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451 CAOS Links 2009.04.24
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Oracle buys Sun. Sun previews MySQL update, makes GlassFish Portfolio, OpenSSO and OpenDS available on EC2. Numerous partner announcements from the MySQL conference. Red Hat maps open source adoption. And more.

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Oracle to acquire Sun
Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or like me you decided to take a few inappropriately-timed days off) you probably noticed that Oracle announced an agreement to acquire Sun this week. Jay delivered our assessment on Oracle’s open source credentials, while I followed up with some

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The potential impact of Sun-Oracle on MySQL, and its partners
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    “We’re both in the transportation business. We have a 747, and they have a Toyota.”

The comparison of Oracle’s database and MySQL, made by Oracle president Charles Phillips at the 2004 Vortex Conference was undoubtedly meant as a criticism, but it so graphically demonstrated the differing business strategies and selling-points of the two products that MySQL executives began citing it themselves.

It is also a comparison that explains how the two products could potentially co-exist within a single company, as they seem likely to do following the announcement that Sun has agreed to be acquired by Oracle.

Much of the MySQL-related coverage of the impending

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Using the Infobright Community Edition for event log storage
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Apart from the primary "here's how we ended up using Infobright for data warehousing and how is that working out" topic I'm going to discuss in my MySQL Conf presentation I'll touch on another application, the use of Infobright's open-source Community Edition server for collection and storage of event logs. This is a system we've implemented in the past couple of months to solve a number of data management problems that were gradually becoming problematic for our infrastructure.

We've traditionally stored structured event log data in databases for ease of management. Since Habbo uses MySQL for most everything else, putting the log tables in the same databases was pretty natural. However, there are significant problems

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Understanding the various MySQL Products & Variants
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The MySQL marketplace today is far more complex then simply choosing between a particular version of MySQL that Sun/MySQL (http://mysql.com) produces.
The MySQL server product in general is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2, however you should carefully review the MySQL Legal Policies (http://www.mysql.com/about/legal/) as a number of exceptions and different license agreements operate for companion tools such as MySQL Cluster, MySQL client libraries and documentation for example.

Looking into the MySQL ecosystem for products, I’ve produced the following categories:

  • Sun/MySQL Official Products
    • MySQL Versions
  • MySQL Variants
    • Community
    • Enterprise
  • MySQL Plugins

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Infobright Community Edition(ICE) - It’s Free
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The March NY MySQL Meetup featured a presentation from Infobright, a data warehousing solution built on the MySQL Product.

With a pitch of “Simplicity, Scalability and low TCO” I became more impressed with the capability to delivery on these as the presentation proceeded. Here are some highlights.

  • The company and product has been around for a few years. Infobright started as a compression engine to sit beside Teradata, providing a significant cost saving to clients, and allowing a two way data transfer between Teradata.
  • In September 2008, a open source community edition was released, called ICE. (Which I didn’t know)
  • The technology is based on a Rough Set theory, a
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451 CAOS Links 2009.02.10
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Reaction to Marten Mickos’s departure from Sun. On open letter to President Obama. Lots of announcements from Sun, the LIMO Foundation and WS02. Mozilla offers to help EC investigation of Microsoft. Black Duck raises funding and gets a new CEO. The state of Red Hat. And more.

Mickos fallout
Kaj Arno maintained that “MySQL’s culture and business philosophy will live on in Sun.” He added: “In fact, you could say MySQL now becomes mainstream at Sun. Former MySQLers continue in key positions, in some cases with a mandate to generalise and apply MySQL related learnings on other open source products.”

For example, Charles Babcock

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Open source, VC and the long path
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My CAOS colleague Matt Aslett wrote recently about how we expect to see an uptick in open source merger and acquisition activity given the current economic conditions and bargains for the larger, mostly proprietary players. Matt also discusses the difficulty of further VC funding, though we have seen some significant investment announcements, such as Open-Xchange, Infobright and others. Still, Matt is probably right that funding will be harder to come by for any company, open source or not.

I also continue to see a number of startup and younger open source vendors — would-be fundees — that are opting to hold off on venture funding and stick to building up business,

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Looking for a ETL engineer for our BI team
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So, I mentioned earlier that I was looking at Infobright's Brighthouse technology as a storage backend for heaps and heaps of traffic and user data from Habbo. Turns out it works fine (now that it's in V3 and supports more of the SQL semantics), and we took it into use. Been pretty happy with that, and I expect to talk more about the challenge and our solution at the next MySQL Conference in April 2009.

However, our DWH team needs extra help. If you're interested in solving business analytics problems by processing lots of data and the idea of working in a company that leads the virtual worlds industry excites you, let us know by sending us an application. Thanks for reading!

First get together of the Los Angeles MySQL Meetup Group
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On November 19th, the Los Angeles MySQL Meetup Group will meet for the first time. Infobright will be presenting their approach to analytic data warehousing. If you’re in the El Segundo area, please do join us. Posted in Meetup Tagged: … Continue reading →
451 CAOS Links 2008.11.04
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Open-Xchange raises Series B funding. The FSF enables Wikimedia’s potential move to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. The “Bilski” decision and software patents. Mindtouch reports revenue growth. And more.

Press releases
Open-Xchange Closes Series B Venture Funding of $9 Million Open-Xchange

OASIS Members Form Committee to Advance Interoperability and Conformance of OpenDocument Format (ODF) Applications OASIS

FSF Releases New Version of GNU Free Documentation License Free Software Foundation

Federal Court Issues “Bilski” Decision Software Freedom Law

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mysqlconfde08: MySQL Customer Conference in Munich 21.10.2008
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Yesterday, we concluded our third annual “MySQL Kundenkonferenz” in Munich. We had a record number [1] of participants, 255 on the re-count including hosts. I had the pleasure to deliver the welcome speech and to moderate the event. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was my distinct impression that the expectations of the participants were more than met.

The external setting of the conference was Hilton Munich City on Rosenheimerstraße, close to Munich’s culture centre

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Infobright Review – Part 2
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First, a retraction, it turns out that the performance problem with datatimes in the previous article wasn’t due to high cardinality (I speculated too much here), but due to a type conversion issue.  From a helpful comment from Victoria Eastwood of Infobright (a good sign for a startup), the Infobright engine considered ‘2001-01-01’ to be a date, not a datetime, and it couldn’t do a conversion to a datetime.  Instead it pushed the date filtering logic from the Infobright engine to MySQL.  Effectively, the slow queries were a table scan.   The solution is to add the 00:00:00 to the dates to make them datetimes.  

With that in mind, here are some much better numbers for Infobright.   For Infobright this query took 0.05 seconds. 

1) Select sum(unit) from Sale where

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More Good News for Data Warehousing on MySQL
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Last week, Infobright announced it had open sourced its data warehousing software code. This is good news for the growing number of organizations looking to use MySQL as a data warehousing platform. According to IDC, MySQL is already the third-most deployed database for data warehousing and Infobright’s move will give users yet another reason to seriously consider MySQL for this application.

For those of you not familiar with the Infobright offering, it is essentially a column-oriented data store for data warehousing. While the column-oriented approach is not exclusive to Infobright (Kickfire’s MySQL storage engine is also column-oriented, as are some other non-MySQL data warehousing solutions on the market) Infobright does have some unique technology that Lou Agosta recently described as follows in his post on Trends in Data

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An Infobright Review
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With open source software I can install reasonably complete software and try it with my data. This way I get to see how it works in a realistic setting without having to rely on benchmarks and hoping they are a good match for my environment. And I get to do this without having to deal with commercial software sales people.

So I glad to hear the Infobright had gone open source as I have been wanting test a column based database for a while. I was even happier that it was a MySQL based engine as I would already know many of the commands. I decided to run some of the same tests I had run when comparing InnoDB and MyISAM for reporting (http://dbscience.blogspot.com/2008/08/innodb-suitability-for-reporting.html ).  InnoDB performed better than MyISAM in my reporting

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Infobright BI tools go open source
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I've mentioned Infobright before as an interesting solution to getting more performance to BI analytics solutions. Today's news are interesting: Sun invests in the company, and the baseline product is open sourced. Too busy to write more about it today, but I'm certainly watching this one closely.

Infobright goes open source, raises $10m
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Until this week Infobright’s claim to open source fame was its partnership (http://www.mysql.com/news-and-events/generate-article.php?id=1180) with MySQL that enabled its analytical data warehousing software to act as a storage engine for the open source database.

However, the company is now taking the open source route itself by releasing the code behind its Infobright data warehouse (formerly Brighthouse) as Infobright Community Edition.

Earlier this month the company announced that it was moving to a subscription model for the commercial version of the product, Infobright Enterprise Edition, which comes with “enhanced features, services and support, warranty” amongst other things.

The company has also announced a $10m Series C investment

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MySQL Users Conference followup and MySQL's business model
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Last week saw MySQL User Conference 2008 in Santa Clara, but I was not able to make time for it this year either. However, in the wake of Sun's acquisition of MySQL, it was very interesting to follow what was going on. A few things that caught my attention:

MySQL 5.1 is nearing General Availability and an interesting storage engine plugin ecosystem starts to emerge. It's this latter, but related event that I see as the first real sign of validation for MySQL's long-ago chosen path of pluggable storage systems instead of focused effort on making one good general-use engine.

Oracle/Innobase announced InnoDB Plugin for MySQL 5.1, which much-awaited features which promise a great deal of help for daily management

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Storage Engines at the MySQL Conference
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I’ll be following closely the progression of Storage Engines available in the MySQL Database server, well soon to be available when 5.1 gets to GA (hopefully by end of Q2 which is what we have been told). Tick, Tick, time is running out.

PrimeBase XT (PBXT) and Blob Streaming is obviously my clear focus, actually now working for PrimeBase Technologies, the company which I want to note for people is an Open Source company, committed at providing an open source alternative to the other commercial players. You also have at the MySQL Conference talks on the the existing InnoDB from Innobase (a subsidiary of market RDBMS leader Oracle). There is a

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