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Bootstrapping & Running MySQL server standalone on Windows
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Two extra tips when you try to (manually) bootstrap MySQL on Windows from the command line:

  • When bootstrapping, use --no-defaults or --defaults-file.
  • Use --standalone when starting the MySQL server.
  • The first point really bugged me yesterday. I’m used to installing MySQL manually and having no option files available where MySQL would read them by default.

    On Windows, however, I used the MySQL installer. So, when I launch unit testing for Connector/Python it bugged me saying log files of InnoDB didn’t match the configuration. This is indeed a newbie error..

    Invalid dates returning None, or raise error using Connector/Python?
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    In this blog we discuss invalid dates in MySQL (" target="_blank), how to retrieve them using Connector/Python and we raise the question: Should Connector/Python raise an error or just keep returning None on invalid dates?

    If you run MySQL without proper SQL Modes, you will be able to update and
    read invalid dates such as ’2012-06-00′. If you’ve payed attention the past decade, you’ll know that you can prevent this configuring your MySQL server setting SQL Mode to ‘TRADITIONAL’.

    Now, the problem if this is allowed, how do we get invalid dates using MySQL Connector/Python?

    Lets look at an example inserting an invalid date and trying to read

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    Monitoring and Managing Amazon RDS Databases using MySQL Workbench
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    Last couple of week I was looking for an easier approch to manage the Databases created on Amazon RDS instances. I had to run through a tedious set of steps in carrying out routine stuff like introducing new updates, taking daily backups and moving it to an Amazon S3 bucket, etc… Before getting into touch […]
    MySQL Connector/Python bugs reports on
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    We have moved bugs for MySQL Connector/Python from Launchpad to the MySQL Bugs website Reports which are (probably) fixed in newer code were not taken with. If there is a bug which you really want to get tracked: please report it again.

    Please use the MySQL Bugs website to report problems using MySQL Connector/Python. To see a list of active reports, click here.

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    I published an SQLite3 storage back-end to NIST::NVD on the CPAN. It’s pretty quick. About as fast as the DB_File one, but without the down side of being tied to DB_File. It shouldn’t be too difficult to re-factor this code to any DBI-based database. MariaDB anyone?

    I know it works on Debian. The nightly CPAN test results should come back shortly and I’ll find out how well it works on other platforms.

    Automatic reconnect in MySQL Connector/Python?
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    There have been some request to have some reconnect possibilities in Connector/Python. I’m wondering now whether there should be some automatic reconnect on certain errors within the database driver.

    My personal feeling is to have no automatic reconnect within Connector/Python and the programmer has to come up with retrying transactions herself.

    For example:

    	cnx.disconnect() # For testing..
    	tries = 2
    	while tries > 0:
    		tries -= 1
    			cursor.execute("INSERT INTO t1 (c1) VALUES ('ham')")
    		except mysql.connector.InterfaceError:
    			if tries == 0:
    				print "Failed inserting data after retrying"
    				print "Reconnecting.."

    The above mimics how you would handle

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    Perl interface to processing / querying NIST’s NVD feed
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    For a work project, I wrote a library in perl that can be used to query the NVD feed that NIST publishes here:

    Here’s a snippit from the perldoc:

    use NIST::NVD::Query;
    # use convert_nvdcve to generate these files from the XML dumps at
    my( $path_to_db, $path_to_idx_cpe ) = @ARGV;
    my $q = NIST::NVD::Query->new( database => $path_to_db,
                                   idx_cpe  => $path_to_idx_cpe,
    # Given a Common Platform Enumeration urn, returns a list of known
    # CVE IDs
    my $cve_id_list = $q->cve_for_cpe( cpe => 'cpe:/a:zaal:tgt:1.0.6' );
    my @entry;
    foreach my $cve_id ( @$cve_id_list ){
      # Given a CVE ID, returns a CVE
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    MySQL Connector/Python available through the Python Package Index
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    Today we registered MySQL Connector/Python with the Python Package Index (PyPI). It makes installing your favorite connector even easier (provided you first install setuptools or pip):

    shell> easy_install mysql-connector
    shell> pip install mysql-connector

    Please report problems either using Launchpad or MySQL Bugs website.

    MySQL Connector/Python bug category on
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    In addition to reporting MySQL Connector/Python bugs on Launchpad, it is now also possible to enter them using

    My New Job at Oracle: Working on MySQL Connector/Python
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    After more than 6 years doing MySQL Support for MySQL ( AB, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle, it’s time for a change. Time to get back to development!

    As of November 2011 I’ll be working full-time on MySQL Connector/Python and other goodies within the MySQL development team at Oracle. Before, this was more or less a pet project done after working hours. However, with the birth of our son Tomas more than a year ago, I’ve been slacking and family got priority.

    The idea is to make MySQL Connector/Python the best choice for connecting to MySQL from within your Python code. We still got a long road

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