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MySQL: Partition-wise backups with mysqldump
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To whom it may concern,

in response to a query from André Simões (also known as ITXpander), I slapped together a MySQL script that outputs mysqldump commands for backing up individual partitions of the tables in the current schema. The script is maintained as …

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Edward Screven of Oracle to Answer Questions for future of MySQL
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For those of you on the O’Reilly MySQL conference list you will no doubt see this email, but for readers here is the important bits.

Oracle Executive Will Speak at O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo
Edward Screven to Answer Questions re: Future of MySQL

Sebastopol, CA, February 24, 2010—Wonder about the future of MySQL? Curious about what Oracle plans for the open source database software? Expect answers when Edward Screven, Oracle’s chief corporate architect and leader of the MySQL business, speaks at the O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo, scheduled for April 12-15, at the Santa Clara …

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MySQL Conference and Expo 2010
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The  MySQL Users Conference and Expo 2010 scheduled for April 12 - 15, 2010 in Santa Clara is definitely a conference I highly recommend you attend if you can.  The insights, networking and knowledge gained is invaluable.  The fantastic dynamics of the open source community has to be experienced to be understood.  :)

Pythian’s Sessions at the MySQL Conference
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Augusto Bott and myself had a wonderful time at April’s MySQL Conference in Santa Clara, California, and also at the coinciding MySQL Camp and Percona Performance Conference.

We presented two sessions at the conference, and we wanted to share the slides with you. The first one is called Proactive Operational Measures.

The second one is called …

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MySQL Conference in just more than a week
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Alas, I won’t be attending the conference but in reading the speaking schedules, I found several talks that I hope will be recorded and published later.  Many are directly applicable to our customers and the work we do for them, some would tickle my inner geek and a few are super interesting for what they portend for the data management space.

Scale Up, Scale Out and HA – this is always a great topic.  ever changing thanks to very creative administrators and developers solving real world problems.

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Backups Backups Backups
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I was working on a client’s server that was recently compromised.  Interestingly the attacker had replaced the OpenSSH server with “trojan” binaries that accomplished two things:

  • All logins to the system had the username/password logged in a plain-text file (this was how I discovered the problem with OpenSSH)
  • It gives the attacker a remote backdoor that is undetected to the system. Another words, when the attacker logs in using the compromised sshd they do not show up in top or ps.

This is bad enough, but it gets worse. The system had been compromised for a week before I began …

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"Starring Sakila": a Data Warehousing mini-tutorial at the MySQL UC 2009
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Recently I wrote about how glad I was to see two of my proposals for the upcoming MySQL Conference approved.

I am absolutely thrilled to see my third proposal has been approved as well: "Starring Sakila: data warehousing explained, illustrated and subtitled". I'm very proud to announce that I'm doing this talk together with Matt Casters, chief data integration of …

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MySQL Camp, April 2009
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Last week Giuseppe Maxia announced the Call for Papers for the 2009 MySQL Users Conference and Expo, and also announced that there would be an unconference, MySQL Camp, organized by me.

It’s true! Currently MySQL Camp is set to happen, though I am still working out details with Colin Charles and Giuseppe Maxia. We had originally talked about having MySQL Camp on Tuesday and Wednesday, …

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Video: Who is the Dick on My Site Keynote
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I have already blogged about this keynote at

If you are interested in actually seeing the video, the 286 Mb .wmv file can be downloaded at and played through your browser by clicking the “play” link at This is not to be missed!

MySQL Conference, Chapter 2
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The team just finished our second successful MySQL Con. Many thanks to Marten & Zack and all the folks at O’Reilly that put on such a great conference.

This year definitely had a different feel, and of course that had a lot to do with Sun’s influence. It felt like it was almost a new event, a chapter 2 for MySQL, and its ecosystem of vendors and customers. There were more people - I don’t know exact numbers, but it felt appeared to be twice as packed. The exhibit hall was the same, but we took up a bit more space than last year and certainly there were much fancier booths - ours included! We even gave away multiple prizes this year - our …

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