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Introducting pt-reanimate
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Most of the time I like pt-kill, but sometimes it gets a little overzealous and kills a query that I need. That's why I'm glad Percona created pt-reanimate so I can bring those important queries back to life. Of course the queries are not exactly the same when they come back, but at least they come back.

Here's an example of pt-reanimate in action. First I add a column to a large table:

alter table big_table add column new_col int;

Here is my DDL in the processlist table:

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Benchmarking MySQL Cluster 7.4 on an Intel NUC
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I have done a lot of benchmarks of MySQL Cluster on large servers which
is obviously very interesting. As mentioned in a previous blog I have
an Intel NUC machine now easily accessible. So I thought it would be
fun to make some benchmarks on this machine to see how fast MySQL Cluster
runs on small HW.

First a little description of the HW. The CPU is an Intel Core i5-4250
CPU. It runs at 1.3GHz and have a turbo frequency of 2.3 GHz. The CPU
has two cores and each core can run two threads simultaneously
(called hyperhtreading in Intel CPUs). It comes with the box containing …

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Deprecating Weaker Encryption Functions
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A Quick Security Update

Starting with MySQL 5.7.6, the following functions are now deprecated:

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Happiness is a working Galera cluster on Kubernetes!
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Yes, after many hours, late nights, hair pulling, some private yelling:

core@master ~/mysql_replication_kubernetes/galera_sync_replication $ kubectl get pods
POD                 IP                  CONTAINER(S)        IMAGE(S)                                     HOST                            LABELS              STATUS
pxc-node1          pxc-node1           capttofu/percona_xtradb_cluster_5_6:latest   <none>              Running
pxc-node2          pxc-node2           capttofu/percona_xtradb_cluster_5_6:latest   <none> …
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Upgrading MariaDB Galera Cluster 5.5 to 10.0
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Wed, 2015-04-01 10:28guillaumelefranc

Upgrading a running MariaDB Galera Cluster from 5.5 (previous stable) to 10.0 (stable) is a question which comes up frequently with Remote DBA customers. Although a standard migration from 5.5 to 10.0 is well covered in the Knowledge Base, Galera Cluster upgrades haven’t been really documented in detail now. This howto will cover upgrades on CentOS or RHEL 6 but a similar logic can be applied to Ubuntu/Debian as well.


It is indeed possible to do a rolling cluster upgrade if the Galera API and provider versions are compatible. Please refer yourself to my previous blog article ( …

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MySQL shell prompt vs MongoDB shell prompt
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Recently Todd Farmer shared an interesting story about the mysql command line prompt in MySQL 5.7: how it was changed to provide more context and why the change was finally reverted. This made me think that after using the command line client for MongoDB for awhile, I would love seeing a much more modern mysql shell prompt. Here are a few examples of what a modern command line client can do.

Add dynamic information to the prompt

If you use replication with MongoDB, you have probably noticed a nice feature of the prompt: it is replication …

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Introducing VividCortex Google Glass App
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VividCortex is thrilled to announce the latest in personalizing your database monitoring experience. System stall? On the go? Look no further than directly in front of your face. Our Google Glass app allows you to see unprecedented query detail even when away from your computer. Save precious seconds as you interactively scroll through features to solve your database problems while in the store, out for coffee or home for dinner.

To explore additional features and see what VividCortex can do for you, start your free trial today!

Musings on MySQL enhancements
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1) Update_time not accurate in information_schema.tables

Information_schema.tables has a field called update_time and in 5.6 you will notice that it is always NULL. Future versions of MySQL will fix this problem

2) Multiple instance manager

Currently creating , managing and dropping instances in MySQL requires many DBA hours. mysqld_multi is there to help you but it requires initial configuration and there are other third party utilities that could come to your rescue

It would be better to have built in utilities to help us in this regard.. For example db2 has db2icrt that creates an instance , db2ilist …

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LAMP php-gd Libraries
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Everything seemed complete after configuring my standalone MySQL instance to a LAMP installation, but last night I started playing with the image files. It turns out that I failed to install the php-gd library.

There’s very little feedback when you try to troubleshoot why you can’t read an image. In fact, the error message for reading the BLOB from MySQL was only available on the local Firefox browser:

The image "http://localhost/ConvertMySQLBlobToImage.php" cannot be displayed because it …
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Scripts which I use to automatically build MySQL servers and run tests
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Few months ago, when MySQL Engineering Team moved MySQL Server sources to GitHub I found it would be waste of time to manually copy all scripts which I use to regularly and automatically build and test all versions, needed for verifying bug reports. I run these scripts on 3 machines at least. So I started my own GitHub project, called mysql-scripts

Now this project contains four scripts. First one is which  I use for building. By default it checks out MySQL Server …

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