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Day One of New EU Patent War
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EU internal market commissioner McCreevy said at yesterday’s hearing
on the future of European patent policy in Brussels that he wants to
“move forward” with the European Patent Litigation Agreement (EPLA) -

Anti-software patent campaigners vehemently oppose the EPLA,
claiming it is “from a software patents point of view […] far worse”
than the directive they defeated in the European Parliament last year

Brussels (July 13, 2006) - At yesterday’s European Commission hearing in Brussels on the future of European patent policy (

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European Commission may ask European Court of Justice for opinion on EPLA ratification
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As I explained in my previous blog entry, EU internal market commissioner Charlie McCreevy is going to announce pretty soon that he wants to help to get the European Patent Litigation Agreement (EPLA) ratified. The EPLA is a new attempt to make software and business method patents more enforceable in Europe, and beyond that effect, it would generally encourage certain types of patent holders to litigate.

But there’s a technical problem (”technical” in terms of “legally technical”): The European Commission’s legal services say the EPLA is a so-called “mixed agreement” that the member states of the EU cannot conclude on their own: they need the EU involved. To be very precise, it’s not the EU (European Union), but the EC (European

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No doubt: EU Commissioner McCreevy is determined to back the EPLA (European Patent Litigation Agreement)
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Superficially, it appears that the European Commission is going to evaluate the 2,500+ replies it received to its January 2006 questionnaire on patent policy as well as the input it will receive at this coming Wednesday’s (July 12) hearing prior to deciding how to move forward in the area of patent policy.

However, it would be naive to believe there is even the smallest doubt as to what EU internal market commissioner Charlie McCreevy intends to do. He has decided on that a long time ago, at least a number of months, possibly as early as last fall.

McCreevy has a new game plan after his failure to push the software patent directive through last year. That directive was not his baby originally:

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What?s the gist of a hearing?
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Yesterday I published the text of the short speech I’m going to give at the European Commission’s patent policy hearing on Wednesday (July 12). I think I should explain to the non-politicos among you what the term “hearing” means in this context.

Governments, quasi-governmental bodies (which is how I’d describe the European Commission, non-judgmentally) and legislators (for the most part, that means parliaments or subsets of a parliament, such as a committee or a party) frequently conduct hearings. At a hearing on a particular topic (in this case, patent policy), politicians and their staffs listen to people who are, personally or professionally, affected by a future

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Manuscript for my speech at the European Commission?s upcoming hearing on the future of the European patent system
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This coming Wednesday (July 12), I am going to speak during the litigation part of the European Commission’s patent policy hearing in Brussels. The hearing marks the end of a consultation process that began in January when the Commission published a questionnaire, in reply to which I wrote a position paper. At the hearing I am going to deliver the following short speech:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Some of you may already know me as the founder of the NoSoftwarePatents campaign, but let me start by introducing myself a little more specifically. I’m an

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Evidence for Mark Webbink?s pro-patent directive lobbying on July 5, 2005
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In my previous blog article, I mentioned the fact that Red Hat’s deputy general counsel, Mark Webbink, lobbied in the European Parliament on July 5, 2005 (the day before the EP’s decisive vote to reject the software patent bill) to keep the software patent directive alive.

I had not anticipated the kind of Internet debate that this statement would trigger, including some insulting emails that were sent to me, and least of all I would have expected Mark Webbink to call into question the “veracity of [my] statements”, which is what he did in the discussion below this LWN.net article. He knows exactly what he did.

The word “motivations” also appears in that posting. It’s really

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Patent infringement suit filed against Red Hat
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The Patently-O blog reported yesterday that a software company named FireStar has sued Red Hat over an alleged patent infringement. Patently-O also provides the complaint and the patent document, and quotes from Red Hat’s patent policy. The FireStar suit relates to a piece of software that Red Hat acquired as part of JBoss Inc.’s intellectual property.

It seems to me that the FireStar patent is quite broad, and if it is upheld, it will affect other companies as well. While I know that certain parts of the free and open source software (FOSS) community don’t like to hear this, I have repeatedly stated that FOSS projects and products are particularly threatened by software patents. In this

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First set of error and typo corrections to my book on the war over software patents
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Today I uploaded version 1.01 of my e-book, No Lobbyists As Such - The War over Software Patents in the European Union. I just corrected a few minor errors and would like to express my gratitude for the corrections submitted by Alberto Barrionuevo and Péter Somogyi.

phpvikinger.org - an unconference
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PHP is different. Unlike Java for example, there is no formal community, and no formal community process. PHP does not see itself as controlled by a company, or even large corporate players. PHP is not developed, it kind of grows. People using other languages see this as a weakness, but I actually think of it as a strength of the language, the platform and the community.

PHP is used differently than for example Java. Successful PHP projects use different strategies. If you have listened to what Rasmus has been telling you in his speeches during the last two years, you might get an idea of how PHP is different, and why. If you are comparing the approach MySQL has been using in the Dell DVD webshop benchmark uncontest with the other PHP approaches, you can see some of these principles applied.

Unfortunately, for many of these principles and

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Published my book electronically, under a Creative Commons license
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My book No Lobbyists As Such - The War over Software Patents in the European Union is now available for download: www.no-lobbyists-as-such.com/NoLobbyistsAsSuch.pdf

The PDF file has a size of approximately 2 megabytes. In order to read the document, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. By the way, I have also published a German edition of my book on www.softwarepatente-buch.de.

Originally I had planned to self-publish my book in print. After the official announcement of my book in late March, I received inquiries,

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How to blog for a planet
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Hmm. Planet MySQL was close to unreadable for me this morning. Also, I had a technical discussion on writing style with a colleague just a few weeks ago, so I might as well take what I explained to him and put it into a form suitable for Planet MySQL. Please note that this is how I see things. This may or may not coincide with Arjen's view or the view of MySQL AB.

If you write blog entries for a blog that is being picked up by a planet, you are writing for a larger audience that for your own blog, and that audience may have other goals and intentions than regular readers of your blog. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Regular readers of your blog are coming specifically to you because they share a lot of interestes with you regarding the topics you cover. You can go into a lot of depth and you can assume a lot of context.

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Sakila's Secret
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Kai Voigt was making jokes about the secret MySQL underwear. Carol made it real: From the Sakila's Secret Shop we bring you the MySQL Boxers ($10, Cash only).
CCC spirit still alive and strong
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Back in the days, when the middle "C" in "CCC" still stood for "Communication" and not for "Commerce" and the annual Chaos Communication Congress still happened at the Eidelstedter Bürgerhaus in Hamburg, such improvisation was common and necessary.

Hartmut hijacking one of the conference information system hallway monitors for his hackfest session, since a projection unit was unavailable.

(Flickr Photoset)
The EPLA is the new attempt to make software patents enforceable in Europe
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A few days ago I had a series of meetings in the European Parliament, and I heard that Microsoft and SAP are already lobbying politicians to support the European Patent Litigation Agreement (EPLA).

There are still three days left to answer the European Commission’s patent policy questionnaire, but it’s a foregone conclusion that the pro-software patent camp wants the EPLA more than anything else.

Let’s forget about the community patent for the time being. Yes, officially it’s the priority of the EU, but it isn’t going to happen anytime soon. There is too much resistance against it. The FFII and I will keep an eye on developments concerning the community patent, and you’ll hear from us if anything important happens on that front, but my recommendation is that most

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First English-language reviews of my book
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A couple of really nice articles mentioning my forthcoming book, No Lobbyists As Such - The War over Software Patents in the European Union, have been published during the last several hours:

Jay Lyman wrote a very comprehensive and competent review for NewsForge.

W. David Gardner wrote that the book “foretells a new crusade” against software patents in Europe. Dave’s article, which succeeds in putting my book into the current political perspective, first appeared on TechWeb, then also on ITNews.com.au, an Australian site that belongs to the same network (CMP), and on

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Announcement of the book ?No Lobbyists As Such - The War over Software Patents in the European Union?
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This site already went online a few weeks ago to launch this blog. Now, finally, it contains information about my forthcoming book “No Lobbyists As Such - The War over Software Patents in the European Union”. For your information, here is the related press release:

Florian Mueller’s book “No Lobbyists As Such”

tells the story of the successful resistance
against the EU software patent directive

Starnberg, Germany (March 28, 2006) — Florian Mueller, the founder of the award-winning NoSoftwarePatents.com campaign, has announced his forthcoming book, No Lobbyists As Such - The War over Software Patents in the European Union. On approximately 380 pages, Mueller tells the story of the legislative process that ended in July last year with a landslide vote of the

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Duelling developers
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Hakan vs. Andrey at the Devcon 2006
Kill them all!
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Less lemons! Right now all of your MySQL Developers are busy at MySQL Devcon 2006 in Sorrento. Each day is bracketed in the early morning and evening by the ritual of "Showstopper Bugs review", wherein the remaining showstopper, P1 and P2 bugs are reviewed, verified, assigned and the progress on their elimination is being tracked.

So far we are seeing a lot of progress - long standing and neglected bugs are suddenly going very easily, because people here can see each other and just talk about the problems they are seeing.

So more Sorrento means less lemons for all of you!
Not using port 25 to send mail
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When you are a road warrior, you will be using a lot of different internet connections from a lot of different providers. Sending your mail can be an adventure, because more and more services block outgoing connections using port 25 in order to prevent infected machines from sending spam.

Fortunately, there are alternatives, and I am not talking webmailers here. Most company mailers and freemail servers now offer their services on ports 587 (submission) and 465 (smtps) as well.

Submission is basically SMTP with AUTH SMTP requirement moved to a different port. Very often it is combined with STARTTLS for encryption to protect the passwords transported in authentication. You can test submission manually using the openssl command line client, if you are using openssl 0.9.7

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Starting My Own Blog
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This is my first posting in my own blog. Previously I posted a few comments to my Slashdot Journal, but other than that I’m a newbie WRT blogging. I also have a German-language blog (accessible via the German-language section of the Web site, which has its own URL).

The Web site will soon be fleshed out with a lot more content. In a few weeks I’m going to a announce in greater detail my forthcoming book No Lobbyists As Such - The War over Software Patents in the European Union. I decided to start the site and this blog on a preliminary basis because, within a matter of days, I’m going to publish a position paper here in reply to the European Commission’s

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Sourceforge.Net announces MySQL upgrade
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Sourceforge.net notes:
New project database service, based on MySQL 4.1.x has been launched. The existing MySQL 3.23.x service will be deprecated in November 2005 (prior notice will be sent to project administrators). Projects are responsible for migrating their data and applications to the new service. New services allows projects to create multiple databases, and supplies three user accounts (one each with read-only, read-write, and administrative permissions). Launched 2005-09-29.
The new database server shall enhance database performance for Sourceforge projects greatly.
Heise Security: Buffer Overflow in MySQL
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Heise Security writes about the UDF Buffer Overflow in MySQL (CAN-2005-2558).

The bug is fixed in 4.0.25, 4.1.13 and 5.0.7 (beta). It is exploitable only if
  • your MySQL port is reachable,
  • and you are authenticated,
  • and you have permission to execute create function. To be able to do this, you need INSERT privilege on the mysql.func table, that is, you usually are already root on your server.
The bug is consequently considered not critical.

System integrators that provide MySQL as part of their

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MySQL Consulting Bootcamp 2005
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Although I will join MySQL not before November, 1st, I managed to attend the MySQL Consulting Bootcamp 2005 in Munich. The meeting started last Monday, September, 5th, with all members of the new EMEA consulting team seeing each other for the first time and lasted a week.

My personal blog has Images of the team and Hofbrauhaus Impressions.

Continue reading "MySQL Consulting Bootcamp 2005"
Planet MySQL
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Arjen Lentz of MySQL operates Planet MySQL, an aggregation of blogs pertaining to MySQL.
I'd just like to draw your attention to planetmysql.org

The site had been around for a while already, but had some quirks. It has now been replaced, and already tracks many more feeds including news announcements from the mysql site. It also uses a filter on uncategorized feeds to pick only mysql-related posts.

If you have a blog yourself and write about MySQL-related stuff, please submit your feed URL using the form at: http://www.planetmysql.org/newfeed.php

(via Kai)
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