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Some thoughts on recent events
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It was suggested by Monty that the posts I've made about MariaDB are for publicity. This simply isn't true. I would have much preferred a different outcome in my interactions with MariaDB. I figured that they would end up giving me a hard time, and I'd be stubborn and we'd both hate each other for as long as I could keep from leaving. A quick separation actually seems much better in such context. Regardless, I would have preferred to speak amicably to the MariaDB Corporation about switching the license back, or at least moving to the new license at the time of the notification of the community, ie …

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Thoughts on MaxScale new license
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MaxScale has been open source until now, just like all MariaDB projects. But the 2.0 version is released under a new license called BSL, which basically makes the covered work non-free until the Change Date (in this case 2019-01-01), when the license will be converted to GPL.

Looks like open source friendly, after all. The license will be GPL, just be patient. And the code is available. Right?

No. Cmpletely wrong. For plenty of reasons.

Some reasons

It is a lock-in. No matter how many times …

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Fired for supporting open source
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I have been fired for speaking out about the GPL and MariaDB actions that have caused great harm to our ecosystem.

It has been pointed out that I have a non-compete agreement. None of my tools compete with MariaDB and I have no non-public knowledge of MariaDB technology. GPLScale remains free software under the GNU GPL license and it is my right to fork a github repo. I am not paid to work on GPLScale and I don't intend to get paid to maintain it by anyone. All my projects are labors of love.

Who wants to hire me? I'm dedicated, honest, open, and I have integrity. I'm willing to risk everything for what I believe in.

Email me …

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Emulating Sequences in MySQL and MariaDB
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Sequences are objects defined by the SQL standard that are used to create monotonically increasing sequences of numeric values. Whenever nextval is called on a sequence object, it generates and returns the next number in the sequence. For MySQL and MariaDB users, this might sound similar to MySQL’s AUTO_INCREMENT columns, but there are some differences: Sequences are defined by the ... Read More

Basically Shitty License
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Monty announced that he has created a new non-open source license called the "Business Source License" or BSL.  I think it should have a different name...

You see, Monty has fundamentally crafted a straw man to stand in for the general Open Source model by applying his experience in the dog-eat-dog world of forked software, in particular, the "ecosystem" of MySQL.  The software that MariaDB draws the majority of their income from is MariaDB, which is a fork of MySQL.  If you don't know the history, well, you see, SUN bought MySQL, Oracle bought Sun, and Monty, in an environment of nearly Biblical levels of FUD, forked MySQL into MariaDB (both products are …

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What’s next
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I received an overwhelming number of comments when I said I was leaving MariaDB Corporation. Thank you – it is really nice to be appreciated.

I haven’t left the MySQL ecosystem. In fact, I’ve joined Percona as their Chief Evangelist in the CTO Office, and I’m going to focus on the MySQL/Percona Server/MariaDB Server ecosystem, while also looking at MongoDB and other solutions that are good for Percona customers. Thanks again for the overwhelming response on the various social media channels, and via emails, calls, etc.

Here’s to a great time at …

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Changing of the guard
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I posted a message to the internal mailing lists at MariaDB Corporation. I have departed (I resigned) the company, but definitely not the community. Thank you all for the privilege of serving the large MariaDB Server community of users, all 12 million+ of you. See you on the mailing lists, IRC, and the developer meetings.

The Japanese have a saying, “leave when the cherry blossoms are full”.

I’ve been one of the earliest employees of this post-merge company, and was on the founding team of the …

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Parallel Replication with TokuDB & MariaDB 10.1
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I) What is parallel replication?

Parallel replication is a nice feature introduced in MariaDB 10.0, and which allows to run in parallel some queries on a slave. Basically, by default (the conservative mode), it runs in parallel transactions that couldn’t have any conflict. Note you have to enable GTID to use this feature.

Starting with MariaDB 10.1.3 new parallel modes have been introduced : optimistic & aggressive mode. Those modes try to …

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Installing MariaDB MaxScale the hard way
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If you are like me (let's for everyones sake hope you are not, though) you like to do things the hard way, in particular when it comes to testing things. For example when installing things on your Linux box, just to try them out, you might not want to do a yum install an rpm -ivh or an apt-get to have some files spread all over your system, instead you want to tar xvf some tarball and possibly, if you are in a good mood or you want to be a nice so you get some gifts for christmas or maybe because it is just that day, you unpack that tarball in /usr/local instead of in /home/bofh/junk. And this will …

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Bitwise operators with BINARY fields in MySQL and MariaDB
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A MariaDB support customer recently upgraded to MariaDB 10.1, and they noticed that some of their queries using bitwise operators started to return warnings, which they thought was strange because they produced no warnings in MariaDB 10.0. These particular queries used bitwise operators on BINARY(N) fields. For example, their table was similar to this: CREATE TABLE item_flags ( item_id int(11) ... Read More

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