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Speaking at the MySQL conference 2011
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I just received a confirmation that my presentation proposal for the MySQL user conference 2011 was accepted! The title for my proposal is MQL-to-SQL: a JSON-based Query Language for RDBMS Access from AJAX Applications, and it covers pretty much everything implied by the title.

As always, the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara, California serves as the venue. The conference will be held from April 11-14. Except for the venue and period, I think this year's conference will bear few similarities to previous editions. Let me try and explain.

This year's theme is "MySQL, the ecosystem and

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Speaking at the O’Reilly MySQL Conference 2011
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I’m very pleased and humbled to announce that my submission to the upcoming O’Reilly MySQL Conference, April 2011, has been accepted.

I will present a 45 minute session titled openark-kit: MySQL utilities for everyday use.

In this session, I will present some of the tools in the openark kit. We’ll discuss some limitations of the MySQL server, and how openark kit tools overcome those limitations and provide with solutions to common maintenance and audit problems.

This will be a technical session and will discuss various topics of the MySQL server: security, execution plans, replication, triggers and more. I do not intend to discuss all tools, nor to cover the various options. Instead, I’ll present the “behind the

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Schedule for MySQL-and-beyond conference is live
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O’Reilly’s 2011 edition of the MySQL conference has an expanded agenda, with good representation from Postgres, CouchDB, MongoDB, and others. Take a look at the full schedule listing, which is being filled out as talks are approved and the speakers verify that they’ll give the session.

I am certainly looking forward to this year’s event. A tremendous amount of progress has landed in GA versions of open-source databases this year. To name just a couple, there’s a new version of Postgres (9.0) with built-in replication and many more improvements; there’s MySQL 5.5 GA; there’s the HandlerSocket NoSQL interface to MySQL; Drizzle has a beta release; and the list goes on. I believe that this conference

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MySQL conference CfP extended
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I don’t think this was widely publicized, but the Call for Proposals for the MySQL (and beyond) conference was extended a few days. It’ll be open through November 3rd.

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    Business insight from the MySQL Conference 2010
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    At this year’s conference, I was pleasantly surprised with the high level of interest in Open Query’s proactive services for MySQL and MariaDB, and specifically our focus on preventing problems, while explicitly not offering emergency services.

    I’ll describe what this is about first, and why I reckon it’s interesting. When you think about it, most IT related support that includes emergency (24×7) operates similar to this:

    You have a house that has the front and back doors wide open with no locks, and you take out an insurance policy for the house contents. After a short time you call the insurance company “guess what, the most terrible thing happened, my TV got stolen.” Insurance company responds “that’s dreadful, you poor soul, let us fix it all up for you with getting a new TV and installing it.

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    O’Reilly MySQL Conference Awards 2010
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    The O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo 2010 is over. I hope all of you had a good time. I have plenty of blog posts and thoughts lined up about this, but first, I’d like to point out something that has become a tradition, that was continued in 2010: the O’Reilly MySQL Conference Community Award Winners.

    Tim O’Reilly was kind enough to hand out the awards this year. In case people were wondering, the awards were pewter wine goblets from Royal Selangor.

    Selection of the award winners

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    2010 O’Reilly MySQL Conference Slides and Videos
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    Here’s a matrix of all the videos up on YouTube for the 2010 O’Reilly MySQL Conference and Expo. The matrix includes the title, presenter, slide link (if it exists), video link, and link to the official conference detail page, where you can rate the session and provide feedback that the presenter will see. They are grouped mostly by topic, except for the main stage events (keynote, ignite) and interviews.

    If there’s a detail missing (ie, slides, or there are other videos you know about), please add a comment so I can make this a complete matrix.TitlePresenterSlidesVideo link
    (hr:min:sec)Details (Conf. site link)


    State of the DolphinEdward Screven (Oracle)29:10

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    Videos of Pythian Sessions from the 2010 O’Reilly MySQL Conference and Expo
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    Here’s a sneak peek at a video matrix — this is all the videos that include Pythian Group employees at the MySQL conference. I hope to have all the rest of the videos processed and uploaded within 24 hours, with a matrix similar to the one below (but of course with many more sessions).

    TitlePresenterSlidesVideo link
    (hr:min:sec)Details (Conf. site link)

    Main Stage
    Keynote: Under New Management: Next Steps for the CommunitySheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)N/A18:16
    session 14808Ignite talk: MySQLtuner 2.0Sheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)PDF5:31N/A
    Thoughts on Drizzle and

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    Slides from MySQL Keynote on Drizzle
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    Drizzle Keynote at the MySQL User's ConferenceView more presentations from brianaker.
    MySQL Conference, Day 2
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    While waiting in the line for a breakfast table, I found Reggie Burnett, who is still with MySQL now Oracle. We shared a table and talking about Android and the future of handhelds.

    I missed the keynotes by Edward Screven and by Tim O'Reilly. Instead I had scheduled interviews with The 451 Group and then with Robert Scoble. Those both went really well. And I learned that the Screven speech went not so well, which would have been amusing, but not a good use of time.

    The rest of the day, so far, has consisted of meeting people, spending time at the Memcached.org booth and the Gear6 booth, and doing more scheduled tech press interviews. Sarah Novotny showed up during the nosh and free beer, right

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    Slides of the PBXT Presentation
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    Here are the slides to my talk yesterday: A Practical Guide to the PBXT Storage Engine.

    For anyone who missed my talk, I think it is worth going through the slides, because the are fairly self explanatory.

    If there are any questions, please post them as a comment to the blog. I will be glad to answer :)
    Liveblogging: Edward Screven State of the Dolphin Keynote
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    Chief Corporate Architect at Oracle, been at Oracle since 1986, technology and architecture decisions, responsible for all open source at Oracle. Company-wide initiatives on standards management and security — http://en.oreilly.com/mysql2010/public/schedule/detail/12440.

    Where MySQL fits within Oracle’s structure.

    Oracle’s Strategy: Complete. Open. Integrated. (compare with MySQL’s strategy: Fast, Reliable, Easy to Use).

    Most of the $$ spent by companies is not on software, but on integration. So Oracle makes software based on open standards that integrates well.

    Most of the components talk to each other through open standards, so that customers can use other products, and standardize on the technology, which makes it

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    PBXT at the MySQL User Conference 2010
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    At this year's User Conference I have some interesting results to present. But more than anything else, my talk will explain how you can really get the most out of the engine. The design of PBXT makes it flexible, but this provides a lot of options. What tools are available to help you make the right decisions? I will explain.

    Every design has trade-offs. How does this work out in practice for PBXT? And how can you take advantage of the strengths of the storage engine? I will explain in:

    A Practical Guide to the PBXT Storage Engine
    Paul McCullagh
    2:00pm - 3:00pm Tuesday, 04/13/2010
    Ballroom E

    Don't miss it! :)

    Gearing Up for MySQLConf 2010
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    I’m looking forward to traveling to San Jose for this year’s MySQL Conference. If there’s anything that can trump the drama of conf two years ago, where we observed how Sun would handle its new property, and then the drama of last year, where we observed how Oracle would handle the pending acquisition, it’s going to be the drama around this one — the first MySQLConf since the Oracle/Sun merger has been finalized and approved.

    I think there is some finality to the changing of the guard this time, since there aren’t really that many companies that could conceivably swallow up Oracle itself! (Maybe I shouldn’t say that — next thing you know they’ll spin it off heh.) But regardless, I am looking forward to getting to know Edward Screven and getting a sense from the keynote

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    Open Query @ MySQL Conf & Expo 2010
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    Walter and I are giving a tutorial on Monday morning, MySQL (and MariaDB) Dual Master Setups with MMM, I believe there are still some seats available – tutorials are a bit extra when you register for the conference, so you do need to sign up if you want to be there! It’s a hands-on tutorial/workshop, we’ll be setting up multiple clusters with dual master and the whole rest of the MMM fun, using VMs on your laptops and a separate wired network. Nothing beats messing with something live, breaking it, and seeing what happens!

    Then on Tuesday afternoon (5:15pm, Ballroom F), Antony and I will do a session on the 

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    MySQL: Partition-wise backups with mysqldump
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    To whom it may concern,

    in response to a query from André Simões (also known as ITXpander), I slapped together a MySQL script that outputs mysqldump commands for backing up individual partitions of the tables in the current schema. The script is maintained as a snippet at MySQL Forge.

    How it works

    The script works by querying the

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    Pythian at MySQL Conference 2010
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    Here’s what Pythian is cooking up for MySQL Conference this year.

    Monday, April 12

    8:30am: Get out of bed lazy bones and head to Ballroom B

    … because you’re going to want to attend Sheeri K. Cabral‘s tutorial in two parts:

    MySQL Configuration Options and Files: Basic MySQL Variables (Part 1)

    Unlock all the information the MySQL server can give you! MySQL has many status variables that show how well your environment utilizes its resources. There are many system variables that can be set and changed to tune the server.
    Read more.
    Add to your personal schedule at

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    Percona sessions at the MySQL conference
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    Many Percona employees will be at the 2010 MySQL conference. We'll be giving a lot of informative technical talks on various topics. Here's a list:

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    Drizzle Developer Day 2010
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    Hi one and all!

    Interested in database systems? Interested because you use them? Because you manage them? Write SQL that goes to them? Or are you one of the people of questionable sanity like myself who develops them?

    Well… do we have the offer for you.

    Friday, April 16th. Right after the MySQL Conference and Expo at the Santa Clara Convention Center, you can come along to the Drizzle Developer Day.

    You will want to add your name to this wiki page: http://drizzle.org/wiki/Drizzle_Developer_Day_2010_signup

    Suggest topics over at:

    Hope to see you there!

    Maatkit BoF session at the MySQL conference
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    I’ve submitted a Birds of a Feather session for Maatkit at the upcoming MySQL conference. It’s not on the public schedule yet, but it has been accepted and scheduled for 19:00 on 13 Apr 2010. See you there!

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    Learn how to achieve PCI compliance with MySQL
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    One of my colleagues, Ryan Lowe, has just heard that his session on PCI compliance with MySQL has been accepted at the upcoming MySQL conference. Ryan is highly qualified to present this topic, and not many people can say that; I certainly can’t claim that title myself. If you’re looking to learn how to make your MySQL installation PCI-compliant, there’s also not a lot of trustworthy information online. Personally — and really, no bias just because he’s my colleague — I think this is a great session for the MySQL conference, which I sometimes thought didn’t have enough diversity of topics in past years. We need more stuff like this to give

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    What I look forward to hear on “State of the Dolphin”, 2010
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    Though most probably I won’t be there in person, here’s what I expect to hear from Edward Screven, Oracle, on the State of the Dolphin keynote, coming MySQL Conference & Expo.

    I’m under the assumption that no shocking news are delivered. That is, that for the near future, it’s business as usual for MySQL.

    Last year’s great message, delivered by Karen Padir, was “more community”. More community participation, more community patches. Looking back, I’m not sure I saw that coming true. The 5.4 version was announced at that same conference, and was criticized for being community-oriented yet community-hidden. The latest 5.5 milestones

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    MySQL Conference Cluster Tutorial
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    If you have enjoyed my blog postings about MySQL Cluster please come to the MySQL Cluster tutorial at the 2010 O'Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo.  I shall be giving this tutorial along with my colleagues Geert Vanderkelen and Andrew Morgan.

    The outline of this tutorial is as follows:

    "This tutorial aims to guide normal MySQL users and DBAs into the world of MySQL Cluster. From installing and configuring to creating your first clustered table and finally node failure handling. At the end of the session

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    Announcing: Monday night community dinner at Pedro’s during the O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo
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    Just the facts:
    What: MySQL user community dinner
    Who: me, you, and many MySQL community members
    When: Monday, April 12th – Meet at 6:30 at the Hyatt Santa Clara or at 7 pm at the restaurant
    Where: Pedro’s Restaurant and Cantina – 3935 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054
    How: Comment on this blog post to add your name to the list of probable attendees

    I was sad that last year there was no community dinner, and I missed the one the year before when Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green made an appearance. This year I am determined not to miss it, and so I am calling for a community (pay-your-own-way) dinner on Monday, April 12th, at Pedro’s – a Mexican

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    I’ll be speaking at the O’Reilly MySQL Conference 2010
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    I’m speaking at the O’Reilly MySQL Conference 2010. I hope I don’t lose my voice, because I have four sessions!

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    o’reilly mysql conference & expo 2010
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    It is my pleasure to be your Program Chair, for the O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo 2010, to be held April 12-15 2010, in Santa Clara, California.

    It is of course, not something I embark on alone. I have a program committee, comprising of some amazing folk: Brian Aker, Kaj Arno, Roland Bouman, Sheeri K. Cabral, Robin Schumacher, Baron Schwartz, and Jeff Wiss.

    I can highly encourage you to submit a proposal. You have till January 27, 2010, which basically means, less than a month, so get cracking! I also can highly recommend you to register as an attendee.

    I’ll talk more

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    How to write a good MySQL conference proposal
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    I’m on the MySQL conference committee again this year, so I’ll be reading and voting on your session proposals. My past experience is that reading 400 session proposals is a mind-numbing job, and I will be optimizing it to save my time. That means I will be scanning your proposals and deciding very quickly how to vote. I wrote before about how to submit a great proposal, but I’ve refined my opinion since then. Here are my suggestions:

    • Write for two audiences: reviewers and attendees. Both of us want the same thing: to decide as quickly as possible whether your session will be good.
    • Write a strong title/headline.
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    Submit your proposals for MySQL conference 2010
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    The MySQL conference site for 2010 is live, and ready for your proposals. Submit! Submit! Submit!

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    There will be an O’Reilly MySQL Conference in April 2010
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    O’Reilly’s official website announces that they are planning a MySQL conference in 2010 (same time, same place). Unlike past years, it isn’t co-presented with Sun/MySQL; they are flying solo. The theme is Information Unleashed.

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    after the conference, mydumper, parallelism, etc
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    Though slides for my MySQL Conference talks were on the O’Reilly website, I placed them in my talks page too, for both dtrace and security presentations.

    I also gave a lightning talk about mydumper. Since my original announcement mydumper has changed a bit. It supports writing compressed files, detecting and killing slow queries that could block table flushes, supports regular expressions for table names, and trunk is slowly moving towards understanding that storage engines differ :)

    I’ve been using mydumper quite a lot in my deployments (and observing 10x faster dumps). Now, the sad part is how to do

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