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Getting a Job with Your Open Source Experience
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Gerv, Frank, Mark and I have been discussing ideas around how people can turn open source experience into an asset for their resume. We’ve got some of our own ideas, but we want yours as well. Please blog, comment, email or ‘dent any one of us, or catch up with Gerv and Mark at FOSDEM.

My top three tips for making the best of your open source participation are:

  • Free your work and free yourself. Turn software into a platform for your career by contributing to free and open projects and by releasing your own work under free software and open source licenses. In addition to the well-understood collaborative benefits, you get to keep using the software as you move from
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    451 CAOS Links 2009.01.09
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    EMC buys some, but not all, of SourceLabs. Cfengine launches data center automation software. Open source and TCO. Measuring corporate contributions to open source. And more.

    Official announcements
    Self-repairing Data Center Automation solution released Cfengine

    Acquia Joins Red Hat Exchange Bringing Social Publishing Expertise to the Open Source Ecosystem Acquia

    DotNetNuke Moves to CodePlex DotNetNuke

    The BitRock Network Service Improves Product Development and

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    Tell Me How The Spark Caught Flame
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    I want you to tell me the story of how you got started with the Net.

    Tell me how your passion was sparked and why it keeps coming to full flame.

    Tell me why the Net matters to you, even after all of the long days, short nights and wrecked weekends.

    I’ve been writing my story because I need to understand why I care deeply for what the Net is and what it means.

    I want to read your story for the same reason.

    Don’t hold out on me now. I can see your data trails in my server logs: a few hundred of you trudging in from RSS subscriptions, the PHP, Mozilla and MySQL planets, Boris’

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    Settling in for a Winter's Blogfest
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    This is the 1st post in my MoFo Futures 2009 blog series. | Post 2 »

    Christmas is nearly upon the Christian and Consumerist parts of the globe. Along much of my latitude, snow is piling up in record quantities and weather warnings abound. Even in oft-green Vancouver, there is a foot or so of the white stuff accumulated in my yard and the parking lot outside my window often echos with the sounds of snow-beached cars helplessly spinning their wheels.

    Usually all these things taken together would mean a series of harrowing drives to visit family, followed by lovely hours staying warm indoors, eating comfort food, retelling old stories and enjoying the company of loved ones as the year draws to its close.

    However, this year our family time is coming after the holidays and I'm left with the unexpected gift of a week or so

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    Why did sun really buy MySQL ?
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    To save Solaris from a certain death ?

    Reading Planet MySQL the last couple of hours I'm trying really hard to convince myselve the Solaris offensive there is not orchestrated.. but I can't.
    It might ofcourse be the fresh MySQL users that Sun brought in on their platform that started out blogging but hey .. I`m paranoia right :)

    Are they really trying to get at least a fraction of the MySQL community on Solaris. Do they really think they can ? Yes they lost a zillion of Solaris customers that were running a proprietary database to MySQL on Linux users ,, but why would they want to move back to a semi proprietary setup ?

    According to Linuxjournal Alan Cox seems to think that ZFS is the only thing that is keeping Solaris alive. I don't think DTrace was a bigg mass tool that would convince the crowds to suddenly move to an other operating system.

    So is Sun trying to Lock

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    Thanks GNU!
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    I met GNU for the first time fifteen years ago. I was working as a consultant in support of a criminal investigation, and as part of my duties I had to analyze a database hosted on a SCO server.
    As often happens, the database was proprietary, and it did not include any facility to analyze data. I needed to build an application to explore the data thoroughly.
    Most of my working libraries were written in C, which I used in other operating systems. So I contacted SCO and asked to buy a C compiler. I was told that it would cost me quite a lot (I was prepared for that, although not for the price they told me, but since I was going to expense it, I would not care), and that it would take one month to get the software. I did not have

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    OSCon 2008 Video Matrix
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    As part of a project of Technocation, Inc I took a whole bunch of videos at OSCon 2008. The conference was about a month ago, and about 2 weeks ago I’d finished processing and uploading all the videos, but it was only today where I had the 5-6 hours I needed to finish posting all the video, and making this matrix of video.

    The video may not be the quality that the O’Reilly folks took and put up on blip tv’s OSCon site, but all the videos here are freely downloadable or playable in your browser.


    Drizzle stops the rain
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    I’ve been following the Drizzle project with some interest. There’s a lot to like about it. But you know what I like most about the project? No dual licensing. Just plain GPL, version 2. I personally think this is the foundation for why people are empowered, why there is excitement, why there is progress, [...]
    MySQL: Free Software but not Open Source
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    The title of MySQL’s website (http://www.mysql.com/) states that they are the world’s most popular open-source database. This is false; MySQL is not an open-source database. That assertion is a fact, not an opinion.

    MySQL is Free Software, licensed under the GNU GPL. People frequently use the two phrases “Free Software” and “Open Source Software” as synonyms, but there are very large, very important differences.

    The difference between Free and Open Source

    Open Source is much more of a development methodology than a philosophical standpoint. The first thing on the Open Source Initiative’s website is this introduction:

    Open source is a development method for software that

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    Henceforth, I dub thee GLAMP
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    I've decided to start replacing L with GL in acronyms where L supposedly stands for Linux.

    I'm not a big user of acronyms, because I think they are exclusionist and they obscure, rather than revealing. (This wouldn't matter if I wrote for people who already knew what I meant and agreed with me, but that's a waste of time). However, LAMP is one that I've probably used a few times, without thinking that it is supposed to stand for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python. In fact, it doesn't refer to Linux, it refers to GNU/Linux. Therefore, it should be GLAMP.

    Why does this matter? I try not to say Linux, unless I'm referring to a kernel, because a kernel is not an operating system. I try to be pretty careful about saying GNU/Linux when I'm talking about an operating system. An

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    Standing on the Toes of Giants at Mozilla24
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    In 2002, a short while after I started at MySQL (http://mysql.com), I saw Lawrence Lessig present at OSCON. The presentation was extraordinarily good and Lessig is a tremendously passionate, genuine and compelling orator.

    I immediately revised my presentation style. I stole what ideas and style I could. While I was mostly presenting about MySQL and PHP at the time, the ideas served me well (though the style has at times fit me about as well as a young child fits their parent’s clothes.)

    Five years have passed since then, and I have given a hundred or more presentations. Never have I presented as well as Lessig that night, but I still keep trying. In a few days, I am going to have to try a lot harder.

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    Why I write Free Software
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    Brian Aker was a recent guest on the LinuxCast podcast with Don Marti. Brian has some interesting thoughts in this podcast and elsewhere on his blog, on motivations for writing Free and/or Open Source software. Here's why I do it myself.

    Attending Openmind.fi
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    I’ll be attending the Openmind conference from October 2nd to 3rd and will be giving a keynote at the event.

    Openmind is being organized by COSS, an interesting Finnish Free Software and Open Source development agency that helps Finnish and Scandinavian businesses and projects use and develop FLOSS.

    Other keynote presenters at the event (that readers of this blog may know) include Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, Aleksander Farstad, CEO of eZ Systems AS and FLOSS researcher Rishab Aiyer Gosh.

    I also hoping that since Monty is in the area, he will also be able to attend.

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    Speaking at FrOSCon 2007
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    I just received word that my proposal (which was to present my Age of Literate Machines presentation) for FrOSCon has been accepted.

    I’m pretty excited - the event should be fun and it will give me a good chance to see friends (including a good number of my German MySQL colleagues)

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    MySQL Sandalcamp Presentation
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    Unfortunately, I had to skip out on my presentation at this year’s MySQL Conference.

    Thankfully, my friend Mike Hillyer was able to pinch hit for me. I had planned to do a podcast of the session, but - as he is totally awesome - Mike even recorded the session.

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    Mozilla Foundation Weekly Status 2007-04-20
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    A good week - we made progress on the Internet as Public Good Symposium, which is the major task on my Mozilla plate right now. However, an unexpected event at another client meant that my Friday was a bit messed up. Will work on reviewing bugs and other missed responsibilities over the weekend.


    • Worked with Berkman and Harvard Business School teams to help plan and present the Internet as Public Good Symposium.
      • Event wiki now online, but still private. - started putting in content. Will make public after panel participants have a chance to review.
      • Conf. call with available IPG team members to sort out logistics, invitations and distribute tasks.
      • Set up database to store info on who’s invited, who’s coming and so on.
    • Minor bits of work helping Mozilla Corp. team plan their OSCON
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    Profiled (and then trolled) on Linux.com
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    At last month’s Vancouver PHP Conference, local journalist Bruce Byfield gave me a quick interview about how I got involved in Free Software and Open Source. We chatted for a while about my time at MySQL, my bits of work in the PHP community and what I am currently up to. The interview turned into a profile for Linux.com that was published a few days ago.

    I was a bit surprised to find that there have been a few anonymous trolls for the profile - I didn’t think that there would be any comments on the profile.

    The Linux.com profile:

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    Speaking at the 2007 MySQL Conference
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    My MySQL Sandalcamp proposal made the cut for the upcoming MySQL Conference. I hope that I will see some of you down in Santa Clara in April.

    My former CEO answers questions on Slashdot
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    It was my pleasure to work with Mårten Mickos, CEO of MySQL for about a year during 2005 and 2006. I was astounded by how involved he is with the employees and how well he keeps abreast of the goings-on in the company. He seems to be of the rare set who are not only strong supporters and evangelizers of the company and software, but are also technically familiar with it. With great folks like Mårten, Brian, Arjen, Zack and Ulf, MySQL AB has been and continues to be one of the most important Open Source companies that exists.

    Go read the slashdot article here:

    Random Thought: MySQL is the Perl of RDBMS
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    While chatting with a few SVN hackers at OSCON, it occured to me that MySQL is the Perl of RDBMS. Discuss among yourselves.

    2007 MySQL Users Conference
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    I wonder how many people will attend a session at a tech conference where the start of the description reads as follows:

    Hey You! Yes, You! Manager, marketeer, sales professional: are you tired of 98lb weaklings kicking silicon in your face?

    I am thinking this way because my friends at MySQL AB (http://www.mysql.com/) are putting on another MySQL User Conference - this time from April 23 - 26 in Santa Clara, California.

    The Call for Participation went live a few days ago and, as always, I am proposing a session. I don’t really need to go, but I definitely have a soft spot for the event, as I chaired the first two MySQL UCs. Also, I had a good deal of fun working on the

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    SCALE 5x: The SoCal Linux Expo 2007
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    Ilan Rabinovitch let me know that the SCALE team is getting started on version 5x of the SoCal Linux Expo.

    In past years, SCALE has been a great community event - the ratio of promoters to real Linux enthusiasts is low and the attendees are friendly. Also, like most other Linux conferences, attendees have a strong interest in many other FLOSS community issues and technologies, like BSD, Firefox, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Free Software licensing and so on. Hopefully I can attend this year (and can wear both my eZ hat and my Mozilla hat for the event).

    The event will happen from February 10-11 and will be held at the Westin Los Angeles Airport hotel.

    Get more details at:

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    Don?t get pwn3d: Why Professionalism Matters In Community Discussions
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    Some years ago (as penance for working at MySQL (http://mysql.com) during some temporary corporate brain-damage about Free Software licensing) I began volunteering at the Free Software Foundation.

    For the most part, I have spent my time providing support on Free Software licensing questions for the FSF Compliance Lab and helping out on the GPL v3 effort.

    While both activities are quite rewarding, the work at the compliance lab tends to be most interesting. We serve a wide variety of people and organizations who have a correspondingly wide range of experience, views and questions. This leads to rewarding experiences, as well as experiences that are more educational in nature.

    While I

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    OSCON Highlights: openTalk 2.0 and cxap
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    Damian Conway is giving the funniest public flogging I have ever seen. He is single-handedly kicking the ass of Web 2.0, Sxip, patents, patent vulture firms, snake oil crypto, Microsoft, Google, r0ml and all the rest of us all at the same time.

    Great quotes include:

    • We have a patent on replacing the letter in a name with x, but still pronouncing it the same way.
    • Every time you read the name Microsoft, you will see a kitten. We call it “Pavlovian Marketing”
    • We thought that we might call it … firefly, fireangel, firebuffy. Then it became obvious - the new browser is called FireWhedon.

    I sure hope that O’Reilly recorded this session.

    Update 1

    I just registered cxap.{biz,net,org} - now to go ask

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    European Commission softening stance on software patents?
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    Techworld.com reports:

    The European Commission this week appeared to take a step back from its earlier position on the patentability of software, stating that computer programs are not patentable, and that patents on them may be struck down by the courts.

    For the full story, see:

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    Barcelona to host the 3rd Intl. Conference on the GPL v3
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    The 3rd international conference on GPL v3 will take place in Barcelona, Spain on June 22nd and 23rd. The international GPLv3 conferences are part of a year-long public consultation process to update the GNU General Public License.

    Speakers include Richard Stallman, Eben Moglen, chairman at Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) and Georg Greve, President of Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). Expert panelists from all parts of Europe, and from around the world will lead discussions on licence internationalisation, DRM, software patents, and adoption of the finished licence.

    The current draft of the GPLv3 and resources explaining the background to the update are availble at http://gplv3.fsf.org/

    The Conference’s schedule and further information will be published soon at

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    ?Guerilla Evangelism: Opening Closed Environments? talk at EuroOSCON
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    At the 2004 Foo Camp, Danese Cooper, a few other FLOSS advocates (forgive me, Foo Camp is a blur and I don’t remember who you were) and myself gave an ad hoc session on the methods and strategies that we each used to advocate FLOSS and to help people working closed environments become more open.

    The session was a blast (and well-received), so much so that Danese and I proposed the session for last year’s OSCON. We didn’t make the cut, but I still tried again for this year’s EuroOSCON and, this time, the session was accepted.

    The session should be fun to present, but a bit of a bear to write. I have only 45 minutes to try to fit in the most interesting

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    Steal This PHP Vikinger Announcement
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    The PHP Vikinger is a community-driven PHP event that will be held in Skien, Norway from June 24th to 25th. Like the famous Foo Camp and Bar Camp, PHP Vikinger is driven by its attendees. The people who come choose and present the sessions at the event.

    Attendance is by a mix of invitation and registration. 50 invitations have been sent to various PEAR and PHP contributors and 50 spots are open for people who register. Additionally, the invitees have been asked to nominate another 50 people who should be invited to the event.

    The event is meant to be as affordable as possible; registration is only 20 Euros, and simple food and a place to sleep are provided for the two days

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    PHP Vikinger Invitations Emailed
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    I just sent out the invitations for the PHP Vikinger event. My method for choosing who to invite was pretty simple - I chose people listed in the the PHP and PEAR credits who I had written personal email to in the last few years.

    Nepotistic? “Nay”, say I, “Nepotastic!” I know that the people I invited are cool, which will mean a good event for people who register. Also, as we have registrations, it won’t be too elitist or exclusive.

    If you are curious, read on for the entire invitation (minus the list of attendees.)

    NOTE: If you didn’t get an invitation email, then hold tight - you will still be able to register in a week or so.

    Aloha $person,

    This is an invitation to the PHP Vikinger - read on for details.

    The PHP

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    Audio for Copyright, Contracts and Licensing for PHP Developers session
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    The organizers of the PHP Québec Conference were gracious enough to give me an unedited copy of my Copyright, Contracts and Licensing for PHP Developers session.

    I cleaned the audio up last night, stripping out some of the more odious filler words (I seem to say “Umm” rather often), shortening pauses as I switched slides, removing redundant asides (like asking if there are any questions, when no questions then follow) and excising the introduction and applause.

    After a good deal of consideration, I did chose to leave the errors and other flaws in the content presented. These flaws were presented to the audience and they should stay in the recording.

    Of course, I don’t want people to be mislead by any of the flaws; to prevent

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