via our Twitter account, asking questions and raising concerns about migrating the MySQL user group organization to FaceBook. It seems like there is some confusion that we would like to address: you are not required to move to FaceBook. This was just a recommendation, you are of course free to choose whatever service you prefer to manage your MySQL user group. In fact, you are of course welcome to continue using for this! …

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Using Facebook Groups over
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We’ve had MySQL meetup’s organised thanks to for years now, and its sad to see the relationship end in about a fortnight. Never fret, because it seems that Facebook can do all that, and more.


If you’re the meetup organiser, and you checked the Members list, or even attempted to download it, you’ll be disappointed. You get a CSV file, with the name of the person, some other metadata, if they’re on the mailing list (chances is yes to all), and the URL of the member profile. What’s missing? An email address.

So while its nice to have a CSV copy of the member list, it …

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MySQL User Groups : migrating event management to Facebook
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For several years, MySQL User Groups have been organizing their meetings with, a service that simplifies event management. However, MySQL User group organizers received a surprise message from a few days ago.

We were all taken by surprise by Meetup's sudden announcement and allegation that MySQL "did not want to sponsor" the users groups, because there is a valid agreement between MySQL and The agreement is still in effect, ending on June 10, 2009.

Apparently, there was some …

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New Meetup Event in London
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If you live near London or in the South East, mark your calendars! A new meetup event is coming this week.

We will meet @6pm this Wednesday at:

The Lamb
94 Lambs Conduit St
WC1N 3LZ London

From MySQL, there will be Andrew Morgan, Mark Baker and myself.

As usual, there isn't a strict agenda, the main topic will probably be the outcome of the recent conferences in Santa Clara, the MySQL User Conference and the Percona Conference. We have lots of tech stuff to cover - Mysql 5.4, MySQL Cluster 7, Drizzle and Xtradb, just to mention few.

I hope to see you …

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Slides & photos of L.A. Meetup presentations of Sphinx, Mysql Sandbox & MySQL 5.1 rolling in
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We had a great meetup last night with Andrew Aksyonoff, Giuseppe Maxia and Sheeri Cabral. It was special to have so many top speakers all in one night. Here are the photos. Sheeri filmed the meetup and will have the … Continue reading →

Gurus show at the Los Angeles Meetup - April 17
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If you are in the Los Angeles area, you have two more chances to meet the MySQL gurus on their way to the the MySQL Conference.
Today at the USC, Sheeri and I will conclude the South California MySQL Campus Tour.

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MySQL Campus Tour - South California
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The MySQL Campus Tour got reinforcements.
Dups is not alone anymore. He is being joined by Colin and Farhan.
Sheeri and yours truly are in Los Angeles, just about to travel to San Luis Obispo, where we will be guests of …

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Slides are in for Franck Leveneur’s MySQL Stored Procedures presentation
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Franck Leveneur gave a nice tutorial on MySQL stored procedures and functions at Yahoo! on Tuesday and the slides are now in: HTML, PDF. Navicat and ZManda offered license and discounts to attendees, and since we didn’t have a bowl … Continue reading →

PHP Meetup @ Mahalo was great, MySQL tonight
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The Mahalo PHP Meetup was a lot of fun. Firstly, Sharon Levy had a great presentation with cool sound effects. That definitely gets your attention… It’s always good to watch the best techniques presenters use to engage the audience, and … Continue reading →

Powerpoint presentation of Facebook DBAs Chris Schneider & Kevin Knapp is now online
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We had a great turnout for the Scaling MySQL Meetup last night. Chris had a pleasant surprise as he brought in Kevin Knapp as a co-speaker. We wanted to record the event, but due to technical difficulties with Webex, we … Continue reading →

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