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Blame it on MyISAM
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I reviewed most of the changes from the v4 Google patch today. My head hurts now. During this review I checked whether bugs fixed in the patch have also been fixed in recent releases of official MySQL. I am happy that most of them have been fixed. But some changes will never be accepted, such as the one that added support for INF for FLOAT/DOUBLE columns.

The default value of sql_mode is the empty string. You probably want to change that before your applications come to depend on it. When it is the empty string, invalid values are coerced to valid values on INSERT and UPDATE and a warning is returned. Applications usually ignore the warnings. The coercion includes:
  • INT values that are too big are set to the maximum value of an INT. The same is done for BIGINT
  • INF is changed to

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Percona Performance AAR
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So we've been there.

In my opinion the conference was a great success. Our presentation was not, but that's another story. Percona really showed what conferencing is about. Don't know about MySQL. It was behind the closed doors. Valiant guardians strictly watched that you didn't overhear a word of Sacred Knowledge. Hell, even to get to the Expo hall you had to pay $25 (that's right, you had to pay for watching advertisement) and surrender information about your private life, like your phone number and how you learned about the Expo.

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Oracle really….
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Ummmmmfff…. wind out of my sails today. I believe their was an analyst who predicted this a year ago when Sun bought MySQL…. I wish I could find the article. I am going to head down to the UC floor and get a feel for what people are thinking… will post more as I get time.

highbase beta-0.9.4
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Heavy testing, headphones with no music, lots of Sanchez Gran Reserva, headphones with Miles Davis, more testing, an updated Installation Guide, Charles Mingus & Eric Dolphy, and I still couldn’t get a Release Candidate out.

Well, such is the life of the multi purpose hacker. Other people are always finding out new purposes for you, which makes your free time aproach zero.

Does this mean that the release date of rc-1 will never come? Nah, I don’t think so. I have high hopes for the next iteration.

Wanna help me? Please test the installation guide, and then test the cluster itself. There’s a contact mail in the guide (yep, I don’t fear spam, I love it,

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Fun with innodb stats
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I scrubbed the SQL here to protect the innocent, but check this fun stuff out.  Working with a client who randomly started seeing huge spikes in CPU and disk activity on their server after weeks of seemingly running fine.  I tracked it down to a subset of long running queries.  These queries typically run in around a second per run, but out of the blue they started taking 600 seconds.

Here is the explain for the first query:


| id | select_type | table | type  |

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We need a better benchmark
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Boy am I sick or what, maybe I should see a shrink or something.  What’s the first thing that runs through my head when I wake up on a Sunday morning?  Is it thoughts of family, the days events, happy thoughts or something pleasant non technical?  No.  Its that we need a better benchmark suite for MySQL and the open source database community as a whole.  Right now the staple of our benchmarking diet is sysbench and dbt2.  While both have served their purpose they are a bit long in the tooth and do not do a good job of truly capturing what end users are doing out their.  I mean sysbench uses a single table!   Where’s the join love.  Has anyone outside of a PT expert successfuly gotten dbt2 installed?  probably not because its a pain in the rear.   Plus what the hell does box A got a TPM of 5000 vs box B’s TPM of 6000 mean?  Seriously to a client the only thing it tells is in certain

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Darn Ec2 Latency!
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Memcached puts    141075
Memcached hits    122696
Memcached misses  18329
Memcached Prefix:  29298
Memcached Get Total Lat 12222 (us)
Memcached Get Recent Lat 10925 (us)
Memcached Miss Total Lat 8490 (us)
Memcached Miss Recent Lat 5740 (us)
Memcached Set Total Lat 142 (us)
Memcached Set Recent Lat 65 (us)

12ms?  Really, I mean come on…. what are we using 10baseT?

at least it appears somewhat consistent.  Consistently bad, but consistent… and if you can not survive the odd spike to 35ms, what good are you.

We need to rid the world of “DBAs”
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This may come as a complete shock based on the title of my website… but I have come to the conclusion that all DBA’s should be eliminated from all companies hierarchies. WHAT? Yep I do not think any company should employ a “DBA” ever again.

Before the mob comes and beats me up for heresy, Let me explain. The term and more specifically the job title “Database Administrator” is way to broad. More so then most titles in my opinion. In fact I feel it is an ancient description that does a disservice to most modern database professionals. I have seen titled DBA’s responsible for entire infrastructure stacks, and I have seen DBA’s who only know how to run SQL and perform backups. It hardly seems fair that all these folks end up lumped in together. I think we need better definitions and a somewhat common vocabulary to truly tell what sorts of tasks and responsibilities people have.

A Word about Simple MySQL Problem Detection and Benchmarking
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One of the services we (Sun/MySQL) offer is a Performance Tuning and Optimization consulting package. These consulting engagements generally take several different forms as each client has a specific need that must be resolved. But there is a commonality between all of these assignments, they all require some amount of bottleneck detection as well as benchmarking. The topic of benchmarking and bottleneck detection is huge, and has a very broad audience. I really can not do it justice in a single post or two. In fact we are actually planning to give a Webinar in March ( more details will be forth coming ) talking about how we go about finding bottlenecks while out at client sites, and even in an hour I can barely scratch the surface.

What I thought I would share are a few of the easier cases of finding and fixing a bottleneck I have encountered. I am still amazed that more people have not

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Dead wrong
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Belgian consultancy company Element 61 has just posted an opinion piece under the disguise of a review on open source ETL.

What a load of utter nonsens.  Try reading this:

Instead of using SQL statements to transform data, an Open Source ETL tool gives the developer a standard set of functions, error handling rules and database connections. The integration of all these different components is done by the Open Source ETL tool provider. The straightforward transformations can be implemented very quickly, without the hassle of writing queries, connecting to data sources or writing your own error handling process. When there are complex transformations to make, Open Source ETL tools will often not offer out-of-the-box solutions.

Well Mr Jan Claes, we’re perfectly

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Give MySQL a break please
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In a unique display of mass hysteria, one blogger after the other and even slashdot (no, I’m not going to link) managed to take the completely innocent message that certain new enterprise features might get released as closed source only and turn it into an ongoing bad press onslaught about “MySQL closing down source code”.

Why don’t you all give MySQL a break here please?  The rule is always the same for everybody: the one that writes the code gets to pick the license.  Listen, I 100% believe in open source and I consider myself to be a big advocate, but commercial open source companies like MySQL (and Pentaho) are commercial entities.  At lease try to put yourself in their position for a second.  For example, if a customer asks you to NOT to release a piece of software they paid for, you don’t release it, it’s that simple.

In the end, what MySQL is

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Lots of Discussion on the backup plugin
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The messages going back and forth on the “close sourcing” or paying to make use of some “plugins” /addons within MySQL are flying still! And in my opinion this is getting way out of hand. < DISCLAIMER >I work for Sun/MySQL as a senior consultant but claim no special knowledge or agenda here. The comments here are simply my opinions. </ DISCLAIMER> I can not help but look at all the hubbub and laugh a little bit. The vast majority of what I have read seems way off base (more of a he/she posted this, fifth hand retelling instead of from official channels). But there is a lot of FUD floating around, and I keep seeing more and more legit news sources picking up on this “massive change to licensing”, which In my opinion it really is a non-story… because there is no massive change.


What is the issue?

Hating MySQL for the Wrong Reasons
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In Spotting the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Frank Mash writes about a specific person who is spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt about MySQL.

Now, this always gets me, especially with MySQL. For how long will MySQL be the bastard stepchild of the database world? Because really, it’s been a full-fledged DBMS for at least 5 years. 10 years ago there were no transactions, but….that was 10 years ago! 10 years ago everyone made $100,000 per year, took 3 hour lunch breaks, played foosball in the office, coveting their IT stock and sat in massage chairs with Apple Cinema displays.

How much have *you* changed in 10 years? Your digital world? 10 years ago we paid for text messages by

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Eric, Why have you forsaken us?
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Note. The following is my own opinion. Yes, I mention my employer. But keep in mind that I'm just writing my own opinion about my employer.

Have you read this?

People who do what the GPL tries to prevent (e.g., closed source forks of open source projects) wind up injuring only themselves

Eric, I don't think you understand what the GNU GPL represents. It protects us from corporations absorbing the project into itself. If MySQL the software was licensed under the BSD license, MySQL the company would have no reason to contribute back to the original source.

After a

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