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Vote NO for MySQL – Election 2012: NoSQL
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Do I have to look out for a new job? Some analysists say so: NoSQL is getting stronger. Given the prediction it is time for me to learn what NoSQL is.

Vote NO for MySQL from Ulf Wendel (Slides: Vote NO for MySQL)

As a matter of fact there is no one kind of NoSQL but many. Four different kinds of NoSQL stores are competing with MySQL: Key Value Stores, Document Database, Graph Databases and Big Data/Column-oriented. Each of them has their specific strengths.

Key Value Stores are all about performance. MySQL 5.6 introduces

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Supercharging PHP MySQL applications using the best API
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PHP MySQL developers are confronted with three PHP MySQL APIs. That is confusing. Since mid 2012 the PHP manual suggests not to use the oldest and original PHP MySQL extension any more to cure the situation. Please, swap out ext/mysql in favour of either ext/mysqli or PDO_MySQL. Why to upgrade is below. Read on, if you are a PHP beginner, your PHP application is still using mysql_* functions of ext/mysql or you are a PHP trainer.

As a PHP consumer, tease your software vendors by asking whether they use the state of the art APIs! Here is a cut&paste test question to ask your vendor: do you support secure SSL connections to MySQL?

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MySQL Plugin development: public API?
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The MySQL Plugin API is a neat way to add functionality to the MySQL server. Any user of MySQL is using it: see the storage engine plugins listed by SHOW PLUGINS. There are many types of plugins. For example, the do-whatever-you-want daemon plugins. Among the hottest things that appeared lately are plugins that add new interfaces to MySQL, such as the Memcache plugin of MySQL 5.6.

MySQL Client Server Protocol Memcache Protocol Port 3306 Port 11211 | Daemon Plugin MySQL

However, to me a PHP guy writing an extension, assimilating arbitrary libraries and glueing them together is reason enough to into plugin hacking It is tempting to a

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