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MySQL user group meeting in Dubai, January 13th
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On January 13th I will be in Dubai, UAE, on my way to Wellington, New Zealand.
I will be at the MySQL User Group, hosted at Sun Microsystems offices at 6pm.
I will talk about boosting performance with MySQL 5.1 partitions, covering the recent 5.5. additions.
The meeting is open to all. If you want to attend, please register at the meetup page.
Speaking, speaking, speaking: Dubai-Sydney-Wellington
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From January 12th to 27th I will be traveling to the Southern Hemisphere and speaking at two user groups and two conferences.
The schedule (see below) is almost scary. I will be talking about Partitioning (Dubai and Wellington), MySQL Sandbox (Sydney and Wellington), Gearman (Wellington), and some general topics now and then.

The complete schedule and location follows:

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MySQL user groups in Dubai and Sydney, on my way to NZ
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In January 2010 I will attend Linux.Conf.Au, which this year is held in Wellington, New Zealand.
It's a long way from Europe to New Zealand, and so I will take a few stops.
On January 13 I will be in Dubai, UAE. If you are around, I would love to organize a MySQL meeting. I haven heard back from the local user group and it seems that a meeting will take place. Stay tuned for more.
On January 15th I will be in Sydney. The organizers are already at work. We will

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Upcoming Boston MySQL User Group: SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS demystified
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On Monday, October 12, 2009* from 7-9 pm at MIT, I will be giving a presentation explaining SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS for the Boston MySQL User Group. There is information about foreign keys, transactions, deadlocks and mutexes just waiting to be discovered, and I will show how to decipher the information.

For all those in the Boston area, I hope to see you there! For those who cannot be there, we will video this presentation and make it available online, and post here when the video/slides are up.

*Yes, I realize that this is a bank holiday in the US.

Sydney MySQL User Group meetup #9 — In-depth MySQL with Arjen Lentz
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What: SMUG#9 – In-depth MySQL with Arjen Lentz

When: Monday, September 7, 2009 5:30 PM

Where: Please make sure to RSVP (even “Maybe”) so that we know how many are coming!
Sydney Mechanics School of Art
Level 3, 280 Pitt Street
02 9262 7300

I’m very excited to announce a very special guest at this user group meeting!

Arjen Lentz is in town doing his Sydney training program 7-Sep to 9-Sep and kindly agreed to drop by and talk about

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Eric Day and Patrick Galbraith speak about Drizzle at the July 2009 Boston MySQL User Group
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Eric Day and Patrick Galbraith spoke on Drizzle, Gearman and Narada at the July 2009 Boston MySQL User Group. This is part 1 of the video, which is about an hour long and is about Drizzle.

"We will explain what the Drizzle project is, what we aim to accomplish, and an overview of where we are at."

The slides can be downloaded from

The User Group calendar item for this event is

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Video: Eric Day and Patrick Galbraith Speak About Drizzle and Gearman
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At the July MySQL User Group, Eric Day and Patrick Galbraith spoke about Drizzle, a lightweight, microkernel, open source database for high-performance scale-out applications, and Gearman, an open source, distributed job queuing system.

The slides can be downloaded from

The first hour of video, where Eric and Patrick talk about Drizzle, is at, and below:

The second part, about 1.5 hours, where Eric and Patrick talk about Gearman, and then illustrate Gearman and Drizzle working together in a custom search

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Eric Day Speaks About Gearman and Drizzle July 6, 2009 in Boston
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The July meeting of the Boston MySQL User Group will feature Eric Day, a prominent Drizzle developer, talking about Drizzle and Gearman:

In this talk we will discuss two growing technologies: Drizzle and Gearman.

We will explain what the Drizzle project is, what we aim to accomplish, and an overview of where we are at. We will also be introducing the fundamentals of how to leverage Gearman, an open-source, distributed job queuing system. Gearman’s generic design allows it to be used as a building block for almost any use - from speeding up your website to building your own Map/Reduce cluster. We will tie Drizzle and Gearman together and demonstrate how they work in a custom Search Engine application.


Here is the URL for MIT’s Map with the location of this

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I am sponsoring the Boston MySQL User Group
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As many may probably know, Boston is one of my favorite towns. I have been in love with this town since my first visit in 1990, and in every subsequent trips I have always been enchanted by the town itself and by the kindness I was shown by its people.
I am also very fond of the Boston MySQL User Group, and its organizer, Sheeri K. "Super Hero" Cabral.

I want to show my personal appreciation for Boston by sponsoring the MySQL User Group for one year. I am doing that with my own money, without involving my company.
You can also donate for a MySQL user group, if you want, using the Technocation fund.
You can specify

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User Group Sponsorships
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In the wake of changing their sponsorship agreements, Technocation, Inc., an international not-for-profit group, has set up a fund for user group sponsorships. You can use the button below to donate any amount of money in US funds via PayPal:

(all monies sent through that button will be earmarked as a directed donation to the “User Group Fund”. In the interest of not cluttering up this blog post with a Donate button for each currency, you can use PayPal to send funds in *any* currency to “”. Just be sure to specify if you want the money to go to specifically to the User Group Fund.*)

Note that’s fees are $144 per year ($12 per month).

Four years ago, MySQL and entered into an agreement. I have no idea of

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