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North Texas MySQL Users Group Meting July 14th 6PM
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The North Texas MySQL Uxer Group will meet July 14th in the Oracle office in Irving at 6PM. Part of the topic will be MySQL query & server tuning with MySQL Workbench and part will be a surprise from Oracle ACE, Oracle MySQL ACE, and IOUG big shot George Trujillo who was recently relocated to the Dallas / Fort Worth Area.

And yes, pizza will be served ’cause pizza makes user groups run.

6031 Connection Drive
Suite 900
Irving, TX 75039

Mountain Moodle Moot and MySQL in Montana
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MySQL is a proud sponsor of the Mountain Moodle Moot, July 9-11, 2014 – Helena, Montana. There will be sessions back-to-back covering query tuning, system tuning, and little known tricks using MySQL Workbench. This years Moot is already SOLD OUT.

Moodle is a learning management system and very popular with many schools across the world.

There are 3 three amazing social events planned for Friday afternoon – sponsored by Oracle/MySQL. Lunch, a tour train ride and a great social at the Blackfoot Brewery complete with tour and brews.

If you have your ticket and want me to cover anything specific in my sessions, please let me know!

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MySQL Central at Oracle Open World Sessions
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Fifty eight sessions, tutorials, and birds-of-a-feather gatherings at MySQL Central at Oracle Open World! Be sure to check out the following sessions (my favorites) and register ASAP as tickets will go quickly.

  • MySQL and Tech Women (or Where Are All the Tech Women?) Erin O’Neill San Francisco MySQL meetup
  • MySQL & GIS Alexander Rubin Percona
  • The MySQL SYS Schema Mark Leith Oracle
  • MySQL 5.6 at Twitter Calvin Sun Twitter & Inaam Rana Twitter

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MySQL is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor of the Southeast Linxufest June 20-22nd in Charlotte. There is a Zero to DBA track again this year. Be sure to check out the program. I will be speaking on MySQL 5.7, Query Tuning, and Big Data. Drop by the booth for BoogieBots, heavy duty luggage tags, and to talk MySQL.

MySQL Fabric a big hit at Texas Linuxfest
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MySQL was proud to return as a sponsor of the Texas Linuxfest last weekend. Over 700 tickets sold and I probably talked to all bu two or three. Luckily I had help from Quality Assurance Guru Jeb Miller and Software Release Manager Hema Sridharan as things got very busy. The crowd was really supportive of us, MySQL, and extremely friendly.

MySQL Fabric was a popular topic of discussion. Evidently playing ‘who has the virtual IP address’ is a big problem for DevOps staffs and Fabric solves that issue. Many in attendance were on the verge of needing to shard their data and liked having a tool to manage the work for them.

And Workbench 6.1 is extremely popular. Me, “Have you seen the latest MySQL Workbench in

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MySQL at Texas Linuxfest
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MySQL is proud to repeat our sponsorship of Texas Linuxfest

MySQL is a proud sponsor of the Texas Linuxfest and yes we will have Boogiebots at the booth!

and we will again be in Austin at the convention center with BoogieBots, heavy duty luggage tags, and the latest MySQL stickers. Last week Drupalcon was in the same hall and we are returning. Plus many local MySQL employees will be in the booth to talk MySQL. So drop by to say ‘howdy’, grab a BoogieBot, and let us know your view on who has the best BBQ(1) or beer(2) in Austin.

  • The Salt Lick
  • Jester King

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    MySQL in Chicago Next Week!
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    MySQL is the proud Training Sponsor of PHPTek. This is a great event and I am speaking on Exploiting New MySQL Features on the morning of the 23rd. See you at training day on the 19th!

    And do not forget the Chicago MySQL Users Group meeting on the 21st. Yes, there will be pizza at 6:30 but RSVP so we know how much to order.

    Oracle Offices
    233 South Wacker Dr.
    45th Floor
    Chicago, IL

    Upcoming MySQL Talks
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    It is the start of the traveling season for the MySQL Community Team and many of the engineering teams. I will be at Skiphp this weekend,
    Sunshinephp, The Los Angeles MySQL User Group on Feb. 20th, and SCaLE. Morgan Tocker will be at Confoo, FOSDEM, and PHPUK.

    You can see some of our engineers at Percona Live.

      Oracle talks at Percona Live

    • “MySQL 5.7: Core Server Improvements,” Morgan Tocker and Rune Humborstad, Oracle
    • “MySQL 5.7: InnoDB – What’s New,” Sunny Bains, Oracle
    • “Sharding

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    How to get the MySQL Community Team at Your Local Event
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    December is half way through the budget year for the MySQL Community Team and we carefully meter out our small budget to make the most effective use from it. But December is also the time when existing conferences start the tasks of preparing for next year and brave souls who have never been part of a conference start out from scratch to create a new show. The MySQL Community Team would love to help with your conference.

    First we need to know about your conference. We do scour the announcement sites like callingallpapers.com and lanyrd.com but your show may have been inadvertently skipped. Tell us the dates, the location, how many people you are expecting, your target audience (PHP Developers, DBAs, left handed actuaries from the

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    See you in Raleigh, NYC and Irving!
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    This week I am presenting at the All Things Open conference (be sure to drop by the booth for some MySQl stickers!), the next is Strata in NYC, and then the North Texas MySQL Users Group on November 4th.

    Reestablishing a MySQL Tradition Revisited
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    Last may I wrote about Reestablishing a MySQL Tradition where we used to have shirts just for those who contributed code to MySQL. Unfortunately that tradition was not kept during various transitions. But Antony Curtis

    This is Antony Curtis in the original Community Contributor shirt

    impressed me at a conference with his shirt and so the Community Team started the process of getting shirts for our contributors. Today I am proud to announce the first shirt has been ordered and in the post to Antony.

    So if you have contributed to MySQL, have an

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    MySQL Community Team News
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    The MySQL Community Team has one and a half new members! Welcome back Morgan Tocker who many of you may remember from MySQL Training. And welcome Jara Jr, Lenka Kasparova’s son, whom mom informs us is ‘really sweet’.

    I am speaking today at Djangocon, Dallas PHP on Tuesday the 10th, and then next weekend at Ohio Linuxfest.

    Texas Linuxfest
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    The Texas Linuxfest might be the ‘little brother’ of the SCaLE show. While a smaller shower in length, it fells much more muscular. I had a full room for a session on The Proper Care and Feeding of a MySQL Database. The audience was sharp, asked amazingly great questions, and hungry for MySQL 5.6 features. And at the booth I was pleasantly inundated with MySQL questions and proud DBAs bragging about their instances.

    If you missed the this show this year, please make the trip to Austin next year. You’ll not be disappointed.

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    Thanks for the Drupalcon Thank Yous — Texas Linux Fest and Southeast Linuxfest
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    Thank you for all of you who dropped by the MySQL booth at Drupalcon to say ‘Thank you’ for MySQL. At every show there are several folks who do this but at Drupalcon it seemed like half the 3,000 attending dropped by to say ‘thanks’, grab MySQL stickers, OurSQL Poscasts disks, and talk about MySQL 5.6. I’ll see all y’all next year in Austin.

    Speaking of Austin, the Texaslinuxfest.org is this weekend. I will be talking Saturday in Track D at 11:25 on the Proper Care and Feeding of a MySQL Database.

    And the FREE

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    The PHPTek Conference bills itself as the premier professional PHP conference with a community flair. Having been to dozens of PHP conferences, I thought that was a pretty bold claim.

    MySQL Boogiebot

    But as they say in Texas, it ain’t bragging if you can do it.

    MySQL plush dolphins and BoogieBots. The wind up dancing robots were popular in Chicago

    And the organizers picked perfect weather for this Chicago based show.

    The quality of the presenters and presentations was amazing high. Most of these sessions covered intricacies with the PHP language. The talks covered the range from

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    Reestablishing a MySQL Tradition
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    Every so often you see something from the past and wonder “Why don’t we do that anymore?” Well, in this case it was a former co-worker wearing his MySQL Contributor shirt.

    This is Antony Curtis in one of the original MySQL Community Contributor shirt

    So the MySQL Community Team had a quick meeting and the result is that we are reestablishing the tradition. So if you have a signed Oracle Contributor Agreement and have contributed to MySQL, you should have in your inbox a request for your shirt size and a shipping address. If you do not see an email and you qualify for a short, let us know (we probably have an old email on record for you). And if you are working on some

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    ‘Cryogenic Dolphin’ at MySQL Community Reception
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    Come see out new cool ‘cryogenic dolphin’ at the MySQL Community Reception Monday. Come hear about the latest 5.6 news from MySQL Engineers, see Cluster on Raspberry Pis, and walk away with our giveaways. And did I mention it is FREE?!?!

    Collaborate 2013 in Denver next week
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    Collaborate is a huge show that is the Independent Oracle User Group’s big yearly show and for 2013 it will be in Denver. There are several MySQL sessions of note and I have noted some below. By the way i will have new MySQL stickers available at the MySQL Demo Pod on the show floor but rules say I can not just leave them around — you will have to ask for them.

    • Session #464 – Demystifying MySQL for Oracle DBAs and Developers
      Mon. Apr. 8 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
      Mile High Ballroom 2C

      Abstract: MySQL continues to be the world’s most popular database management system for the Internet. This session provides a fast-paced introduction to the MySQL architecture, core features, best practices, and core performance areas. A

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    See you at Northeast Gnu/Linuxfest & OpenDB Camp in Cambridge, MA
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    I will be speaking Sunday morning at the Northeast Gnu/Linuxfest in Cambridge, MA. And this year the OpenDB Camp is being held in conjunction. Plus it is a chance to meet those in the MySQL Marinate virtual class.

    North Texas MySQL Users Group Meeting April 2nd
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    Come early to have pizza and network and then see a presentation and demo of the new features in MySQL 5.6.

    RSVP to make sure we get a large enough room and sufficient pizza.

    Pizza at 5:30 p.m.
    Presentation begins at 6:00 p.m.

    Oracle Corporation
    6031 Connection Drive
    Suite 900
    Las Colinas, TX 75039

    MySQL at SCaLE 11x
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    SCaLE 11x’s MySQL track featured standing room only crowds on subjects from Beginning SQL, Indexes, HA, Credit Card Storage for PCI compliance, 5.6 new features, and how to solve Rubik cube-like puzzles with MySQL. Saturday and Sunday, we are Booth 71 and we are sharing the booth with the Los Angeles MySQL Users group. Come see MySQL 5.6 and workbench, get registered for the Virtual Developer Day, or just to say ‘hi’.

    SCaLE 11x MySQL Community Day
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    SCaLE 11xand the MySQL community are excited to bring you a full day track covering MySQL content. This event will be held February 22, 2013 at the LAX Hilton.

    MySQL Community Events and Upcoming Shows
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    MySQL Users Group, please let us know you schedule so we can help promote your events. And if you are interested in starting a MySQL — let us know as we can help.

    The MySQL Community Team wants to make sure you do not miss out on upcoming shows.

    Fosdem is this coming weekend and there will be a MySQL and Friends devroom. This show in Brussels features presentations from Lars Thalmann, Sveta Smirnova, Luis Soares, Giuseppe Maxia, Øystein Grøvlen, and many more.

    MySQL is a sponsor of the SunShine PHP and Ligaya Trumelle will be presenting on MySQL.

    The Rocky Mountian orage Users Group will hold their

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    2013 starts for the MySQL Community Team
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    Lenka and I are at Oracle HQ for the Oracle Leadership Summit. This event is the start of the calendar year for us and brings the leaders of Oracle user groups together to share information. From around the world, leaders of IOUG, OHUG, and other groups to share ideas. The concept used by the Boston MySQL User Group with MySQL Marinate has caught the attention of quite a few folks. The vast majority of IOUG folks also run MySQL in their data centers and they are interested in seeing local MySQL Groups flourish.

    So if you are interested in starting a new MySQL Users Group, let me or Lenka know AND contact your local IOUG chapter. We can aid you in getting meeting space in an Oracle office and your local IOUG chapter can help with other organizational issues when startinga group.

    And be sure to say ‘hi’ at the

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    Present a Talk at a Conference on MySQL as FOSDEM, SCaLE or SunshinePHP
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    Keith Larson & myself (and now Lenka Kasparova) have been the MySQL Community Team for the past few years and we have traveled to a great many conferences and spoken many hours on MySQL. But we need your help. There are conferences all over that we can not attend or in many cases we are speaking but would like others to speak too! And many conferences are in a big need for speakers such as yourself.

    Three upcoming shows are excellent opportunities and are actively seeing you as a presenter.

    • FOSDEM is February 2nd and 3rd in Brussels, Belgium. There will be a special MySQL dev room and the call for papers ends on December
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    A new member of the MySQL Community Team
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    Please help me welcome a new member of the MySQL Community Team. Lenka Kasparova is based in Prague and joined Oracle with Sun acquisition in 2009-2010. She was the Project Manager for R&D on FP7 grant project AEGIS where she was responsible for the financial/administrative aspects as well as day to day project management activities. At Sun Lenka was part of the NetBeans acquisition and went through several positions from administrative, HR, and Project Management area… “Both Sun and Oracle gave me a great opportunity to learn a lot of things which I am happy to use in my new position.”

    So please look for Lenka at next MySQL Community Team event near you!

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    Silicon Valley Code Camp & Kuali Days
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    I will be speaking on Saturday, October 6th at the Silicon Valley Code Camp on MySQL Replication and The Proper Care and Feeding of a MySQL Database for Linux Administrators. And then a few days later it is down to Austin for Kuali Days. Please be sure to say ‘hi’ is you are attending either event.

    Community BOF at MySQL Connect
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    I will be hosting a Birds of a Feather Session at MySQL Connect on Saturday, Sep 29, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM – Hilton San Francisco – Golden Gate 8. This is an open discussion with you about what you would like to see from the MySQL Community Team, MySQL, and Oracle in the future. After it concludes, we can hit the Community Reception.

    The original description of the Community BOF as provided to the Content Committee.

    Come meet with the MySQL Community Team for a discussion about MySQL and the MySQL Community. This is an open session, so you can make suggestions, ask the questions you are having trouble getting answered, provide feedback, network, and help direct where the future of the MySQL Community will go. You will be able to

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    PyTexas 2012
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    PyTexas 2012 will be held in College Station this weekend. I will be speaking on MySQL Update — MySQL 5.6, Cluster 7.3, and Beyond and Seven Database Tricks.

    Kuali Days and Austin MySQL Users Group
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    Keep Austin Weird —

    Keep Austin Weird is a popular saying in the capital of the State of Texas. The coming October those wishing to to help in these efforts can come hear me talk at Kuali Days 2012 about MySQL Database Administration or join the Austin MySQL Users Group to hear about MySQL 5.6 on October 15th! We’ll get some sort of RSVP for 15th set up so we can have enough pizza for all those on hand. Until then, fellow Texas, do not squat with your spurs on.

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